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Profile Overview

Jolie Kyo

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Kyo


USS Denver


Currently, she is a team XO of the USS Pike

Former Chief Security/Tactical Officer of the USS Europa, during which a Cardassian ship became disabled in the badlands. Former Chief Security Officer of the USS Lakota, during which the ship was nearly destroyed by a Cardassian ship ambushing it, she blames herself for that event happening. Former Security Officer for the USS Falcon.


Early life:

Born in Chiba Japan in 2367. Even at an early age, Jolie was able to catch on to most things that others that were older than she was were unable to. This prompted her parents to enroll her in a gifted program when she was four years old. During her early years of schooling, Jolie found that most of the other students tended to come to her for problems that they had. This usually had an adverse effect on those around her as she could solve almost any problem. This also caused her to become a target when the school bullies found out about her problem-solving abilities. They would pressure her into doing their homework with threats of physical punishment, which she found out the hard way one day that she chose not to do an assignment for one of the bullies. The older girl left Jolie with a black eye and a busted lip.

When her father found out he confronted the school’s principal, who defended that bully as it was his own child. This lack of confidence in the school system forced Jolie’s father to teach her how to defend herself. As the years progressed Jolie took what she learned from both, her academic and personal life, and began to teach herself how things worked in the judicial system of the Federation.

When she was 16 her school sent her on a trip from Chiba Japan to San Francisco California USA to attend a private function held by one of the Federation’s prominent members of society. She learned how the Federation’s policies for law and peace worked. Just before the last day of the function, Jolie was offered to ride along on a diplomatic escort of an alien species. Along the way, the escort came under attack. She was ushered away but not before she caught a glimpse of a woman dressed in a yellow uniform. She had learned about the Federations Starfleet but didn’t fully understand what each color of the uniform meant until she turned to one of the people that had escorted her away. They explained what each color represented and what function each color had as a responsibility. Jolie returned her attention to the woman in the yellow uniform and watched how she handled herself. She was mesmerized by what the woman was doing.

From that point on Jolie knew what she had to do. She studied everything that she could find on what it meant to be a Starfleet Security Officer, and on her 18th birthday she graduated from High School in Chiba Japan. She took a shuttle from Toyko back to San Francisco to attend an entrance exam to join Starfleet. 

Even though she worked hard and studied even harder she failed her first attempt at joining the academy. Her family supported her decision and encouraged her to try again, not that she needed it. She knew what she wanted and knew that she was going to need to study even more. While she waited for the next entrance exam she joined a voluntary civil police force and moved into an apartment in downtown San Francisco. It was there that she found a passion for working out. When Jolie was not on patrol with the police force she could be found in a gym with a holopad in front of her or an auditorial devise connected to a holopad in her ear as she worked out. 

Three years later in 2388, she tried again, with her experience as a civil peace officer, to join the academy. This time, however, she was accepted and scored higher than anyone else on her entrance exam. She was accepted and given orders to attend the Academy in San Francisco.

Starfleet Academy (2388 – 2392):

Freshman year – Sovereignty of Kahless’s (2388):

Even though it took her four years to finally make it into the Academy, Jolie knew that her dream of becoming an Officer, more importantly, a Security Officer, had just begun. In 2388 dressed in a crisp grey uniform she stood next to her fellow cadets as she listened to a briefing from the Commandante of the Academy. It was about the Sovereignty of Kahless and how it could pose a threat to the Federation. Jolie didn’t need to look around to know that a lot of her classmates were nervous about hearing this news about a rouge Klingon named Ma’rek. Throughout her Freshman year, Jolie studied everything she could about the Klingon’s, most of which was common knowledge to the public, but she wanted to make sure that her final exam on the Warrior species was flawless. Much to her amazement, she was recognized for her attention to detail and tactics on the Klingon species, even though the information that she provided was common knowledge.

Sophomore to pre-Senior year – Invasion of Federation Space (2389-2391):

Jolie and most of the rest of her classmates tried their best and performed admirably during the years 2389 to 2391. Though during her Junior year, toward the middle of 2390, a large group of her classmates was dropped from the program due to poor performance and conduct unbecoming of a future officer. Jolie and a couple of her close friend’s, Adam, who happened to be a prodigal student of the sciences, and Val a distinguished student whose focus was on medical science, all sat at a table in a restaurant and discussed the recent events of both the invasion from the Sovereignty of Kahless and the expulsions of some of their classmates, the latter being the focus of most of their conversations. It shocked Adam as he knew several of them.

The Elite – “Red Squad” (2391):

Just before the beginning of her senior year, while on vacation with her family, Jolie was approached by a cadet that she knew to be a part of the 1% of the graduating class of seniors that were ahead of her, and a part of a group known as “Red Squad”, and their Cadet commander. After a small conversation, she was informed that she was recommended by the Commandante to this Cadet commander and offered a position in the squad because of her knowledge while in the Academy and her outstanding and distinguishing marks and scores. Jolie accepted this prestigious honor. 

