Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

18) Just Another Monday – Part 3

USS Mariner - Various locations
March 2401
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VIP Quarters

Standing in the quarters, Sazra smiled at her guest. “We have two rooms that you can use, this one and the one on the opposite side. I will leave it up to you who gets what room. If you require any services, don't hesitate to contact me” She kindly offers. 

“That is a wonderful offer, Captain. I am certain the accommodations of this room will fit me wonderfully” Rahis gave Sazra a soft smile. “I do believe the other room will fit your needs as well, brother” She was given the vibe of being in charge of this mission from the start and was not going to bend for her brother on this. 

Dezod shrugged a bit but kept his smile up. “Of course sister, I do not require much for the journey” He looked at Sazra. “I just hope your ship will meet my requirements. I am kinda the spoiled one of the two” He grinned at Sazra.

“Right, well the room is open to bend to your desires. Just keep in mind there is a limit to what we can offer. As for food, you are free to use our replicators" Sazra smiled at them. “Other than that I would love to wish you a great journey and again in the name of the Federation thank you for assisting us in this delicate…." She got interrupted by direct communication.

Captain Kobahl, this message is for you to hear. I am going to be blunt with you Sazra. I am going to take control of the ship. You have ignored our plead for too long. You ignored our feelings in this mission, and now brought them on our ship. Your delusional orders from Fourth Fleet can't stand any longer in bringing us in danger. I advise you to stand down as of now. The command team is relieved of their duties. Shew out

While Rami was talking over the comm “That Mother f*cker…” She cursed softly and noticed the Vorta looking at her. Sazra raised a finger to the Vorta. “Please give me a moment” She turned around and exited the room where Miki and the other security guards stood. The reality sank slowly in that a portion of the crew started a mutiny against her and the rest of the command team. She looked at Miki. “Did you know?”

Looking in shock at Sazra, Miki shook his head. “I knew he was distracted with micromanaging everything. But I had no idea that this mission was hitting him that bad” Miki grabbed his phaser from his holster and held it downwards looking at his Captain. “I stand by your side…your orders" 

Sazra knew that he was at her side from the beginning. If Miki had agreed with her, he wouldn't have kicked her ass on the fleet yards. So his motives were pretty solid, however. Sazra looked at the other two security. “What about you two? Where do you guys stand in this sudden mutiny?” Sazra's tone was quite cold and direct. She was not in the mood for jokes or games.

The men looked at each other and then back at her. “We stand at your side Captain, he might be our Chief, but he breaks various codes that we swore in for” 

Before she could say anything, Sazra heard the door open and saw Rahis standing there curious “I believe your ship crew is having certain difficulty with our presence?” She placed her hands on her chest and looked troubled at Sazra. “I hope we didn't insult any of the crew by being here Captain” 

Of course, there were the representatives to worry about. She struggled slightly with a proper response but gave Rahis a soft smile. “Nothing to worry about representative. I am on my way to the bridge to sort this out.” She looked at the two security officers. “These gentlemen will stay here at your quarters to keep you safe. I personally don't think it will be needed as you got your protection with you after all” Looking back at Rahis.

“That sounds a delightful occurrence Captain” Dezod spoke with a smile. “I do hope you will get this situation under control. It would reflect badly on the Dominion if anything happened to us” Feeling the dead stare from his sister and chose to ignore it. 

“Right…I….” Sazra took a deep breath. “No need for worries. My crew is well-trained to take care of this kind of situation. Now my apologies, but I have to go" She turned around and started walking “Lieutenant with me” Walking in the direction of the turbolift with Miki. Sazra tapped her commbadge “Valerio, give me a sitrep on your side”

We got six or seven people that walked into the Engineering claiming that the Command Team is to be relieved of their duties. I already ID Ensign Cho and Petty Officer McKaine” A brief pause came. “We need to make them stop. They are firing in a freaking engineering room….

Sazra had her phaser out of her holster and moved forward also. “Stay calm is key in this Adrián. You know what to do, and I trust your skills in getting the job done. You are right. We must act quickly as I am en route to the bridge” She saw a few crew members taking shots at her as she ducked and signaled Miki to move forward carefully. So there were three teams already moving around. One at engineering, one at the bridge, and one was hunting for her.

Are the representatives safe?"

A valid question in the given situation as she quickly reacted to a petty officer trying to move forward on their location. It was difficult for her to make a difference in friend or foe. “They are safe. We placed two security officers at their door and assured them we would control the situation. I got Miki with me that is coordinating already with other security officers across the ship."

"Captain, do we got news on who the f*ck is behind this coup?

Her eyes narrowed at that question. She nods to Miki to move forward. She had difficulty admitting who was behind it as they were all close in one way or another. T'Path, Silina, Adrian, and "….Rami” With a swift move Sazra pulls an Ensign at his uniform and slams him in one move on the floor knocking him out cold. 

What….Shew is behind this madness?

“Yes, he stated a declaration of our misconduct in command choices. Adrián I need to go. Stay safe and get me my engineering back” With that she closed the communication with him as she tapped again while leaning on her right knee. “Silina you read me” 

Loud a clear, I just exited the turbolift, and was on my way to your location when Rami informed me of my sudden state of operational status

Shaking her head as she saw Miki taking another one down. “Same here, we are getting close to the turbolift, secure the area and take those that are still loyal to…well us” Sazra slowly started to get a headache from this situation. Rami was going to pay dearly for this. 

“Understood, standing by to receive, stay safe Sazra” Silina replied before closing the communication. 

