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Part of USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot) and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Chapter 8 – Over and Over

USS Auckland / Yadev II Supply Depot
Mar 2401
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Gin wasn't going to lie. She was concerned about the Captain. The automation testing failure while unforeseen was the last thing that Aris had calculated into his plans. But it wasn't just him, the entire crew of the Auckland was feeling the pressure, and that wasn't fair to the massive contingent of junior officers they had on board, but on the other hand, this is Starfleet and they had a duty. While the Captain was ensconced away in his ready-room, Gin had the bridge. While she was grateful for the opportunity to continue her leadership training, she was beginning to understand the stresses that came with the role.

“Ensign Swain, status update.” she addressed Emma who had been diligently working on the final coordinates for the sensor net that had been designed with Ensign's Shan and Malra.

“Final calculations complete, Commander.” Emma reported. “Sensor probes are ready to launch on your command.”

“Acknowledged, Ensign.” Gin replied. “Stand by for confirmation.”

Emma nodded as she turned back to her console.

“Ensign Malra and Lieutenant T'Keterk, how are your amendments and integration testings coming along?”

“Malicious code has been purged from the system and the codebase has been firewalled to prevent unauthorised tampering.” Joci reported back via Gin's badge.

“The Oreti has been repaired and the data from the tests are being analysed as we speak.” T'Keterk reported. “The depot engineers report the Miranda-classes USS Tarawera, USS Ranginui and USS Ruapehu are ready for shakedown and automation integration. The Centaur-classes USS Okatina and USS Tongariro are beginning final system checks before we integrate the automation programs.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. Keep me updated on any development” Gin closed the channel. Despite the setbacks, progress was still within agreed timeframes.

Settling back in her seat, Gin got the final confirmations she was needing. “Ensign Swain, prepare the first probe launch.”

“Aye, Sir.” Emma replied as her fingers flew over the terminal. “Probes away.”

Emma and Gin watched on the viewscreen as a series of five probes were launched. “Computer, initiate two-minute timer.” Gin continued. This would allow the preliminary network to be established before the second wave plugged any gaps.

Waiting with bated breath, Emma and Gin watched the countdown run down to zero. “Launch the second wave.”

“Second wave launched.” Emma reported as the bursts of light sped away from the ship. “Network has been established….positioning thrusters are active.”

Emma got to her feet and ran toward the tactical station. “We are live.” she said in triumph as she transferred the data to the viewscreen. In a matter of moments, the crew had access to real-time ship movements allowing them a small window of notice should something get through.

“Well done, Ensign.” Gin breathed out. “Take a break and get something from the crew lounge, you've been working nonstop for hours.”

“Yes, Commander.” Emma replied as she got to her feet. She wasn't going to lie, she was feeling drained, and a nice cold drink and something to ease the slight rumble in her stomach.

On-board the Tarawera, Joci was now personally overseeing the implementation of her automation subroutines to prevent another accident. If this went well, the order to implement the remaining Miranda classes would be issued. With T'Keterk overseeing the final tests on the Centaur classes, she knew all the i's would be dotted and t's crossed and ready for her arrival. Despite the repetitive nature of the work, she was enjoying the challenge immensely but was also looking forward to the conclusion of this assignment. Whether they were successful or not. 

While working on the automation routines, Joci has also made some adjustments to the holoemitters on the ships. While there would be warm-bodied crew members to ensure everything ran smoothly, she had also modified the Emergency Command Holograms to run as an Emergency Holographic Command Crew, or EHCC, as she had taken to calling it. 

“Ensign Malra to Lieutenant T'Keterk.” Joci tapped her badge.

“Go ahead, Ensign.” T'Keterk replied back.

“Automation subroutines have been implemented and EHCC is ready for activation at your command.” Joci reported. The crew of both the Auckland and Depot had pulled out all the stops to bring this together.

“Acknowledged, Ensign." T'Keterk responded. “We are due to bring the Centaur-classes online momentarily. Stand by.” 

T'Keterk then closed the channel leaving Joci in silence. 

“Yadev Depot, this is Ensign Malra of the USS Auckland. Please initiate site-to-site transport to the USS Okatina.”

Stand by, Ensign.” the Depot transporter chief replied as the Tarawera dematerialized around her to be replaced by the bridge of the Okatina.

