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Part of USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

The Gangs All Here (Kind of)

Starbase 72
March 2401
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The room was small, stuffy, and outright unpleasant to be in. The token potted plant in the corner was alive by some miracle that Geden had yet to figure out. The desk was cramped and he could barely fit his long legs under it without knocking his knees against the underside. In the 9 days he had been on Starbase 72 he hadn't added anything of note to the desk, not even a family picture. He had considered it but after serving on 3 starships in the last 8 months he didn't bother to decorate or bring anything personal with him; besides he could only be here for another few weeks until the ship arrive to whisk him off somewhere. It had been made abundantly clear that if his next commanding officer submitted another negative formal review he'd be ‘encouraged’ to consider other career options. 

He let out a soft snort as he replayed the conversation in his head. Other career options at this point meant handing in his comm badge and pips and taking some professorship somewhere, most likely on Trill, and teaching the youth the wonders of science. He let out another snort, this time much louder, as he entertained the idea of him teaching young adults about gaseous anomalies and the time-dilation effect of black holes. Considering the numerous mistakes he made in his early 20s (such as sleeping with his direct superior, getting an entire away team except for him killed, declining the use of a psychologist to address his issues, and that one afternoon on Veberd II) he wasn't the best choice to interact with youth.

The desk in front of him chirped. He sat the PADD he was holding down and give the glowing button a tap. “This is Demar.”

“Sir, you have a subspace communication from Captain Clara Myers.”

He stiffened in his seat a bit, tugging at his uniform shirt in a vain attempt to de-wrinkle it. “Thank you, put her through.”

The line went silent as a translucent screen rose from the desk. The Task Force 72 logo flashed for a few moments before being replaced with a smiling Captain Myers. “Good evening Comander. I apologize for the rather sudden interruption. I had hoped our first meeting would have been under different circumstances but time is of the essence right now.”

Geden nodded, shoulders still ramrod stiff. “Of course ma'am. What can I do for you?”

“I'll be brief, the Amundsen is launching in” She paused and looked off-screen “45 minutes. There is an emergency situation in the Deneb sector and we've been ordered to respond.”

Geden arched an eyebrow. He knew the ship refit was mostly complete but there was still a good amount of work to be done. 

Meyers continued “I wish I could go into details but due to the security situation, I don't want to speak over subspace. We'll arrive there in 5 hours; I need you to round up the senior staff personally and give them marching orders to get their department officers ready to roll. There are only 95 of us and 53 are already on the ship so I would like to think that they are capable of doing so.”

“Yes ma'am. I'll get right on it before it gets too late.”

“Thank you. And Commander Demar? When I say personally, I mean it. No comms. Inform them, per my order, they are not to discuss this with anyone outside of our own crew. There are security risks at play.”

Geden inhaled as if he was going to ask questions but he got the feeling this wasn't the time or place to air the, “Of course ma'am. I'll make sure the orders are followed.”

Meyers nodded. “Thank you, Commander, see you in a few hours. Myers out.” The visage of Meyers changed to the Task Force 72 logo before the screen dipped back down into the desk.

The doors to the office swished open and an Ensign walked in. “Sir, the PADDS are for you by order of Captain Myers. She has instructed that each out be given to the senior staff and they are locked to their biosignature.”

If the ensign had any curiosity as to why she had been given such an odd order, she didn't show it. She sat the PADDS down and walked out of the room. 

-Quarters 125-992 Alpha-

“Oh come on Kellen. I know you went home with him that night!”

Kellen Ereith buried his face in his hands and let out a deep sigh. “How many times do I have to tell you, I did not? He had been my freshman alpha quadrant sociology professor. That just would have been weird.”

Indira popped a Hekethme candy in her mouth. “Since when did weird ever stop you.” She said between chews. “Besides he was so your type: ten plus years older than you, tall, and long dark hair. You can't tell me you didn't at least think about it.”

Kellen slumped in his chair, a glow of irritation radiating from him. He wanted to argue with her but, damn it, she was right. He'd always had a type. Older, taller, dark hair, usually long. Still, he was being truthful in that he didn't go home with anyone that night. Yes, he was a little more liberal in that department than some of his friend group but that didn't mean he followed everyone home; it just meant he followed most everyone home. He didn't ever feel ashamed of it, especially considering it was pretty socially acceptable these days, and he never flaunted it. He also had lines he would not cross and it turned out that professors, even former ones, were part of that line.

“I'm done with this conversation.” He walked over to the bed and flopped down. “Don't you have to depart on the Ohio at like 06:00? I feel like you should be sleeping right now.”

The Orion women shrugged. “I'm just a second shift science officer; I can survive being a little tired. Not like I have to fly a giant starship, Mr. Flyboy.”

