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Profile Overview


Vulcan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Keterk


Chief Engineer
USS Echelon (Archive)


USS Corax (2400 – 2401)

Blood Dilithium Campaign

In the year 2400, T’Keterk found himself assigned to the Raven-class USS Corax as they departed for the Delta Quadrant via the Barzan Wormhole to deliver supplies to a colony of refugees displaced by mercenary groups after a phenomena known as Blood Dilithium began to bloom across the quadrant. It was during this assignment that he grew to respect his new captain, despite his young age and lack of experience while forming a close friendship with Ensign Emma Swain. While serving in the Delta Quadrant he played a critical role in helping the crew escape the influence of an entity known as the Telepathic Pitcher Plant as it induced hallucinations to keep the crew docile while it began to feed on them and the ship. Once free of the creatures influence he then oversaw the delivery of supply caches to the planet while the Captain took in a Federation scientist who has somehow got caught up in the displacement of the refugees.

USS Auckland (2401 – Present)

The Terrellian Plague

2401 bought about the safe return of the USS Corax to the Alpha Quadrant and also a promotion to a full Lieutenant as Provisional Chief Engineer after being ordered to return to Starbase 93 on priority orders to take on additional cargo before departing for the Proteus System upon the request of the Planetary Governor.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - 2401 Engineering Specialist USS Corax
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Provisional Chief Engineer USS Corax
2401 - Present Provisional Chief Engineer USS Auckland