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Part of USS Gilroy: We Are The Borg and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Mission: Survey the Borg Part 5

Delta Quadrant
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Stardate 24011119

“1st Officers Log, Mission day is finally here and we have a go. We have minus 20 minutes till we beam down to the planet. I’m currently just putting any affairs into order, so if things go to shit and we can get out of there and I become a Borg, then I can rest knowing that there was nothing left to do. I’m going to be beaming down with Lt Commander Sharpe, a few members of her security team and a few scientists, all of whom have run the simulations with me on the holodeck. I’m hoping that the mission goes without a hitch and that we can find out what we need to do for Starfleet and help any previous drones return to that family. Computer, please erase my security clearance as of 14:00 hours and that of Lt Commander Sharpe and inform the captain of what I have asked at the allotted time. Don’t reactivate till we are back on board with the authority of Captain Telkir. End Log” said Commander Danvers.

With that, the computer replied, “Security clearance for Commander Danvers and Lt Commander Sharpe will be erased at 14:00 hours as requested”.

With that, the commander left her quarters and went to meet her fellow crew members at Transport Room 2. But she was soon to be met by Lt Commander Sharpe at the turbo lift, waiting to make her way down to the transport room.

“Are we ready for this, Commander?” asked Lt Commander Sharpe.

“We are as ready as we ever can be Lt. We did as much training in the holodeck as we can do now. We just got to put it to the test in the field,” replied Commander Sharpe.

Moments later the turbo-lift doors opened, and the two left making their way down to the corridor to Transporter Room 2. Then a split moment later the two made their way into the transporter room where they were met by two fellow security guards and two science officers. As always, to engage and please his superiors, one of the science offices walked up to Command Sharpe and spoke.

“Lt Junor Grade Tods reporting for duty and may I say it is an honour to be here and on the team”. With that, the Commander offered her hand out to welcome the young Lt and replied by saying

“You’re welcome. You were picked because of the amazing work I’ve been hearing about you in the area of exobiologists. You should be a great asset to the team down on the planet if it comes to helping any former Borgs”. With that, the commander then walked onto the transporter pad, followed by the remaining away team. But just before they beamed down Lt Commander Sharpe said. 

“Set your phases to level 6 enough to knock the Borg on their arse but not enough to kill them and if we come across any XBs, then try to calm them down and get them to head over to the evacuation point so we can get them beamed up when we have finished” with that everyone pulled out their phasers and set the level of it to level 6. Then the commander said,

“Lieutenant Commander Tadoro, if there are any XBs you will be beaming them straight to the brig till then beam us back here and we will take it from there.” With that, the Transport chief nodded his head in acknowledgement and replied, 

“Good luck down there. I’m setting you down at the quadrants that u gave me and I keep a transporter lock on you as much as I can” 

And with that, the transporter chief engaged the transporter, and the team was gone. Seconds later the team appeared at the coordinates that were specified and one of the Science offices set up a communication booster for if it was needed when they entered any areas that might be well shielded allowing them to still talk with the ship and allow the ship to keep a transporter lock on them hopefully. Upon this being done Commander Danvers said to the whole team to activate their Bio-dampener so that if any XBs are still connected to the hive or want to join back up to them then they won’t see us.

The team split into their allotted two teams and made their way to what was left of the Borg outpost to investigate. Team one consisted of Commander Danvers, Lieutenant Wamona and Lieutenant Hill they were to make their way towards the central complex well what was left of it while the other three Lt Commander Sharpe, Lieutenant Holland and Lieutenant Junior Grade P’Nell were tasked with looking for the outpost technology and supplies that their tricorders were set to locate and try if they come upon any XBs then to show them back to the transported site.

A short while past team 1 had found the central core and started to download as much information as possible from the database to do with what happened here to their entire database it’s good they brought a few data nodes as a Borg central core can hold trillions of data. They had not come across any former Borg alive, just dead ones or ones that were alive but malfunctioning and unable to be saved. But they had come across some useful Borg tech that they had collected.

As for team 2, they were also looking for tech elsewhere but also surveying the area for any former Borg that had returned to their former life. At first, all they came across were dead XBs but just as they were about to give up the search, one of the team’s tricorder started picking up faint life forms on a bearing west of where they were. With that, Lt Commander sharp tapped her comb badge.

“Commander we have secured some Borg tech. We are marking it on the tricorder and sending you the coordinates. As we just picked up some life forms. so we going to go investigate it, It is on a baring west from the coordinates I am about to send you”

“Rodger, we have the coordinates. Take it easy and keep your combs open so we know what’s going on and if you need backup,” Replied Commander Danvers.

So team two made their way to the coordinates where they had detected the life signs. Upon arrival, they had come across a lot of dead Borg some piled high in a triangle formation mutilated and twisted, and others just dead standing in their alcoves still crunched over the arm dividing arm between each of the alcoves that they rest their download any information that they had collected when interfacing with other life forms technology. The second team searched for a while looking for the life forms, but due to interference, it was hard to pinpoint their position within the area. The signal was showing that the life forms were within 10 meters.

It took the team a short while to lock on and narrow the search pattern down but they finally found where the signal was coming from and they came upon a group of Borg sitting together huddled together not knowing what was going on or how they were there some were intact and others were damaged but only on their Borg modified areas. They come across 8 Borg or XBs as they had come to be known. There were 4 human Borg, one Klingon, one Bajoran and two Hirogen. After a short while they managed to treat any minor cuts to their flesh and get them on their feet to get to the transporter beam outpoint. With extra people to help, it took team 2 twice as long to get to the transported beam outpoint. By the time Team 2 had got there, team 1 had informed the ship of possible survivors and picked up the technology that Team 2 had left behind. 

A short time passed and both away teams were back on the USS Gilroy with the former XBs having had things explained to them before being beamed up, that they would be placed into the brig until the doctor was able to get around to moving all there Borg components and make sure that they were not a danger to the crew. The 4 Humans, 1 Klingon and 1 Bajoran were ok with but the two Hirogens did not like this idea and tried to rebel they were told that if they didn’t agree then they would be left on the planet till their species had come to collect them. So not wanting to be left alone on the planet they agreed to be locked away in the brig. 

A few hours passed and the senior crew had a meeting in the conference room with the members of the away team not only did they discuss everything with the captain they also completed their mission reports and handed them to Commander Danvers to pass them on to the captain. Upon leaving the conference room the captain made his way to his ready room to read over the reports while the commander took command of the bridge

“Helm set course for the Markonian Outpost warp factor 6.” Turning to look at the tactical/communications person she said: “When we are through the Chaotic space send a message to the Starfleet facetious at the Markonian Outpost informing them that we have what we have been asked for and have 8 XBs ready to pass over telling them what species they are also please”. Said Commander Danvers.