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Sara Sharpe

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Sharpe


Chief Of Security
USS Gilroy


Sara sharpe




Sara has always been a fight not to hurt but to protect. She’s currently at the rank of Lieutenant Commander serving as a security officer on board USS Gilroy. She’s always one for a fight if it’s on board a ship or on an away mission, but at heart, she’s a passivize that only lets out her warrior side when it’s needed.


Name: Sara Sharp.

Height: 5ft 4 / 162.6 cm / 1.68 m

Weight: 120 lb / 81.2 stone

Waist: 26 in

Hair Color: blonde hair

Eye Color: Baby blue

Sexuality Orientation: Straight

Date of Birth: 30/12/2365

Place of Birth: Bajor, but grew up in San Diego, California, Earth after her parent’s death


She a caring loving woman with a strong leadership qualities when needed. She kind hearted and always has time for others if that’s giving them a shoulder to cry on or a ear to chat into for advice.


Early life 2369 – 2377

Sara was born on Bajor but due to both her parents being killed at a young age when their shuttlecraft crashed while fleeing the Cardassian occupation, she was later rescued by Starfleet personnel and was adopted by a family on Earth in San Diego by loving parents and a sister. She had a well-educated life and had the best upbringing possible. At such a young age, she showed the raw skill of being protective over people, so she didn’t get hurt. Her parents put her into self-defensive programs not just with her hands, but also with combat training with weapons. I was not the best when it came down to the Klingon training as their weapons were so heavy, but over time, she got used to their weight and size. She graduated in the top 3% of her class and is a very athletic person who loves running, going to the gym when she can in between life duties, and going boxing as well.

Starfleet Academy 2377 – 2381.

After graduating from her high school academy, she decided that at 18 she was going to enlist to protect people and the people she loved and cared for. From day one she signed up, she had her career path in mind to hit Lieutenant Commander and become chief of security in whatever posting she could get at the time. She had a few setbacks while in the academy because she, of course, was not the only one trying and training for the same position, but of course with different reasons and goals in life. She was passed over a few times by her fellow cadets either because of their unique ability to handle situations, better than she could because of her build and size but she didn’t let this beat her or knock her back she trained over and over till she got where she wanted to be. These experiences ignited a deep sense of justice and a determination to create a better future.

USS Acheron – NCC-75989 – 2381  – 2392

Pathway from Ensign to Lieutenant.

After leaving the Academy, Sara found a post on the USS Acheron – NCC-75989 defiant class ship, where she slowly progressed through the ranks to a lieutenant within the ship’s security team. During her 10-year career on the ship, she quickly gained a reputation for being meticulous, detail-oriented when it came to a case, and unyielding when it came to maintaining order and safety aboard the starship when the time came.

USS Aldrin – NCC-61946 – 2392 – 2400

Pathway to Lieutenant Commander.

After her first position aboard the USS Acheron over the ten-and-a-half year stretch, she transferred to an opening of Lieutenant Commander on board the USS Aldrin – NCC-61946 sabre class. Here, she developed with her new command her leadership skills, demonstrating an innate ability to manage and organize security teams effectively. Sara’s relentless pursuit of truth and justice never wavered when it came to a problem or a diplomatic occasion, or even when the ships were in combat. Sara takes her duties seriously. 

Later 2400 – 2401 Shoreleave

In the last few months of the year, Sara took the last 3 months off. So she could attend to the passing of her mum and sort out all the affairs that were left for her to deal with. Her father could not, as he was a lot older and unable to deal with all the pressure that came with it.

USS Gilroy NCC 12110 – 2401 (Current Assignment)

Shortly after the disruption by the Borg, their attack disrupted Frontier Day, and with the loss of so many ships. The USS Gilroy was brought back into service to help with resupply missions and then into service of doing second contact. Returning to active duty, she decided she needed to slow down life and asked for a move transfer to a ship that worked at a slower pace. The current chief on board the Gilroy wanted a faster pace of action, so they offered her the position of Chief of Security on board the USS Gilroy and exchanged commands.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2377 - 2381 Security Student Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2392 Security officer USS Acheron - NCC-75989
2392 - 2400 Chief Security Officer USS Aldrin - NCC-61946
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Chief Security Officer USS Gilroy NCC-12110
Lieutenant Commander