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USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Off course and presented with a unique 'Gem' planet what wonders does it hold and what dangers.

Mission Description

Thrown dozens of light years off course into a hard to reach sector of space the crew of the Rubidoux is presented with the problem of finding their back. While a unique planet of organic crystaline form prompts the urge to explore and investigate. What wonders and resources will they find, and what perils with planets unique formation present the crew.

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1 July 2024

The unexpected spanner, From an unexpected angle (phase1)

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

“Welcome back Commanders, lieutenant. The views from the sensors were spectacular in themselves. I would imagine seeing them up close would be outstanding.” Morr beamed, as he greeted the returning officers, watching on as they unlatched and began to remove helmet sections of the protective [...]

23 June 2024

Time for a rethink

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Finally reaching the bottom of the cliff face Bacshi paused before taking a step onto the surface of the crystal sea. The portion that ran up to the cliff had a washboard texture to it as well as a slight rise, but the similarity to ice made him a little wary of his step. One food on, no problem. [...]

19 June 2024

Climb Down and Watch your Step

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Chief Science Officer log Stardate:  78881.1   Due to an as yet unexplained spatial disturbance the Roo has found itself in an as yet unexplored sector of space. Close by to our entry point is a planetary body with unique properties. Preliminary scans indicate its surface to be entirely [...]

15 June 2024

Follow your Nose (FA)

USS Rubidoux: Beware that which Glitters

Seated in the command chair on the bridge of the Rubidoux, the first officer Commander Eviea Merrova cast her eyes over a request from engineering. The watch shift had been a quiet affair, with the things of most concern being the stability of the tractor beam, and the mission pod being transported [...]