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Profile Overview

Lyanna Stuart

Human / Orion Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Stuart


USS Jaxartes


Lyanna Jolel Stuart


New Athens, Alpha Centauri


Lyanna Stuart is the youngest child of Luna and Donald Stuart.  She has one brother David 6 years older who unlike her and their mother shows no sign of their Orion heritage.

Her grandmother Moyaln was born a slave on the Orion planet of Kolar.  Serving as a cleaner for a local land owner, before being sold to a trader from Earth by the name of Allister Taggart the then owner of the ‘Spirit of the Loch’.  Not long after he offered the Orion woman her freedom, and later they married.  They had a daughter Luna who stayed with them on ship later herself marrying one of the crew Donald Stuart who took over as captain in 2376.

Like her mother Lyanna has become a very skilled ships pilot.  Her dream is to one day be at the helm of one of Star Fleets finest.


One quarter Orion, Lyanna is 1.65m tall, slender. Pale slightly green tinted skin.  Slim angular face with small nose and emerald green eyes.  Hair jet black, usually in a pony tail to just below the shoulders.


The slight Scottish accent coming from the lips of someone that looks to be an Orion female probably throws a lot of people when they first hear Lyanna speak. Bubble and fun loving, but with a determined attitude when comes to her work.   An ability to drive or fly almost any vehicle or craft she’s ever laid her hands on.


Born on Alpha Centauri in the City of New Athens after her father made an emergency stop there to seek medical attention for his pregnant wife.

Lyanna would spend the next 14 years onboard her fathers Clyde Class medium freighter the ‘Spirit of the Loch’.  Where by the age of just 9 she’d learnt to operate the ships own ‘Yarrow’ heavy forklift loader and could pilot the freighter itself by 11.

Applied to join the academy after seeing the Sovereign class starship USS Majestic.

Attended Star Fleet Academy at Mellstoxx III from March 2396.

1st Year    Helm / Navigation

2nd Year  Helm / Navigation

3rd Year   Helm / Navigation / Stella Cartography

4th Year   Helm / Navigation / Stella Cartography

Also including Survival training on Mellstoxx IV & Auxiliary Shuttle Pilot – Starbase Bravo

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 Helm/Conn USS Jaxartes
2401 - Present Helm/Conn USS Jaxartes
Lieutenant Junior Grade