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Profile Overview

Created By Hurkx

John Allen

Trill Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Allen


USS Gilroy


John allen




John is a very compassionate guy and from a young age always cared for people around him if he knew them or not. He decided later in life that he was going to go into counseling and help people no matter who they are or what race they come from. So when the time was right he enlisted in Starfleet.


Name: John Allen.

Height: 6 ft 1 in / 1.83 m

Weight: 80 kg / 176 lb

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Date Of Birth: 11/3/2345

Place of Birth: Trill Homeworld

Created By Hurkx


John’s personality was a weird one, he had a dry sense of humor and not many understand him. There are only a select few members of his current and previous commands on other ships. He can be a right laugh at parties and when he was younger was always had to be the center point of attraction at the parties, but all this changed when he joined Starfleet.


Early Life → 2345 ∼ 2363

John is a very compassionate guy and from a young age always cared for people around him, whether he knew them or not. He decided later in life that he was going to go into counselling and help people no matter who they are or what race they come from. So when the time was right, he enlisted in Starfleet. He had a simple life growing up never really got in trouble and decided at a young age he didn’t want to become a Host like most trills on the planet. He wanted a different path.

Starfleet Academy → 2363 ∼ 2367

The Academy for John was relatively easy for the first two years. He fitted in perfectly with all his fellow cadets. Then when the 3rd year came and the more intense training came, he found things more complex and intense but he adapted and was able to get on with his training. By the end of his academic years, he graduated in the top 5% of his class.

USS Britannia NCC 81544 → 2367 ∼ 2395

John’s assignment on the BRITANNIA differed from what he had experienced at the academy. He felt at ease with his new counsel’s office, as it was near his quarters. He didn’t have many cases while on board the BRITANNIA, which made his first counselling position very easy to work into. He had a few cases where there were family problems that caused trouble with the crew member’s duties, but with a few meetings with John that was soon sorted and things got back together for the crew members and their families involved.

USS Gilroy NCC 12110 → 2395

Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. Life for John started a few months before their mission to the Delta quadrant and to date has been the hardest assignment for him so far. At first, after joining the Gilroy, it was service as normal just reading up on the crew’s service records and anything that he might have to take, not for future reference. It took a few days to get through all their service records and make any notes, but upon this, he just made a few meetings with these crew members to get to know them and to grasp the points he made from their records.

A few months passed, and life for John on board was quite slow and not much to do. They not long got their orders to go to the Delta Quadrant to make a second contact with the races that the VOYAGER had made over two decades ago, and so far that mission was going great but they not long received orders to survey a Borg outpost because of information that Starfleet had gathered. While on route, John remembered that a few of the crew had some bad experiences with the Borg either with themselves or via friends and family. So with this information, he again did check-ups and some psychological reports to see how the crew members involved would deal with being around or even involved in a mission to do with the Borg.

Stardate 240110.22

Most of them I have signed off and given them a clean bill of health, but there’s one that I am starting to have regular meetings with, as they were just a bit more affected than the other crew members. I believe it will take about 8 sessions on a once-a-week basis for this crew member to deal with his reaction to the Borg mission. Until then, I have asked their department senior officer to put them on a lighter load until I am comfortable that they can deal with all the pressure along with dealing with their Borg problem.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2363 - 2366 Cadet/Psychology Student STARFLEET ACADEMY
2367 - 2389 Ensign/Counselor USS BRITANNIA NCC 81544
2389 - 2395 Lieutenant Junior Grade/Staff Counselor USS BRITANNIA NCC 81544
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - Present Lieutenant/Attending Counsellor USS GILROY NCC 12110