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Profile Overview


Betalgusian Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Merrova


Executive Officer
USS Rubidoux




Eviea'tOst Merrova




A Wayward Officer making good. Slightly older than most XO’s Eviea or Vonny, as she often goes by. Carries with her a wealth of experience and practical knowledge, a keen systems analyst and logistics coordinator, given her eye for detail and tendency to look for irregular solutions when the obvious are not having the desired effect . Her turbulent early career makes her a little more tolerant of younger officers who might be struggling to find their way and place in Starfleet, this makes for  a dedicated mentor who seeks to coax the best from those in her care. Of late the possibility of the big chair has been hinted at, although she feels a little more personal growth is needed.


Taller than most standing over two meters, as with most of her species. Thanks to the avian lineage, a dense but light bone structure make for a lithe and delicate apperance that belies a strong but flexable frame. The deep blue skin tone dominates except when it comes to the head, hairless but with burnt red flashes across her cheeks, extending from the jawline to mouth, around the eyes and up to the crown of the head make her presance not one that should be easily missed, except when she needs it to be. Her choice of uniform and off duty clothing fit is perhaps not common to her species, Vonny likeing a close fir as opposed to the usual loose fit by her kin.


Her main strength comes from the Hero she try to emulate, a level of cunning ingenuity, she likes to look at a situation, event, occurrence from a few different angles and determine a few what ifs, which come in handy when coming up against the unknown or unexpected. Vonny likely has an idea of the possibility or can move an asset or assets to deal with it. 

Her downfall comes from a slightly vain streak and an assumption that her capabilities will match a situation, when they don’t or she comes unstuck, she can be difficult and a mite obnoxious when the failing is pointed out which can strain working partnerships at times.

Strength & weaknesses:

+actively seeks out other people company and opinions

+Admires creative ideas, likes to look for what could be

+Values harmony and tends to take a diplomatic approach

+Likes to keep plan’s flexible


A tendency to take things personally 

-Play first, Work later

-Quick to notice the new and different, to the point of distraction


Early Life

One of Five children born to career diplomat parents, Vonny had a relatively easy if unsettled life, frequent moves for changing postings were an opportunity to meet new people, unfortunately most of the persons she came into contact with were either much older then herself and mostly patronizing or the few her own age group she found shallow, which bothered her enough to make the decision to at least seek out and expand her knowledge base. 

By the time she reached her late teens, Vonny wanted out and away from this particular environment, although a pursuit of the arts was appealing. But it was her finals tutor who had the greatest influence on the young woman, a former starfleet enlisted herself, through all the teen angst glimmers of curiosity and determined problem solving prompted the tutor to steer Vonny in the direction of starfleet, an idea that was initially resisted, but the tutors persistence and the very real opportunity to make the escape she yearned for and one that would stick.

During her time she garnered a reputation for enjoying herself and indulging the arts a little to much, but her desired to explore and learn about cultures was just as prominent and she was just as well know for being a personable and inquisitive person. She had a knack for being lateral in her thinking and despite the above was a good organiser when required, pointing her in the direction of the operations branch with a focus in logistics.

Early Career

Her early career was just as fraught, some times riding the praise and commendation for adapting to situations or just having what was need to hand when it was need, other times on warning and reports for lateness or rowdy behavior including the occasional scuffle in the lounges of various postings, leading to frequent changes and transfers, with her usual time in post being eighteen months before moving on. 

A turning point came during her posting to the Lagen a Norway class vessel posted to respond to the trouble at the romulan border which turned into full blown evacuation assitance. Faced with real anguish of real people running for their lives even before they had a place to go, faced with being in both the right place and with the right tools to ease said anguish, Eviea reconsidered some of her prioroties, the comfort zone and an easy life suddenly seemed unimportant. Within a few months the wayward officer who’d boarded the ship was gone, a proactive hard working woman was here to stay.


Her time spent getting stuck into the old borderlands of the Federation and Romulans, simultaneously dealing with, hope as the Republic emerged, with frustration as the Free State refused to let go of past methods, and with terror as the brotherhood of Kaless emerged, was brought to shuddering halt when Eviea was brought back to an embassy, Father was there, Mother was there, she was trapped or felt trapped at least. Weeks went by as reports flooded in of fresh engagements, starfleet fallbacks, refugees once again scattering for safety. Vonny was safe, but Vonny was angry. Months later starfleet mobilized, a hopeful Vonny waited for a call, none came. Frustration raising, old habits began to surface, Vonny was on the lookout for an excuse, the smallest one would do, to cause a ruckus, she’d take demotion, she’d take the brig, she’d take being flung out at this point. Anything was better than sat in safety while that galaxy was aflame. 

About this time a chance meeting with a seasoned Bolian captain, by the name of Vilgi Morr, put the brakes on any rash actions. Seemingly convinced of her sincerity, ability, and desire. Plans were discussed, favors and requests were exchanged, and within a few months, reassignment beckoned, first aboard a Cheyenne-class, then the Nebula-Class Chesapeake no less. Her mood and her outlook brightened for a moments, But.

The 2390s beckoned with Starfleet pulling back, being onboard a ship felt a little taxing. Taking the deliberate step of another Starbase posting, but this time it was her choice, she turned her ability with logistics into an opportunity.  Now a Lieutenant Commander, she was able to secure a deputy division head spot in the logistics section of Starbase 327, still eager to get into areas in need, Eviea worked her way onto the detachment roster, breaking into command level for the first time, frequent forays as an a Officer in Charge, opened more doors.

Fronter Day and the aftermath

Back aboard ship, with sights set firmly on a command of her own, Vonny headed up the Operations department of the Obena-Class, Steadfast , in addition to being Second Officer, acquiring herself well. Then came Fronter Day, it was scrapy, it was messy, she survived, so did her Captain, plenty others did not. 

Her command credentials and abilities confirmed, Vilgi Morr, an old acquaintance recruited Eviea for a vacant Executive Officer post of a California-Class. Pleased to be reunited with an officer who had a hand in keeping her on track, Eviea accepted readily.

So the next chapter begins

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2383 Operations Officer USS Cairo - Miranda
2383 - 2384 Operations Officer USS Tevak - Miranda
2384 - 2385 Operations Officer USS Trafalger - Miranda
2385 - 2386 Operations Officer USS Lagen - Norway
2386 - 2388 Operations Shift Leader USS Ocelot- New Orleains
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 - 2390 Starfleer Logistics Coordinator UFP Embassy-
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2390 - 2393 Operations Shift Leader/aDH USS Blackcap - Cheyenne class
2393 - 2396 Operations DH USS Chesapeake
2396 - 2399 Dpt Director of Logistics /Officer in Charge SB-327/USS Sandpiper
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - 2401 Operations DH USS Steadfast
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Rubidoux