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Profile Overview

Livvy Sandoval

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Sandoval


USS Mercy


Olivia Marie Sandoval

May 24, 2368

San Francisco, California, Earth


Lieutenant Commander Olivia “Livvy” Sandoval is the twin sister of Aimee MacDonald. She is currently assigned to the USS Mercy as the XO. She is the daughter of Admiral Rebecca Talon , and grew up near Riley City on Terra Alpha colony.


Early Life

Olivia “Livvy” Marie Sandoval (b.  May 24, 2368) was born at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco,  California to Rebecca Rose Sandoval.  Her father, Milo Talon served with her mom aboard the USS George Washington.  Livvy has a twin sister, Aimee MacDonald,  and older half-brother Ethan Michael Talon.  Her mother married Milo Talon in 2370 while stationed at Antares.

She attended Riley City High School on Terra Alpha  She was active in the school’s band playing the cello.  She also played on the school’s basketball and softball teams. At graduation her sister went to Oxford University and Livvy applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.


Livvy entered Starfleet Academy in 2386.  She worked hard and was able to get on the Dean’s List her first year. She spent most of her leave in England with Aimee, but made few friends of her own.  She joined several Academy sports teams her second year and became the team captain for the Academy’s track and Parrises Squares teams by her senior year.  She even tried out for the American Football team, but that only lasted a few days.

She was invited by Professor Parvati Pandey’s Ethics of Command seminars.  These were limited to only the most promising of cadets, and the retired admiral took no guff.  But the class worked out the ethics of command.  Pandey posed the trolley problem.  Later Pandey posed scenarios that faced a former student of hers. One dealt with the merging of two crew members through a transporter accident.  Do you allow the one to live, or do you separate the crew members killing the one so that the original two could live?  Livvy decided that while killing the one was contrary to everything she valued, restoring the original two was less damaging. I was trading two lives for one after all.  Pandey didn’t tell Livvy she was right, but did say that the captain in question made that same decision. She graduated on 2390 dead middle of her class.

USS Ajax (2390-2393)

Livvy was assigned to the Obena-class USS Ajax as an engineer.  She quickly distinguished herself within the engineering team, and in 2391 she was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and assistant chief engineer. The chief engineer, Hans Schmidt, had become a mentor to her and in some ways a second father. She absorbed is wisdom and teachings like a sponge.


Livvy served with distinction aboard the USS Ajax with the engineering team.  She learned a great deal under the tutelage of the Chief Engineer, Lt. Hans Schmidt. So, when a position for construction supervisor of the Midway class on Mars came up she applied for the position.   Being an Admiral’s daughter she wasn’t afraid to use her mother’s influence to get the job.  A tactic that she now regrets as she can never know if she was even qualified for the position.

Nonetheless for the next six years she personally oversaw the construction of twelve Midway class ships. She learned how to lead, though the first six months came with a steep learning curve.  The work was arduous,  but rewarding,  and Livvy never let a ship leave the shipyards not to her liking.   Captain’s sometimes hated the delays to their command, but rarely were there any issues in the shakedown cruise.

Starfleet Command (2399-2399)

Leaving Utopia Planitia she took a promotion to Lt. Commander to serve as her mother’s personal adjutant.  This was a short lived posting, and Livvy didn’t care for it at all.  But, she learned a fair bit about command and administrative tasks and she became acquainted with some very powerful and influential Admirals.  Something that would prove to be useful in the future.

USS Hippocrates (2399-2399)

Against her mother’s wishes Livvy transferred to the USS Hippocrates an Olympic-class medical frigate to serve at the ship’s operations and second officer.  She served with her sister and made friends with the ship’s XO Jolie Kyo, the daughter of her mother’s XO on the USS DenverSeveral months into this tour the Hippocrates was sent to dry dock for an extended refit and overhaul where it would be out of commission for nearly two years.


Livvy was without an assignment and with some help from her half brother Ethan she was tapped by Starfleet Intelligence as part of a covert intel team. While on a classified mission she refused a direct order to rescue a prisoner. During the ensuing classified Captain’s Mast she was demoted to Lieutenant and sent back to the fleet. A full court martial was threatened,  but the release of classified details of the mission to fully expel Livvy from the fleet would compromise on going missions.  The details surrounding this incident are known only to Livvy and her direct superior during the mission.   Not even Starfleet Command knows the full scope of the incident.

USS Europa (2400-2401)

Disgraced and now a pariah Livvy was forced to take whatever position she could get and was assigned to the USS Europa as an engineer.  She served with distinction but without much recognition.  Languishing in anomality she nearly quit Starfleet.

Talaria (2401-2401)

With help from some old friends she was promoted back to Lt. Commander and was sent to Talaria to oversee the continued soil reclamation efforts.

USS Mercy (2401-present)

When her sister’s preganacy was threatend by a virus Aimee was force to remove her baby and place it in stasis until a surrogate could be found.  Since Livvy was a twin the choice was obvious and Livvy volunteered to carry the baby to term.  In the meantime the ship’s XO Lt. Commander Sorek decided to leave the ship and Captain Halsey seeing something in Livvy promoted her to be his XO.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2390 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2390 - 2391 Engineering USS Ajax
2391 - 2393 Assistant Chief Engineer USS Ajax
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2393 - 2399 Construction Supervisor of Midway Class Utopia Planitia
2399 Adjutant to Admiral Talon Starfleet Command
Lieutenant Commander
2399 Second Officer USS Hippocrates
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - 2400 Classified Assignment Starfleet Intelligence
Lieutenant Commander
2400 Engineering Officer USS Europa
2400 - 2401 Project Supervisor Talaria, Narlin Empire
2401 - Present Executive Officer USS Mercy
Lieutenant Commander