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USS Amundsen (NCC-84701)


Rhode Island-class • NCC-84701 • Task Force 72

This story is rated:

RPG Rating 2 1 2

(Roughly 16/17+ for violence and language)

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 1638
Executive Officer
ID: 1638
Chief Science Officer
ID: 1638
Chief Engineering Officer
ID: 1638
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
ID: 1638
Chief Helm Officer
ID: 1638
Chief Operations Officer
ID: 1638
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 1638
Captain's Yeoman
ID: 1638

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23 May 2023

The Gangs All Here (Kind of)

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

The room was small, stuffy, and outright unpleasant to be in. The token potted plant in the corner was alive by some miracle that Geden had yet to figure out. The desk was cramped and he could barely fit his long legs under it without knocking his knees against the underside. In the 9 days he had [...]

15 May 2023

Getting Ready

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

Lieutenant (J.G) Anderson glanced over the orders on the PADD for the third time, not quite sure if he was reading them correctly. CPO Westland had delivered them herself stating they were direct orders from the Captain and included a list of systems that were to take priority. He made his way over [...]

9 May 2023

We Ride at Midnight

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

Alex let out a soft sigh as he clasped the top of his teal uniform together. He had retired to his quarters hours ago after he spent most of the day in the astrometric lab trying to get the port sensor pallet calibrated. He’d been attempting to tackle it for last 3 weeks but every day there was [...]

7 May 2023

It All Starts Somewhere

USS Amundsen: The Little Things You Do Together

Friday nights had always been busy at Acquerello’s restaurant but tonight seemed exceptionally busy. The restaurant was a favorite of many Starfleet officers, especially command officers, and Clara always made sure to visit at least once when she was in San Francisco. She gazed over the menu, [...]