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Profile Overview

Chad Harris

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Harris


USS Jaxartes


Charles Thomas Harris

1st June 2380

Rolleston, New Zealand


High School Rugby player in New Zealand and later Starfleet Academy wrestler.


Height: 1.70m , well built muscular.

Weight: 63.4kg

Golden hair


Out going and friendly.  Loves to drink and party,  but knows his own limits.  And whilst others may look worse for wear the following morning Chad will be ready for action as if nothing had happened.



Born to Thomas and Mary Harris in Rolleston situated just south of Christchurch in New Zealand.  Has one brother; Martin who is eight years his junior.

Chad as he much prefers to be called by anyone that knows him grew up with a love of two things; rugby and space.  He placed the sport at high school and later at college, but after realizing at this point he’d probably never make it into the top flight of rugby; opted to join Starfleet.

His keen sense of special awareness and swift reactions led to the assessors suggesting he’d make a good helmsman.  During his time in the Academy he joined the Wrestling team, which is where he first crossed paths with Jason Devron.  The two of them sparing together on several occasions; but never competitively against each other.

Chad had spent three months aboard the training vessel USS Exeter along side Jason as part of the bridge crew, prior to his transfer aboard the USS Jaxartes.

1st Year    Helm / Navigation

2nd Year  Helm / Navigation

3rd Year   Helm / Navigation / Wrestling Team

4th Year   Helm / Navigation / Wrestling Team/ USS Exeter