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Captain Suin and his Senior Crew have been reassigned to the USS Auckland to assist in quelling a disease outbreak amongst the former Romulan Star Empire, bringing with it new crew and and a slightly altered mission profile.

USS Auckland (Archive)


Named for the largest urban centre in New Zealand and the former seat of the New Zealand Government in the 19th century. Designated as a utility cruiser, she usually finds herself operating within Federation Space in numerous capacities, ranging from second-line surveys to large scale engineering projects and diplomatic infrastructure projects. With these parameters in mind, the USS Auckland is routinely dispatched to colony worlds, second contact missions and humanitarian assignments in accordance with the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 93 mandate.

While she may not be the most glamorous assignment for some, for others she is the perfect assignment for those pursuing engineering careers and wanting to be on the frontlines of some of Starfleet’s most exciting projects. Under the command of Commander Aris Suin, the Auckland is a welcome sight wherever she finds herself.


Content on this command is rated at 111 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Mild swearing, occasional violence, and sexual innuendo may be present. It is intended for all audiences.

RPG Rating 1 1 1

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 2583
Executive Officer
ID: 2583
Flight Control Officer
ID: 2583
Chief Operations Officer / Fabrication Specialist
ID: 2583
Security / Tactical Officer
ID: 2583
Chief Engineer
ID: 2583
Provisional Science Officer
ID: 2583
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2583

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17 June 2023

Chapter 9 - I Am the Weapon

USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot)

Aris and Gin were both seated on the bridge viewing the wargame scenario he had authorized and analysing the data that was being transmitted back. Both were pleased with the results so far. As the initial reports started coming through, Joci burst onto the bridge. Aris and Gin both turned at the [...]

7 June 2023

Chapter 8 - Over and Over

USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot)

Gin wasn't going to lie. She was concerned about the Captain. The automation testing failure while unforeseen was the last thing that Aris had calculated into his plans. But it wasn't just him, the entire crew of the Auckland was feeling the pressure, and that wasn't fair to the massive contingent [...]

3 June 2023

Chapter 7 - Never Too Late

USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot)

Day two had broken in the Yadev System, leaving the already overwhelmed teams with 48 hours before the Dominion made their presence felt. Nora was still on the Depot taking care of some overdue medical needs. He would receive her report later. Joci was due to rotate through the Depot to begin the [...]

31 May 2023

Chapter 6 - I am Machine

USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot)

Aris had arrived back on the Auckland a short while ago. After being cleared through Ensign Shan’s enhanced security protocols, he made a beeline for the bridge. “Captain Suin to Commander Fenway.” he called over the comm. “Welcome back Captain.” Gin replied. “We have ideas. I’ll fill [...]