Part of USS Auckland: Three Days Grace (The Supply Depot) and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Chapter 4 – On Our Own

USS Auckland / Yadev II Supply Depot
Mar 2401
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Emma skillfully navigated the Auckland to its assigned docking pylon and began the necessary checks in tandem with docking control. The ship shuddered slightly as the docking ports aligned.

“Apologies everyone.” Emma murmured before she bought the ship to a stop and powered down the non-essential systems. “Docking complete, Administrator Avaya has a team waiting in the docking port to escort the away team to the operations centre.”

“Thank you, Ensign.” Aris got to his feet. “Commander Fenway, the bridge is yours.”

Gin nodded as she filled the now vacant seat left by the captain. But Aris wasn’t quite done yet.

“Ensign Shan, Lieutenant Yates, and Lieutenant T’Keterk please report to the port airlock, standard issue away equipment only please.”

It wasn’t until he got acknowledgment from the three officers that he left the bridge and went to meet the away team.

Exiting the turbolift, he approached the airlock where the requested crew members were waiting. “Thank you, everyone, for arriving so promptly.”

Turning to face the crew he filled in the away team on the plan moving forward.

“We have been requested to meet with the facilities administrator.” Aris began. “From there we will be able to determine the best plan moving forward.”

“Lieutenant Yates, as you are aware Regula class stations make do with medical holograms and weekly supply ships to assist with any medical requirements. I want you to work with the medical staff on board to identify and resolve any issues you find and be on hand for any medical emergency that may arise.”

“Of course, Captain.” Nora replied. “Do we know when the last supply ship passed through the sector?”

“Unknown at this stage.” Aris replied. “Hopefully Administrator Avaya will have some additional details.”

Nora made a few notes on her padd as Aris continued around the assembled crew.

“Ensign Shan, I know you are acting for two departments but your input into enhanced security measures will be welcomed and any tactical analysis you can provide will be considered.”

“Yes, Sir.” Taylor replied. He had a few rough ideas but was waiting until they had updated information before he would refine them.

“Finally, Lieutenant T’Keterk, i’m trusting you to work closely with the local engineering teams and integrate our teams as best as possible. I will be installing you as liaison between ourselves and the depot staff.”

T’Keterk nodded briefly in acknowledgment.

“Please also take under advisement that we are here to assist the local teams, not impose ourselves on them.”

Waiting for everyone’s acknowledgement before proceeding, Aris activated the comm system.

“Suin to Commander Fenway.”

“Go ahead, Captain.” Gin replied.

“Preparing to disembark, keep me appraised on any new developments.” Aris requested.

“Yes, sir.” Gin acknowledged. “We’ll keep a light on.”

As the comm channel closed, Aris entered his authorisation codes into the airlock panel and escorted his team in. Once the hatch to the Auckland had closed behind them, Aris activated the airlock separating them from the Yadev II Depot.

As the airlock hatch opened, the crew were greeted by their welcoming committee.

“Commander Suin, on behalf of Administrator Avaya welcome to Yadev II.” A junior officer greeted them. “If you follow us, the administrator is anxious to speak with you.”

“Thank you, Ensign.” Aris replied as he introduced the team accompanying him. “Best not to keep Avaya waiting.”

As Aris and the team were escorted to the turbolift, they couldn’t help but notice the looks they were receiving. Some looked hopeful at the new arrivals and some just sneered at them and looked away. Deciding to ignore it for now as it probably felt like Starfleet was interfering in their operations, but he would do what he could to minimise any conflict between the two teams.

“Captain, do you get the impression we are less than welcome here?” T’Keterk asked quietly to the group in general. There were various murmurs of acknowledgment when their escort spoke up again. 

“Don’t take it to heart, their bark is far worse than their bite.” the Ensign chuckled as they approached the central turbolift. “After you.” he motioned them all into the turbolift car.

“Operations.” the ensign requested. The short ride to the top of the station was silent but reasonably comfortable. The first thing everyone saw when the turbolift doors reopened was a group of engineers gathered around who they assumed was the administrator.

