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Ethan Talon

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Commander Talon


Commanding Officer
Outpost Houtman (Archive)


Ethan Michael Talon


Capital City, Terra Alpha Colony


Ethan Michael Talon is a commander in Starfleet in detached service with Starfleet Intelligence. He is a veteran of several border skirmishes and Operation Gatecrasher where he lost his right arm and leg to a Klingon photon grenade.

He is the father of three children and is married to the team’s handler, Trinity Morris-Talon.  Ethan is the oldest grandson of the largest cattle baron on the colony,  Orin Talon.


Ethan stands at 6 foot 3 inches and over two-hundred pounds of lean muscle.  He has chocolate brown hair and blue eyes with soft Hispanic features from his maternal grandfather.


He is quick to laugh and often uses humor as a defense/coping mechanism. For the most part he is easy going and prefers to lead by example. Ethan also doesn’t work well inside a traditional command structure and is resistant and resentful towards micromanagement. A self starter,  Ethan excells when given a task with expectations and turned loose to complete it.


Ethan Michael Talon (b. May 8, 2361) is a ranch owner on Terra Alpha Colony,  and is a leader of a Black Ops team through Starfleet Intelligence assigned to the 4th Fleet.  Ethan married his childhood sweetheart and they have three children. He has two older half-sisters, and two younger half-sisters.

Early Life

Ethan spent his early years on the family ranch started by his grandfather Orin Talon located on Terra Alpha. His mother left his father when he was young and remembers very little of her.

Ethan was 13 when the Dominion broke out. His father rejoined Starfleet and was assigned to Starbase 75 as part of his agreement to return to the fleet. He spent two years on SB 75.  At the end of the war he returned to Terra Alpha to finish his schooling. He bummed around after graduation working as a cow hand on his grandfather’s ranch.

Starfleet Academy

Ethan entered Starfleet Academy in 2381 at the age of twenty with a major in Military Science and a minor in history.  Ethan wasn’t the best student,  but was more than capable of doing the school work. He would have just preferred to not spend his time in academics.  He didn’t make waves or stand out at the Academy and graduated in the middle of his class.

USS Hood

At graduation Ethan joined the USS Hood as a security. It was aboard this ship where his work ethic and keen tactical mind set him apart from his peers and he rose through the ranks achieving Chief of Security and Junior Lieutenant.

At the Battle of Jutmos during Operation Gatecrasher Ethan was leading a team off officers from the Hood against Klingon forces.   Outnumbered and severely out gunned they held off the attacking Klingons for four days.  On the third day a photon grenade left him severely wounded, but he refused to leave the line and continued to direct the resistance.   When he was finally evacuated the doctors on the Hood couldn’t save his right arm and leg.  It took him six months to fully recover and rehab from his injuries.

Starbase 53

Ethan left the Hood in 2390 and switched to command red to work as Starbase 53’s Strategic Operations officer.   It was also on SB 53 that he was reunited with his high school sweetheart Trinity Morris.  As the tactical officer the two of them worked closely together and the old flame was rekindled and they soon began to start dating.  It was also his position as Strategic Operations Officer that he started to develop working relationships with several members of Starfleet Intelligence.

In 2393 Ethan and Trinity were married on Terra Alpha.   With Trinity’s help they bought the 35,000 acres that would eventually become the Rafter T Ranch.

USS Zebulon Pike 

Ethan left SB 50 in 2395 to join Starfleet Intelligence.   At this point Trinity had left Starfleet and was very pregnant with the twins.  SI offered Ethan a more flexible position where he only worked when they needed him.

In need of a ship to fulfill the clandestine missions Ethan found an old decommissioned Raven-class in the Mojave desert. After bringing the ship back to life he christened it the Zebulon Pike after the explorer of the American West.  Needing a crew he started contacting people he knew from his past, and Trinity rejoined Starfleet as his XO.

In 2399 with another baby on the way Trinity stepped down as his XO to become the team handler, and Lt. Jolie Kyo, the daughter of his step-mothers XO.

In the middle of 2400 the Pike was lost in an alternate reality along with another Starfleet ship, the USS Heracles.  Unable to get both ships home Ethan sacrifices the Pike so that everyone can return to their reality.

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Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2382 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2382 - 2383 Security USS Hood
2383 - 2385 Security - Strike Team USS Hood
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385 - 2390 Chief of Security USS Hood
2390 - 2395 Strategic Operations Officer Starbase 53
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2400 Team Leader - Starfleet Intelligence USS Zebulon Pike
2401 - Present Outpost Houtman Commanding Officer