Senior year – Operation: Gatecrasher (2391):

As her Senior year began she and the rest of “Red Squad” were tasked with an operation to aid in a Federation-Klingon joint operation called “Operation: Gatecrasher”. In which they were assigned to a ship that part of Task Force 93, which was a part of an assault on the Sovereignty’s less defended headquarters worlds. It was here that she witnessed the first death of a Starfleet member and Commander of the “Red Squad”, which then forced her into the spotlight of command. Though scared she performed admirably and was able to coordinate with a unit of Starfleet officers and Klingon Defense Forces to capture a hard point and one of the leaders of the Sovereignty.

Upon her return, she was awarded the Star Cross for her actions during the operation, and made the official Commander of “Red Squad”.

In 2392, she relinquished her command of “Red Squad” and graduated with distinction along with both of her closest friends, and was granted the rank of Ensign. She was then given her first assignment to the USS Falcon.

Starfleet career:

USS Falcon (2392 – 2395):

Jolie was assigned to the USS Falcon straight out of the academy as a Security Officer under the leadership of Lieutenant Sebastian Calco. Though the two of them butted heads often she still respected the man and learned as much as she could from him. She was even surprised when he complimented her on an away mission that went astray, where a man that they had been tasked to escort became ill from a local pathogen and she was able to treat the man with the training that she had received during her time at the academy.

In 2393, she was once more surprised by the Lieutenant when he placed a recommendation for her promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. It was then that he took her under his wing and increased her responsibilities on the Falcon, and placed her under him as the Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical as he saw her potential to one day becoming a Chief of Security and Tactical.

USS Lakota (2395 – 2398)

In 2395 while aboard the USS Falcon Jolie was honored by her mentor and colleague, a now Lieutenant Commander Sebastian Calco, who had taught her everything he knew about how to maintain the peace and quiet aboard a starship, much of which she had already known and much that she didn’t, and how to listen to her crewmates, with another recommendation. This time to the Rank of Lieutenant. He also thought that it was time for her to make a career decision. He suggested that she transfer to the USS Lakota at their next stop as the ship would be there and was in need of a Chief of Security .next port of call, as the Lakota would there, and was in need of a Chief of Security. Jolie expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and her fears of not knowing if she was ready. Sebastian stated that she wouldn’t know if she was ready unless she took the assignment.

Jolie took his advice and transferred from the USS Falcon to the USS Lakota. While on the Lakota she was placed in charge of the entire Security department and tasked with getting the department up to speed. At first, this overwhelmed her, but soon she had every member, including the Captain, up-to-date on the qualifications, which it had appeared the last Chief of Security had neglected. Soon she felt at home and a new routine fell into place, one that she implemented to the rest of the security members under her. 

In 2398 the USS Lakota had been given the task of escorting a cargo ship from Campor to Earth when it came under attack from a Cardassian ship. Jolie was on the Bridge and did not see the ship until the Lakota shook from a disruptor impact. Though she managed with the assistance of Bridge crew to repel the attacking Cardassian ship the Lakota suffered for it. The ship had sustained major damage to its hull but stayed with its Cargo ship all the way to the Sol outer defenses. Once there Jolie took full responsibility for having not spotted the Cardassian ship sooner. The Commanding Officer of the Lakota informed her that it wasn’t her fault, but she felt inward that it had been. 

With the near destruction of the USS Lakota, Jolie requested that she be transferred to another ship. She was asked if she had any in mind and requested the USS Europa. Was transferred almost a year later to the USS Denver.

Service history:

  1. Ensign aboard the USS Falcon – Security Officer, 2392 – 2393
  2. Lieutenant (JG) aboard the USS Falcon – Security Officer, 2393 – 2395
    1. Assistant Chief Sec/Tac
  3. Lieutenant aboard the USS Lakota – Chief of Security, 2395 – 2398
  4. Lieutenant aboard the USS Europa – Chief Security/Tactical Officer, 2399 – 2400
  5. Lieutenant Commander aboard the USS Pike – Team XO, 2400


  1. Starfleet Academy
    1. Operation: Gatecrasher
  2. USS Falcon
    1. Assist Chief Sec/Tact
  3. USS Lakota
    1. Chief of Security
  4. USS Europa
    1. Chief Sec/Tac
  5. USS Pike
    1. Team XO

Effective dates of promotion:

  • Cadet Freshmen, 2388 – 2389
  • Cadet Sophmore, 2389 – 2390
  • Cadet Junior, 2390 – 2391
  • Cadet Senior, 2391 – 2392
    • “Red Squad Commander”, 2391 – 2392
  • Ensign, 2392 – 2393
  • Lieutenant (JG), 2393 – 2395
  • Lieutenant, 2395 – 2400
  • Lieutenant Commander, 2400 – Present

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2389 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2389 - 2390 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2390 - 2391 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2391 - 2392 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2392 - 2393 Security Officer USS Falcon
2393 - 2395 Security Officer USS Falcon
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2398 Chief Security Officer USS Lakota
2399 - 2400 Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Europa
2400 - Present Team Executive Officer (XO) - Starfleet Intelligence USS Zebulon Pike
Lieutenant Commander