Welcome aboard the Okatina, Ensign.” T'Keterk greeted Joci as she arrived on the bridge. “Just in time.”

T'Keterk had just greeted Joci as she materialised on the bridge when his final status report had been received. They were ready for power up and shakedown. If this cruise went well, the remaining vessels would be bought online and engage in wargame scenarios to conduct a final test of the automation routines.

“Just in time for what?” Joci queried.

“History to be made.” T'Keterk replied. “Again.”

“Take it away, Lieutenant.” Joci smiled as she took a seat at the available Ops station.

Taking a quick breath, T'Keterk worked his way down the pre-activation checklist. It was go time.

“Computer initiate ship activation protocols. Activate main reactor and establish structural integrity field.” T'Keterk began, the computer acknowledging his request with a two tone chime. “Bring main shields on and began warp core reaction.”

All around them, the consoles and lighting strips on the bridge lit up as main power took over from the numerous battery packs that were being used to maintain the minimum power levels to make repairs possible. Being inside the ship during a reactivation was always a sight to behold the first time

“Finally transfer all command codes to myself, authorisation T'Keterk-8-3-5-9 Echo Delta.”

“Acknowledged.” the cool voice of the computer responded. "Command codes transferred to Lieutenant T'Keterk.

Satisfied with the work the various crews of the Auckland and Depot had undertaken to get them this far, T'Keterk knew this hadn't been easy on anyone. The first 12 hours weren't without friction, but nothing too outward for fear of bringing Avaya down on themselves, but as the hours ticked by and the urgency of the situation was felt, a grudging truce was in short order.

“Ensign Malra, please open a channel to the Auckland.” T'Keterk requested.

“Channel open, Lieutenant.” Joci replied from the Ops station.

“Captain Suin, this is Lieutenant T'Keterk.”

“Go ahead, Lieutenant.” Aris replied, hoping for some good news.

“Reactivation protocols completed successfully and final integrations of the automation routines are ready to go, minus the unsanctioned alterations made yesterday.” T'Keterk reported.

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Aris continued, the relief in his voice noticeable, although they weren't quite out of the woods yet. “Once the rest of the vessels have been reactivated, initiate wargame testing. Ready or not these ships are the last hope we have of mounting any viable defense.”

“Yes, Captain.” T'Keterk replied. “I will report back in an hour.”

Joci closed the channel as she looked to T'Keterk.

“Open a channel to the fleet if you would.” T'Keterk added.

At Joci's nod, T'Keterk spoke up. “Attention, all hands. This is Lieutenant T'Keterk, Clearance for wargame simulation Epsilon 5 has been authorized. Acknowledge.”

As the various skeleton crews of the ragtag group of ships acknowledged the order, T'Keterk focused on Joci.

“Ensign Malra, I would request you return to the Auckland. The captain will have need of your assistance, this is your project after all.”

Nodding in agreement, Joci quickly requested a site to site transport back to the Auckland. As the bridge around shimmered out of existence to be replaced by the familiar transporter room of her own ship, she was immediately met by a detachment of Ensign Shan's security team.

“You know the drill, Ensign.” a crewman greeted her. “A quick biological scan and a blood sample. Do we have your consent?”

“Proceed.” Joci replied as her scan was compared with the master copy held by Starfleet Medical and a blood sample was analyzed. Outfitting the security teams with medical tricorders was a stroke of inspiration considering what was at stake. What would normally need to be analysed in a lab was now able to be completed with at least 80% accuracy by a standard issue medical tricorder.

“Welcome back, Ensign Malra.” the crewman smiled as the results confirmed what they already knew.

"Thank you, Crewman" Joci smiled in return. “Is the Captain still on the Bridge?”

“I do believe he should be, Ensign.” the crewman replied as the small team made room to allow her past.

“Thank you, Crewman.” Joci continued as she exited the transporter room, intent on making it to the bridge before the simulations started. “You're all doing a wonderful job.”


  • I liked how even with the setback of the tampering they were still able to move forward after fixing the code. I hope this will work for everyone's sake and be able to defend the station from the incoming Dominion ships. Joci seems proud of how things are coming and is hopeful. Though were my suspicions correct? Was it a changeling? I like how you integrated medical checking. Great job with setting this scene for others to follow, really been enjoying how you are portraying the crew and them working together as a team to get the job done.

    June 17, 2023