Kellen rolled his eyes but the beep of the door chime interrupted anything he was going to say. He stood with a grunt and walked over to the door, pressing the button to open it.

The doors swished open to reveal a very tall Trill, PADD in hand, standing in the hallway. Kellen felt a flush cross his cheeks before composing himself. “Can I help you, sir?”

“Ensign Keller Ereth?” The Trill said simply.

Kellen nodded.

Demar stuck out a hand with a PADD. “I'm Commander Geden Demar. Emergency departure orders. Please review them privately 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Please prepare for departure at 05:30.” 

Confused beyond all measure, Kellen reached out and took the PADD. “Aye, sir. I'll be ready.”

Geden nodded and quickly turned around, walking away. As the doors shut Indira let out a low whistle. “That was a gorgeous man. Too bad he seems to have the personality of a toaster. Are you ‘not’ going to follow him home as well?”

Kellen glared at her. “He's my executive officer, you stem bolt. You can add that to the list of people I don't sleep with.”

She shrugged. “Your loss. Maybe. Again, seems like he has the personality of a toaster. Guess that doesn't matter if…”

“Shut. Up.”

-Quarters 223-111-beta-

The ocean waves had finally begun to calm. The meditation had gone on much longer than T'Keu was accustomed to. After the last career disruption on the Xerxes, she had found her mind troubled. Her intended career path was to already be in the position of executive officer on a cruiser. However, she now found herself posted to a small survey vessel that would likely stifle her ability to move up for 3 to 4 years. Despite her disagreement with the citation placed in her record by her previous Commanding Officer, she could not dwell on it; her increased meditation routine had done ample good. She had several more weeks before she would have to report to her posting, allowing her to spend more time calming her mind and completing overdue security training drills.

The chirp of the doorbell broke her concentration. She rose with a sigh that most people would mistake for irritation and walked over to the door. It slid open to reveal a tall Trill. She recognized him instantly as she had memorized most of the senior staff list. “Good evening Commander Demar. How may I assist you?”

Dear paused for a moment, slightly confused by her quick recognition despite the fact they had never met. “Lieutenant Commander T'Keu?"

“Yes Commander, that is I.”

He handed the PADD to the Vulcan. "Emergency departure orders. Please review them privately 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Please prepare for departure at 05:30.” 

T'Keu raised an eyebrow. “Yes, sir. I shall make ready for departure.”

Geden nodded and quickly turned around, walking away. T'Keu paused for a moment and decided that her first interaction with the executive officer had gone well. If he was always this to the point and efficient they would have little issue with one another.

-Quarters 553-2223-Baker-

“DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY!” The small Betazoid child ran into the view of the home viewer. “I made a new friend in school today and his name is Trex and he let me try his turda toot soup that his mama made and it was so good! I'm going to bring him a sweet cookie tomorrow!” With her statement done the young black-haired girl ran out of view.

Gavarin Brex chuckled softly as his wife came into view. “As you can see, she made a new friend. I talked to the teacher today and she seems to be settling in just fine. I figured she'd adapt pretty well but you can never tell with kids and new schools.”

Gabarin smiled warmly. He'd only been away from home for a few weeks but an ache had already settled deep in his chest; this posting was bound to last quite a while now that he was on the senior staff and it would be months before he was able to wrap his arms around his daughter and wife again. Lilma would turn 6 in a few short weeks and he wouldn't be there to see it. As the years went on it seemed he missed more and more events in the young girl's life and as much as that hurt, he knew he was doing the right thing. He'd come close to a (very) early retirement but then the attack on Mars happened. He'd be serving on one of the orbital platforms when it happened; he'd watched Mars burn as one of the responding starships managed to pluck him off the platform before it'd been destroyed. Starfleet didn't always make the right decision but in this extremely messy galaxy, it seemed like they were all that stood between chaos and what was right. It was a simplistic view, and he knew it, but to him, it gave him the reason for doing this: good people were needed in a galaxy gone upside down.

“I'm not surprised; she was always a little social butterfly.” A puzzled look crossed Gavarin's face. “I thought she hated turda soup? I thought she was going to have a heart attack the first time you have it to her?”

Venra shrugged. “It seems it's declious when someone else makes it but completely awful if your own mother makes it.” She looked over her shoulder to see if her daughter was in ear shot. “I'm just going to replicate the sweet cookie. The last thing I have time for is baking a dozen sweet cookies. Does that make me a bad mom? I feel like it should but I'm not all that concerned about it.”

Gavarin let out a barking laugh. “No, it does not make you a bad mom. It just means you are the wife of a Starfleet officer and a damn good one, if I say so myslef.”

