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Leopold Halsey

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Halsey


USS Douglas




Leopold William Halsey


Aloha (uh-lo-wa), Oregon


Leopold “Doc” Halsey is a hard-working medical doctor who has recently begun working on his science accreditation.  Assigned to the USS Mercy as Captain, he has a deep desire to help people, seek out unknown discoveries, and seek out ways to support the Federation.  He is 40 years old in 2400.

Leopold means “Brave people,” and Halsey means, “Road.”


Tall (6’2) and broad-shouldered, Halsey keeps to a workout regiment to ensure his health and strength remain constant.  He keeps his beard trimmed and his hair short.  He, at times, wears glasses to assist in reading.

The City of Aloha, OR where Halsey was born.

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Created using CanvaAI


Leopold “Doc” Halsey is driven to help others in need.  Since childhood, he has been dedicated to being a doctor.  His overall life’s mission is to make a difference in the Federation and those in need.  His care, compassion, and zeal for this have earned him a reputation that has led him away from assignments in the far reaches of Starfleet’s reach and pulled him closer to assignments within and just near the borders.


Early Life (2360-2378)

Leopold William Halsey was born to Marjorie and William Halsey in Aloha, Oregon.  It quickly became apparent that Leopold was an inquisitive child who wanted to know everything and anything that he could learn.  His older sister (born in 2355) was particularly put upon with his questions and desire to go out in the world and learn.  On more than one occasion, Lillian would come home angry that Leopold had asked questions of complete strangers.  He quickly focused on medicine as his interest and joined a local physician’s group in middle school in order to learn as much as he could.  He continued this practice in high school and took clinical and medical classes at the local community college, graduating in 2378 with an Associate in Clinical Medicine degree.  His parents were not doctors and were worried about their son’s future as he had early on been looking at Starfleet as an option after high school.  After much deliberation, they agreed that it was the best path for him.

Starfleet Academy (2378-2385)

Halsey quickly took the medical branch of Starfleet and did not need to decide – he was going to be a medical doctor.  His first four years were full of studying, extra classes, and work-study programs at local hospitals.  He worked on his clinical rotation at Hillsboro Clinic and then finished at Mountain View Medical Center in Hillsboro.  He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2382 and continued with his residency program at Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro.  He completes his residency in 2385.  He is assigned to Starbase 1 as a physician.

Starfleet (2385-2400)

Halsey is assigned to Starbase 1 as an ensign and physician, quickly impressing his fellow officers and commanders.  In 2388 he was promoted to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief Medical Officer of his ward.  He meets Theodora Walker, who is half Human, and half Vulcan, and they soon begin a relationship.  She is a science officer on the station, and they instantly hit it off.  They marry in 2389.  In 2390 Halsey is assigned to the Olympic Class USS Polson as Chief Medical Officer.  His wife follows and is assigned as a science officer.  In 2392 Halsey is awarded a commendation for his action in saving the captain of the Polson while on an away mission.  He is promoted to Lieutenant Commander in 2393 and given the second officer position. His wife is promoted to Assistant Chief Science officer.  In 2395, Halsey is offered the position of Chief Medical Officer and First officer onboard the USS Littleton, an aging Excelsior refit.  He accepts, and his wife transfers as well.  She returns to the role of science officer.

Leopold receives two commendations onboard the Littleton. In 2396, the Littleton comes under attack and is nearly destroyed.  Amid the repair operations, he saved many lives in Sickbay and Engineering.  In 2397, he was promoted to Commander.  His second commendation comes in 2398, as he is credited with cooling hostilities on a colony mission where two sides are found to be at war.  He negotiated a cease-fire long enough to evacuate the wounded and eventually bring the two parties back to the table.  He continued to serve with distinction until, in 2400, he was offered command of the Olympic Class USS Mercy.  He accepts.

USS Mercy (8.2400-11.2400)

Halsey is assigned to the USS Mercy in August of 2400.  He and the crew were reassigned in November of 2400.  He serves as an assistant professor at Starfleet Academy from 11.2400 to 05.2400.

USS Olympic (5.25.2400-7.15.2401)

He is reassigned as Chief Medical Officer on the USS Olympic.

USS Daedalus (7.15.2401-9.15.2401)

He is reassigned as XO and Chief Medical Officer.

USS Douglas (9.15.2401-Present)

In a surprise reassignment, Dread and her crew are assigned to the Constitution III USS Douglas.  Halsey is assigned as XO.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
9.2401 - Present XO USS Douglas
2401 - 9.2401 XO USS Daedalus
2401 Chief Medical Officer USS Olympic
2400 Captain USS Mercy
2397 - 2400 Chief Medical Officer and XO USS Littleton
2395 - 2397 Chief Medical Officer and XO USS Littleton
Lieutenant Commander
2393 - 2395 Chief Medical Officer USS Polson
Lieutenant Commander
2390 - 2393 Chief Medical Officer USS Polson
2385 - 2390 Physician Starbase 1
2378 - 2385 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade