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Part of USS Gilroy: We Are The Borg and Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

Mission: Survey the Borg Part 4

Delta Quadrant
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Stardate 24011114

It seemed like a long time getting through the chaotic space, the Gilroy and her crew finally made it through. Looking at the tactical station where a young Lt was standing while the Lt commander Sharpe was off shift after completing a 26-hour shift. Telkir said to the Lt.

“Activate ship-wide combs please Lieutenant Holland” and, with that, the young Lt activate the combs. And with that, the young Lt tapped away on the console and opened ship-wide combs.

“This is the captain, as some of you might have noticed by now. We have finally left Chaotic space and are now on our way to the former Borg planet on the edge of their space. I want the whole crew to finish their shifts and take an extended break as we will take the ship into a nearby nebula for 12 hours to make final preparations for this mission.” said Telkir over the combs. While the captain was informing the crew, they were enjoying the fact that they were finally through Chaotic space and taking a short break to rest and be ready for the upcoming mission.

With that Telkir looked at the Lt to cut off the channel and then turned to look at the front of the bridge and said “Helm set course to the nebula getting there in the next two hours at the best speed and engage” and with that the ensign set course. 

The short trip to the nebula went quickly, the crew took a short break as the captain requested they all get before the main mission. Most of the crew hit their quarters for some sleep and relaxation others hit the holodeck then their quarters. But like any normal crew, they couldn’t take the full 12-hour break. The senior crew dedicated to their ship and crew went over the plans for the mission seeing if there was any way that they could improve on the defence and offences of the ship if they were to be needed. But most of all, Commander Danvers, now having access to all the sensors, could get a full mission report on the Borg outpost.

8 hours had passed and Commander Danvers had completed her scans and completed the holodeck simulation. Most of it had not changed but there were a few alterations she had to make to their route. But the mission stayed the same see what the Borg was up to and gain any information as to what they were doing. why all the strange signals started up and. As for any extra stipulations to the like gain any tech or rescue any races of Borg that have been disconnected and started to live their lives as they once did. Commander Danvers made her way to the captain in the ready room to go over the plans she had made for the away mission.

A short while passed, and Commander Danvers was leaving the captain’s ready room to go program the new parameters into the computer simulation and inform the members of the away team that would be joining her on the away mission to join her in two hours giving any that were in bed a chance to get sorted.

The 12-hour rest period came and went. The crew of the USS Gilroy started on their way towards the former Borg planet. Commander Danvers was in the holodeck with the security team and two science offices simulating the mission for the last time.


Stardate 24011119

“Captain Log we are finally on the way to the Borg planet after taking a small 12-hour break in a nearby nebula and the tension among the crew from talking to Councillor John is not as high as would have been anticipated with the upcoming mission and the last few weeks travelling to and through chaotic space and now heading to the Borg planet. My crew have performed fantastically in the last few weeks and I could not have asked for a better crew they have all gone up and beyond what I ask and expect of them. We will shortly arrive at the Borg planet and after scans of the planet, Commander Danvers and a few of the security team along with two science officers will beam down and start the mission. End Captain’s log”

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the commander was sitting waiting to get this away mission underway when Ensign Batootil at operations turned to say “Commander the Borg planet is within viewing screen distance” With that the Commander replied “Put it on the main view please” and with that, the Ensign Batootil at the operations turned back around touching his control panel to load the view scream and at the same time, the commander tapped a button on the control panel of the captain’s chair to open a channel to the captain.

“Captain we are in view screen range of the Borg planet” the captain replied from his ready room “ I be right out Commander” With that, the comb channel went off and a moment later the captain left his ready room before heading to his chair he walked sound to Lt commander Sharpe and handed her a pad of some tactical techniques he had picked up while reading the logs of other captains that have in the ships database. “Here you go Lt commander, some light reading you might wanna look over” With that the Lt nodded her head to say thank you and the captain turned to make his way back down to his chair on the bridge. The Lt commander put the PADD into a slot located on the side of her console and continued to follow the current situation.

Ensign Batootil what reading are we getting from the planet is it safe to go down,” asked Commander Danvers. A few moments later, Ensign Batootil at ops replied the atmosphere is breathable and as for life forms, I can’t tell there is too much electrical interference. One minute I’m reading life forms some human some Klingon some we never come across in the alpha quadrant but are here from the delta quadrant according to the database they are ocampa, hirogen and others I can’t make out as the life forms are dead and the electrical interference is interfering with our readings”

“Rodger that ensign, commander you got the go-ahead get your team together and leave in one hour make sure you have everything that you need and be safe down there commander I don’t want to be losing my number one to the Borg let alone any of my crew to them,” said Captain Telkir and with that Commander Danvers got out of her seat and made her way to the turbo-lift with Lt Commander Sharpe following behind her.