“MOMMY!" Came the loud shreek of the smallest member of the Brex family. “You are late for bath time!”

He watched his wife sigh. “The day that girl decides she's fine with sonic showers is the day we're going to go to the fanciest restaurant we can find and celebrate.”

“I'll be on the first shuttle home when that happens, imzadi. Go take care of our little one and I'll try and call tomorrow while she's at school after my training.”

“I'm gonna hold you to that, imzadi.” The screen turned clear before sliding back into the desk. He leaned back and stretched out. He glanced at the time; it was still early enough to go for a walk in one of the arboretums. He only had a few weeks here so he might as well try and enjoy the starbase life.

As he stood up the door chime rang. He walked over and tapped the panel next to the door; the doors sliding open.

“Lieutenant Brex?” The Trill said simply.

“That would be me, the last I checked anyway.” The nervousness and uncomfortableness that was radiating off the Trill officer struck Gavarin like a brick.

Demar stuck out a hand with a PADD. “I'm Commander Geden Demar. Emergency departure orders. Please review them privately 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Please prepare for departure at 05:30.” 

He took the PADD from the other man. “Aye sir, I'll be ready. May I ask why we're leaving weeks ahead of schedule?”

Geden stood there for a moment. “The PADD will cover all the details.” before turning around and walking away.

“Well, ok then. Guess I'll have something to read on my walk.” He muttered under his breath.

-Quarters 988-2222-Delta-

V'Rel stretched out on the lounge chair, the Catian's tail casually laying at her side. She had managed to get Starfleet to approve several weeks of shore leave ahead of her next posting on the Amundsen. Most of the senior staff had been roped into some sort of training or technical testing while they awaited the ships arrival but she'd made the point that she'd been doing this for 20 some years and damn it, she didn't need training. Besides, she got this posting because she demanded a less crazy assignment. She didn't need some frontier ship that got shot at every damn day; a little scout ship with under 100 people that was supposed to run away when danger presented itself was perfect. 

The door chime interrupted her quiet time. “A couple weeks of quiet is all I asked for.” She muttered as the door opened. “Can I help you?”

The Trill as her door appeared taken back. “Are you Commander V'Rel?”

She looked down, patting her sides for dramatic effect. “Pretty sure I am. If not, I broke into someone quarters and took all their clothes.”

Geden cocked an eyebrow. “Very well.” Demar stuck out a hand with a PADD. “I'm Commander Geden Demar. Emergency departure orders. Please review them privately 60 minutes before scheduled departure. Please prepare for departure at 05:30.” 

V'Rel snatched the PADD out of his hand, looking over the info currently on the screen as Demar turned to walked away. “Hold up there pretty boy. What is this?" She followed him out into the hallway. "Starfleet allowed me weeks of personal time. I'm not getting up at 5:30 for anything.”

Geden paused, turning back around. “Excuse me?”

“Shoreleave.” She said, following him and waving the PADD around. “I've got weeks of it, so find another doctor.”

Geden huffed. “Well then, doctor, I'll be sure to give the Dominion a call and let them know they need to hald their aggressive actions so that we can take the time to locate a less cantankerous doctor.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Oh no, no, no. I asked for a less demanding assignment. I don't do running around treated polaron weapon wounds anymore. If that's what this PADD orders me to do then I'm going to shove it somewhere. I'm a doctor, I know how to do that and not kill you.”

Geden took a few steps forward. “Doctor, if you want to do that, I would appreciate a good steak dinner first. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow morning.”

Her eye narrowed further to tiny golden slits. “I like you. I'll be there.” With that, she stalked back into her room.

Geden let out a shaky sigh. Her profile had mention that while she was brilliant medically and was loved by all of her commanding officers, she had been getting a little more cranky as the years wore on. He couldn't blame her; he wasn't the most jolly person most days of the week anymore.

He stepped into the lift, enjoying the quiet hum of the lift. He'd managed to get everyone taken care of in short order. It was nerve wracking, to say the least, but he'd done it. Tomorrow would mark the start of a new challenge, a significantly more challenging one. Time would tell if they all stood ready to meet it.


  • Intros - and each of them radically different with each officer we meet - I love how our main character remains mostly placid, but everyone else is a little bit of good chaos in this story. It's also going to be interesting to see this ragtag group of personalities work together, given the last entrant in the story. I love how we get McCoy vibes, but she's her own person and personality. I'm excited to read this group is being shaken up and thrown into action. Our XO is also a bit rough around the edges, making me want to see how he learns and grows as he steps into the role and onto the ship. I envy how you got everything to connect smoothly!

    May 23, 2023