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Part of USS Jaxartes: Into the fray and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Part B: A Little Boost!

March 2401 Mission Day 2
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It had only been two hours since Jason Devron had received the first of two messages.  The first had been simple and brief.  Himself and Lyanna Stuart where both receiving ‘Emergency Field Promotions’ as it had put it.  As a Lieutenant Junior Grade, he now possessed the authority necessary to read the second encrypted coded message.  However due to the sabotage and then destruction of Com-Sat 04-100-3B, he was already four days late in receiving this message.

Even had they got it on time, Jason couldn’t see how they could possibly reach the Deneb Sector with any remote chance of helping the fleet.  Much larger and faster vessels than this Raven class Corvette could cover the distance infinitely faster.  He paced from one side of the bridge to the other and back again, several times just muttering to himself.  He was still in his Ensigns uniform only with the addition of his new rank insignia setting him apart from everyone else on the bridge.

Salvation however came from an unlikely source and when he heard it he clutched Doctor Phoebe Andrianakis by both arms just above the elbows. “Doctor I could kiss you.” He exclaimed, grabbing the attention of everyone else. “You are the most wonderful woman I know.”

“All I said was the warp section of the Atragon was probably still in orbit and I know the recall code.” She replied looking flustered at Devron’s sudden outburst.

“Then please instruct Ensign Cho how to make contact, if you will.” Jason let go of the doctor’s arms allowing her to take a few steps closer to the young Korean communications officer.

“Open civilian com channel 28.” Phoebe told Cho. “Then send Hotel Juliet Nine Zero Nine Execute.”


Time dragged once more, but due to their close proximity in was only a little over an hour before a pair of warp nacelles attached to a small pod housing the warp core dropped into view right above them.

“I never got chance to ask Hachiro how be managed to get hold of these in the first place.” Jason mused from his captain’s chair.

“Part of an experimentally project.” Phoebe answered him. “His hope was to one day having these things rescue damaged ships or move those without warp capabilities over vast distances without the need to build all new ships.”

“A remarkable man.” Devron sighed. “Now Mister Harris as much as I believe in you flying abilities I’d rather have Lieutenant Stuart deal with the docking manoeuvres.”

“Aye captain. Your probably wise there.” Replied the New Zealander.  He got out of the navigation seat as Lyanna entered the bridge wearing her newly replicated black and yellow star fleet uniform having just been summoned.  She sat down in the newly vacated seat and logged herself in.  The computer chirped accepting the code and making any adjustments to her own preferences.

With instructions from her captain and the occasional prompt from the doctor regarding final positioning Stuart used the ships RC thrusters brought the Jaxartes into position.  There was a slight shudder as the uppermost part of Jaxartes hull made contact with the flat lower section of the pod then the sound of magnets locks from the pod engaging.

Another half hour was spent liaising with Lyambo in engineering and convincing the computer on board ship to work with that of the pod.  Eventually the two systems agreed to co-operate and work as one.

“Engineering to bridge.  All systems are reading green across the board.” Came Dinari’s cheerful voice.

“Confirmed Engineering. We are good to go.” Devro had one hand on the back of Stuarts chair. “Nice and steady give me warp 3 on the pods engines.”

“Aye captain warp 3.”


The USS Jaxartes with her temporary new addition built up speed.  Warp 8 was soon reached and pasted; then came 9; point one, point two and three.  Down in engineering Lyambo and Turf monitored the progress of the pods core and engine along with everything on board the ship.  At 9.4 alarms started blaring registering a problem with the ships inertial dampeners which had never been designed to handle these sorts of speeds.  Between them they were able to adjust the settings, but it would mean everyone would be feeling slightly heavier for the next few days.  The final figure steadied at Warp 9.547, blinking a reassuring green on the main consul.

She’d be late for the fight that was clear, but despite being out beyond a vast majority of the 4th fleet and further away than any other of her sister Raven’s; thanks to the brilliant engineering mind of one man, the USS Jaxartes wouldn’t be the last to join the fray.

And for one young star fleet officer this would be his chance to face the very enemy who’d help start the war that had killed his mother’s sister all those years ago.  A women like countless thousands taken before their time.  He could picture her face from the many holo-vids growing up with his mother; he’d seen them often enough.

The forces of the Dominion had better watch out; because he was coming for them, and coming fast!


  • Awesome imagery of those nacelles just arriving in front of the ship. Love the inventiveness here, and that section about convincing the two computer systems to work with each other was perfect! And then a little hint of backstory spurring our captain on there. Looking forward to reading more!

    May 23, 2023