“Administrator Avaya.” the Ensign called out. “Reporting with Captain Suin as requested.”

“Thank you, Ensign.” Avaya replied as she handed padds to the assembled crews before meeting Aris’ gaze. “Welcome to Yadev II, Captain. If you and your delegation will accompany me to my office, we have much to discuss.”

Following Avaya to the office, they all took a seat around the makeshift conference table that had been set up. Avaya busied herself with arranging refreshments before taking her seat at the head. 

“First I want to thank you for making the voyage out and for being in a position to assist with carrying out these orders.” Avaya began. “My engineers have put together their preliminary plans but I am anxious to go over any ideas and thoughts you had while en-route.”

Aris and the rest of the away team began discussing the various aspects of the assignment and made adjustments as required. “I think a priority should be to get as many Miranda and Centaur classes operational as we can with the Freedom classes to be utilized as back up.” Aris put forward.

“I agree with you there, Captain.” Avaya replied. “We are only a small outpost on the station and won’t have near enough crew to spare to man these vessels.”

“If I may.” Aris continued when he got the nod to continue. “I’d like to enlist my Operations teams to assist your Ops teams in the creation of some automation algorithms so the ships can be minimally crewed.”

“A fine idea.” Avaya mused. “I can agree to that…”

An alerting console on Avaya’s desk distracted her slightly. “Excuse me for a moment.”

Avaya got to her feet and tapped at her terminal. “Avaya to Ops, confirmation of the validity of the latest long-range scan.”

The reply was too soft for Aris and the crew to hear, but the look on Avaya’s face said it all.

“Something the matter, Administrator?” Aris asked tentatively as Avaya retook her seat.

“Long-range scans have detected a Dominion Squadron en-route to this sector.” Avaya sighed, this was really going to blow a hole in their plans.

“ETA?” Aris prodded.

“Three days.” Avaya answered. “We have three days to get the old girls somewhat operational, even if they are held together with adhesive tape and wishful thinking. We can not risk this installation falling into the Dominion’s hands. Unfortunately with the rest of the fleet tied up dealing with this renewed threat, we are essentially on our own” The task ahead was monumental and both Aris and Avaya were uncertain if they would be able to cobble together a defense in such a tight timeframe.

“I will not let Yadev II fall to the Dominion again, Administrator.” Aris replied somewhat forcefully. “Lets get our teams rostered. The Auckland is standing by with a small fleet of work bees and numerous shuttles to supplement the fabrication facilities on board. I have allocated these resources to the mission at hand. This station and the colony world will not fall.”

The look on Avaya’s face showed she didn’t really believe what Aris was saying, but they had a job to do, one that they would come out on top, or at least die trying.


  • I've always found set up posts like this hard to keep interesting, but you do so quite well here. I think what stood out to me was creating the atmosphere surrounding the events. From the awkwardness between the two crews to the sense of urgency at the end, you really pull the reader in well. Also, always love to see old ships being put to work, so good job there as well.

    May 19, 2023
  • Oh no, with the chilly welcome the Auckland crew received, it feels like Yardev II is the Bravo Fleet equivalent of the dreaded Starbase 80. I'm awfully intrigued by the notion of crewing those old hulks with holographic crew... but that also sounds an awful lot like Starfleet's plan to use synths to flesh out the Romulan rescue armada and we know how that turned out. The pending arrival of a Dominion army gives this a gloriously hopeless base-under-siege feeling that adds tension to every move they make. I can't wait to read how this truly pushes the Auckland crew to their limits and beyond!

    May 19, 2023
  • I enjoyed this chapter especially when the scene upon arrival onboard the starbase made it look like they weren't exactly welcomed, there were some that maybe found relief that people were here to help. Others seem like they are afraid that Starfleet wants to take over. I like how the Ensign said that their bark is worse than their bite that kinda had me chuckling a bit at that statement. Now upon learning that there is a Dominion Squadron due to arrive in three days time that makes things more urgent, will they get those ships operational in time? I just hope that Aris stands to his words about not letting the station fall. Great job with this chapter can't wait to see what lies ahead!

    May 20, 2023