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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

With the emergence of the Lost Fleet, the Amundsen is pressed into service before her refit is complete to check on the status of 3 colonies in the Deneb sector.

Mission Description

For 11 months the Amundsen has sat in dry dock as she underwent a complete system overhaul. With 4 weeks left before launch, she is pressed into service due to the emergence of the Lost Fleet. The mission is simple: check on 3 small colonies on the Deneb sector that have gone dark, assist if able, and report back to Forth Fleet Command about Dominion and Breen movements in the systems. As a Rhode Island class scout, she has the speed and sensor ability to get the job done quickly and the firepower to get out of trouble if she finds it. However the ship is still in pieces, her crew is scattered and barely familiar with each other and 5 haunting words hang over the head of Captain Myers: ‘Trust only the Fourth Fleet.

What they find with either bond the crew together in a trial by fire or tear apart everything.

About the Mission

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20 October 2023

So It Begins & So It Ends

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

Most of the senior staff had gathered in a medium-sized private room connected to berth 12; a wide window stretching across one side showed the 50 or so Starfleet officers milling about as they awaited the Amundesn's imminent arrival.  Commander Geden Demar glanced at the chronometer on the [...]

14 June 2023

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

-San Francisco Fleet Yards- The few remaining worker bees gracefully swept themselves away from the bow of the ship and she began to awaken after a very long slumber.  Below the ship’s bow, the deflector dish glowed a soft blue, steadily growing brighter as the warp core sent power flooding [...]

23 May 2023

The Gangs All Here (Kind of)

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

The room was small, stuffy, and outright unpleasant to be in. The token potted plant in the corner was alive by some miracle that Geden had yet to figure out. The desk was cramped and he could barely fit his long legs under it without knocking his knees against the underside. In the 9 days he had [...]

15 May 2023

Getting Ready

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

Lieutenant (J.G) Anderson glanced over the orders on the PADD for the third time, not quite sure if he was reading them correctly. CPO Westland had delivered them herself stating they were direct orders from the Captain and included a list of systems that were to take priority. He made his way over [...]