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Part of USS Gilroy: Delta Quadrant Second Contact

Delta Quadrant’s Second Contact Part 5

Delta Quadrant
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Stardate: 240110.22

“First Officer Log, the crew of the Gilroy have spent a week at the Starfleet Segment/sector of the Markonian Outpost debriefing the outpost senior officers about the latest mission to the Borg outpost, handing over a copy of all the Borg database and technology that we had recovered from the mission. Also, the doctor had to pass her patients over to the relevant races that had a delegation for their race at the outpost. And for the races that didn’t, I managed to provide them with quarters on the space station, until their species and arranged for them to be reunited. 

The captain was pleased with the mission’s outcome: there were no casualties, and we got all the information that Starfleet wanted while saving a few XBs. My mission to the planet was terrifying, but I’m glad my entire team came back with their lives. It was a bonus that we got our primary mission, also complete, was end log,” said Commander Danvers.

The commander sat relaxing in her room at her desk as she had not long returned from the outpost when her door chime went.

“Enter,” said the Commander. And with that, Councillor Allen entered her room.

“Commander, have you got some spare time to chat? I’d like to talk about our recent mission and how the crew has been dealing with the situation since I last gave the captain an update a few weeks ago,” said Lt. Allen.

Getting up from her desk and going over to the couch, she welcomed the councillor in to take a seat.

“Would you like a drink at all councillors or anything else while you are here?” Asked the Commander.

“I take an ice-cold lemonade set at minus 4. Please, and you don’t have to be so formal. Call me John.” replied the Councillor.

With that, Rose made her way to the replicator. The councillor took a seat on one of the commander’s chairs in the living room of her office. Rose walked over to the seats, placed down the drinks and sat across from John on the sofa with her leg crossed over the over while sitting on a slight lean to the side with one arm resting across the back of the seat.

“So how are the crew doing then, John? Is there anything to report that we might have to look at giving any support to? But I have to ask how are you doing with all this. You counsel the crew, but who helps you talk about things? You know you can always come talk to me if you have any problems, especially now that we are in the delta quadrant, and you can’t just contact one of your fellow councillors for advice,” said Rose while looking at John.

“Most of the crew are doing ok, thank you, but there are a few members of the crew that are struggling since our last mission as it is bringing back memories from when they were cadets for some and others when they were living on earth and starships that were sent to WORF359 and were lucky enough to survive the whole encounter” Replied John.

“Well, is there anything that we can do to help these officers? What do you recommend we offer to help them through these hard times they are going through?” Replied Rose.

With that, Rose leaned forward to take a drink of her tropical juice while John brought up on his PADD the names of the officers who needed help. He recommended his ideas and recommendations and sent the information to the commander on her PADD without breaking the Councillor and patient confidentiality. With that, the commander picked her PADD up and browsed over the recommendations that John had just sent over to her.

“OK, no problem. Give me a few days. I give these a proper look over and recommend what we can offer them after I have spoken to their commanding officers and see what they can recommend we do with them.

Elsewhere on the board the Gilroy, the captain was in his ready room going through mission reports from Captain Janeway and their first contacts on other planets within 5-10 light-years travel from the Markonian Outpost to see what would be the best place to visit next upon reading reports and with the time that they had left on their short mission in the delta quadrant, that recently got extended by the recent emergency mission issued by Starfleet. With so many races and unique cultures to explore, the captain was finding it hard to choose where to take the crew next. With such a wide selection of races to visit, the captain put it down to the senior crew to pick. So he asked them to decide what their top three races were from a list the captain had provided and requested they get it back to him by 11 hours the following morning so he could decide and set the course for their next mission.

Morning soon came. Lieutenant Junior grade P’Nell was walking down the corridor on his way to the science lab where he passed Commander Danvers and Chief Engineer Carlos, all dressed in workout gear, ready for a bit of sparing like they do a few times a week. You wouldn’t have thought that a Denobulan and a human would have sparing matches together, as it’s known that Denobulans have a stronger physical strength when it comes down to a humanoid. They had a few hours to kill till they had to be on shift on the bridge as the chief was taking a change of view today and working from the bridge’s engineering console while being able to take on the view even if it is just the endless of darkness space at warp.

Meanwhile, the captain was meditating in his quarters with a fellow crewmember, a distant cousin of the Vulcan race, a Romulan engineer called Tolesa. Tolesa had come to the captain a while ago when she came on board. Asking the captain if he could train her in the art of meditation and teach her a way to calm down her mind and her violent tendencies and nature. She found the captain very accommodating with this. He also offered her a way to release her violent tendencies with a holodeck simulation. 

“Take this, (as he hands her a PADD with the holodeck simulation on it) it’s a simulation I have come across in the Starfleet. Database. It was designed and used by Lt Worf now Captain Worf back on board the USS Enterprise-D when he was looking to practise hand-to-hand combat and help with his Klingon rage”,  and with that, the captain got up ending their time meditating and said to the young engineer. 

“I will see you tomorrow same time”. With that, the Lieutenant got up and gathered the few things she brings with her every day along with the PADD that she quickly accessed and sent the file to her private terminal, handed it back over to Telkir and made her way to the door. Before leaving, she turned and said “Maybe you can join me in the holodeck sometime when I’m running the program” With that, the captain nodded his head and she left his quarters.

A short time passed and it was almost 11 hundred hours. The senior crew were on the bridge and the captain had received all the suggestions back on where they wanted to go next.

“Helm set course for Brunali. I have sent your console the coordinates warp factor 6, please”.With that, Ensign Pemberton set the course and engaged the engineers. 

Replying “Course set captain and engaged”.


  • Kudos to Commander Danvers and the crew of the Gilroy for a flawless mission to the Borg outpost! It's heartening to see their dedication not only in acquiring crucial data for Starfleet but also in providing support to fellow officers in need. A special shoutout to Counselor Allen for his insightful recommendations. Excited to follow their adventures as they set a course for Brunali – a testament to the unity and resilience of this stellar team!

    January 28, 2024