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Part of USS Odyssey: We Shall Not Cease From Exploration

We Shall Not Cease From Exploration – 4

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), docked at Starbase 38, Benzar System
Stardate: 78326.86
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For the first time in what felt like forever, Fleet Captain James Preston McCallister felt whole. Things were starting to get back on track for him, his ship, and hopefully everything else. Waking up with his wife in his arms, he cherished the moment. It had been over a year since she had gone, and that time apart had only made him miss him more and more. After spending time together, he told her about his time with Adale, the Brenari leader, and Karyn automatically forgave him. She understood the circumstances meant he didn’t know the truth, and she was fortunate enough to be found to have been replaced by that changeling. 

Leaving Karyn to sleep longer, McCallister had gotten up and made breakfast for everyone. It wasn’t long before his three sons had smelt the cooking that made them get up. It wasn’t long before Karyn joined them, and they were sat back around the table, like a family, enjoying their morning meal together. 

“I still can’t get my head around that we were living with an imposter,” Henri reacted as he took a bite out of his toast. “I mean a real-life changeling who really messed things up.”

“It’s crazy,” Theo agreed. “We kissed her goodnight. Yuck!”

James and Karyn both chuckled at Theo’s over-exaggerated reaction.

“Your mom and I were speaking last night, and we just want to make it clear that we get it that things may not return to normal for us all. It may take some time for us to adjust.” McCallister said after sipping on his mug of tea. He sat on one side of the long rectangular table while Karyn was on the opposite side. The boys were on either side. 

“Absolutely, and it’s important we all talk about how we are feeling about things and where things are going for us as a family,” Reyas added.

“So you’re going to return to duty?” Alfie asked his mother.

Reyas nodded before replying. “I was given the all clear by the doctors and counsellors back on Earth, and I’m going to see Doctor Slyvexs for a few more check-ups as well the counsellors here on the Odyssey.”

“Before any of you worry, that’s standard procedure, especially as your mom is now a Starfleet captain,” McCallister quickly said. He knew they would be concerned about why she was taking regular check-ups. “After a few weeks or months, as long as they’re happy, she won’t have to see them.”

“Well, if we’re going to be honest with one another, I’ve got some news,” Theo expressed as he placed his fork and knife down. He took a breath in. “I’ve been offered a place to study at the Pike City Performing Arts College on Cestus Three.” 

“Theo, that’s great news!” McCallister expressed with pride and a huge grin. 

“Congratulations, man!” Alfie said, patting his brother on the back.

Henri got out of his seat, ran around the table, and squeezed Theo tightly. “I’m so proud of you, Theo!”

Reyas had remained quiet at hearing the news; she just smiled, which was noticed by her husband.

After thanking his brothers, Theo told Henri to let go of him as he expressed that next bit. “The only issue I have is that if I’m to start there for next term, then I’ll need to leave the Odyssey before you depart for the Delta Quadrant.”

“When?” Reyas asked him.

Theo took a breath. “In four days, a transport heading to Cestus and the college said they’ll help us with accommodation.”

“Us?” McCallsiter repeated. “What do you mean by us?”

Theo looked at Henri, giving him a non-verbal cue to jump in.

Sighing, Henri knew he had to clarify what Theo said. “I’m going with Henri to Cestus Three.”

“Hang on, you’re doing what?” McCallister said, confused by that statement. “What do you mean you’re going with him?”

Henri looked at his father. “Dad, I got a scholarship at the University of Lakeside to study sports while playing for their soccer team.”

“When were you both going to tell me about this?” Alfie asked, now sounding upset that his brothers were moving on without him.

“We didn’t want to upset you, Alf,” Theo replied. “But with you enjoying your time training with Starfleet, Henri and I have had plenty of time to discuss things. We want to go to Cestus Three. We’ve got a two-bedroom place already sorted.”

McCallister looked at his wife, and for the first time since her return, he didn’t recognise the expression across her face. She almost appeared as if she didn’t care. He knew she did, but right now, she didn’t seem bothered or know what to say. Instead, he spoke up. “Are you both sure about this?” He asked. “You know you can do your studies from here on the Odyssey.”

Henri chuckled. “Dad, don’t take this the wrong way, but we love being on the Odyssey. It’s been our home, but it’s time we try something new.”

“And, if it helps, Aunt Laura has said she’ll help us move in. She and Uncle Conrad want to take a trip before he cannot travel. If you’re both okay with that?” Theo added.

“I’m glad to hear others in my family know before I do,” McCallister said sarcastically. He paused as he realised something. “Deja vu.”

“Deja vu?” Alfie questioned.

 McCallister nodded. “Yeah,” He chuckled. “I was in the same position with my parents when I and your uncles wanted to leave to join Starfleet.” 

“You said that Nan and Granddad were against it,” Alfie stated.

“They were,” McCallister said with a couple of nods. He looked at Theo and Henri. “If you’re mother agrees, then you’ve got our blessings. But I want to see everything. From your applications to the state of this place you have to your travel itinerary. Everything!” He looked at Reyas. “Karyn, what do you think?”

Reyas nodded. “I think if it’s what the boys want, then we can only guide them for so long.” She smiled sweetly. 

“So, are you guys saying we can go?” Henri checked.

Like his wife, McCallister nodded after a hesitation. “Sure, but we will lay down some rules about staying in touch.”

Theo and Henri got very excited and got out of their chairs to hug their father and mother before squeezing Alfie almost to death. 

“Who knows, Dad, I may change my profession and become a famous baseball player for the Pike City Pioneers!” Theo stated.  

“Then I expect front-row seats for us all to see you playing,” McCallister stated. “Even if I have to steal a transwarp drive, we’ll be there to see your first game, whatever sport it is!” 

So much for being whole, McCallister thought.


  • Your use of the scenario to show Fleet Captain McCallister and his wife, Reyas, reuniting with their boys following her homecoming and participating in their personal growth, beautifully captures a loving family moment. Readers may relate to the characters and their feelings since the family members' conversations and interactions appear genuine and authentic. The news that Theo and Henri intend to study on Cestus Three gives the narrative an intriguing new turn, and McCallister's initial horror and subsequent acceptance help to paint a complete picture of a devoted, encouraging family. The scenario also emphasizes the difficulties and rewards of being a parent as McCallister and Reyas struggle with their boys' urge for independence and the necessity of allowing them to follow their aspirations. Overall, your scene strikes a good mix between character development, family relationships, and emotion, which makes it an interesting and relevant component of the narrative.

    September 27, 2023