“We have to move….now” Sazra orders Miki who just nods to her and leads the way. It took them not too long to get to the secured area where Silina was waiting. Silina quickly hugged Sazra and Sazra accepted it before nodding to her. “Alright, we move to deck 2 because knowing Rami he will have the bridge turbolift under control.”

Miki raised his hand “I think I have a better idea, Captain” 

“Let's hear it, I am open to suggestions" Sazra replied quickly checking her phaser.

“We take the turbolift and the Jeffery tubes on both sides that pop up before the helm console. That way we have the element of surprise” Miki pointed out a dangerous but effective tactic that could work in their favor “I will take point at the turbolift”

Nodding to that idea, Sazra patch his shoulder “That is why I got you in the Hazard lead, lets do that” They entered the turbolift “Deck 2” as the door closes and moved upwards. Then another broadcast was sent, this time over the shipwide communications. 

This is Lieutenant Shew. I have taken control over the bridge. We are about to drop out of warp to return to Dominion space to drop off our new guest. I would kindly ask Captain Kobahl, Commander Ruslanovna, and Commander Valerio to turn themselves in on breaking protocol and chain of command charges. You got 20 minutes” 

Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Sazra looked at her side seeing Silina looking at her concerned. She placed her hand on that Silina. When the lift stopped, they exited it as Sazra looked back at Miki. “Be safe up there, don't hang out as the hero” 

Miki smiled at his Captain. “I won't, but I also won't stand for this mutiny. I will give you a minute” He held the door open as he noticed it was summoned to go elsewhere. “Go, I will be there” 

“Come on” Silina popped open a hatch and dived into it. 

Stepping away from the turbo lift, Sazra nods to Miki before turning around to rush into the tube. She followed Silina as she went right, and she went left. “Stay safe” She mutters softly and moves quickly to the stairs, climbing upwards until reaching the hatch. She slowly clicked the hatch lock open and pushed it upwards taking a peek into the bridge.

The Bridge

“Hurry up and change the course. We have to return the Dominion to where they belong” Rami barked out the orders as the turbo lift opened up. “What the…Miki!” 

Slowly placing her phaser in the right spot as a phaser shot was heard, Sazra pulled up, climbed into the bridge, and opened fire on those still armed. She noticed Silina doing the same thing “Surrender Rami, right now!” Sazra orders while aiming at him.

Rami jumped out of the way and shot back seeing he missed Sazra by an inch. “Stand down yourself Captain, you are breaching every rule in Starfleet” Rami felt in his bones he was doing the right thing. As another fire came from Silina that he also dodged, he hit Silina in the shoulder when he fired back.

Looking at her side, Sazra saw Silina fall backward against the wall. Her shoulder was burned, but he shot “What the live fire, are you mental?!” Sazra felt a burning anger boiling in her as she pushed herself into the open and sprinted in Rami's direction. Dodging his shots she gives him an uppercut in his jaw that makes him drop back onto the floor. Without realizing she had already jumped onto him and slammed her fist into him until he could not protect himself. 

A final slam came into the floor with Sazra's heavy breathing. She leans forward and whispers in his ear “Stay the f*ck away from my girl, traitor" With that said she managed to get onto her feet and looked at her side seeing the others already surrendered. 

“Captain, we have the bridge back under our control. Engineering also reports to have retaken control” Miki reports “What are your orders?” 

Looking back at Rami who was on the ground in pain “Do a shipwide fleet, catch those that are involved, and escort every signal one of them to the brig” Sazra orders. “I don't want to cause more panic than needed for this small ordeal and poorly executed plan of a coup”

Silina walked to Sazra's side holding her arm. “I am fine. It's just a burn…I will get that fixed as soon as this thing is over” Silina tried to reassure Sazra as best as possible and showed that she was okay.

“I can help her. Check her wound” A voice came from the side. There Ensign L'iera stood in her cuffs by the security officer. “I am a Medic…”

Looking with cold eyes at L'iera “Take her to the brig” Sazra wove her help aside and looked at K'Nala who was still in pain from the shot Rami had fired upon her. “You need to see a doctor. I will let someone take over your shift. Return to the bridge when the doctor clears you” She looked at Silina. “Both of you, now go" 

K'Nala didn't want to go, but felt that she was about the faint. She helped Silina to the tubrolift “Sickbay” The door closed and left Sazra behind as she tried to process the whole ordeal. More action than this the crew of the Mariner wouldn't see with this Lost Fleet problem. Or that was the general hope that Sazra had, no more foolish actions.


  • Fitting ending to the ill fated coup attempt. Appreciated the brutality Sazra unloaded on Rami. You could feel Sazra’s anger at the betrayal. Now I wonder how they mend their relationship with the crew, given that there is still a highly sensitive mission their in the midst of conducting.

    May 31, 2023
  • Yeah that train wreck went about as well as a lead balloon. The Hindenburg was more successful than this mutiny. Sazra I one tough Captain for sure. I enjoyed the sequence of events. Lots of fun.

    June 2, 2023
  • I agree with the comment about a train wreck. Shew really hadn’t thought this through completely and I totally got Sazra’s reaction. Really liked her response to the medic!

    June 2, 2023
  • Nice narrative tool to see the other half of a conversation we've already witnessed, nice to see Sazra's own moments of confusion in the first moments. What is going on with these Vorta though? Unfortunately Shew and the mutineers have just proved one of the Dominion's criticisms of the solids, the twins are probably loving it all "the Gods we're right. Obviously."

    June 8, 2023
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