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Plan B 2.0

February 2401
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Federation Embassy

“Someone is coming.  Two for sure, but probably three.”

Iziraa followed Hok’s gaze, her antennae leaning forward.

“They’re around the corner to the left.  We need to tell Commander Allen.”  Hok hurried back to the comm center.  After a few seconds, Iziraa went with him.

“Sir, several people are coming this way, probably B’Qali.  They’ll be here in minutes,” said Hok.

Allen frowned.  “How much longer until you’re finished, Nick.”

“I’m almost there, but we still need for the Ym’ruxin to call the Eagle, and for us to tap into their signal.  We’re going to be here for a while.”

“Sir, if we shut off our lights, hide, and keep quiet, maybe they’ll pass by,” said Iziraa.

“And maybe they won’t,” said Saunders.  “We don’t know why they’re here.”

Hok set his phaser and tricorder on a desk and grabbed Nick’s empty backpack.  He moved quickly towards the exit.

“Mister Hok?” said Allen.

“I’m saving the day.”  Hok chuckled and rushed back into the corridor.

“Should I go after him?” said Iziraa.

“No.  Set up a position here,” said Allen.  “I think I know what Hok is doing.”


Hok found a door with a name plate on it, someone’s office.  Using all his strength, he slid the door open enough to slip inside.  With his flashlight on, he began searching the room.  Finding two PADDs and some knick-knacks on a shelf, he put them in the backpack.

“You there!  What are you doing?”

Hok turned to the source of the stern voice.  Two B’Qali were in the doorway, with a third in the corridor.  All had weapons drawn.

“Ah, friends!  I’m here to retrieve some of my belongings.”  Hok didn’t need to play up being nervous.

“Your belongings?”  The B’Qali laughed.  “You mean steal what you can before we throw your carcass off our world.”

“Steal is such a harsh word,” said Hok.  “Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”  Hok smiled.

“Whatever, Ferengi.  This embassy is Ym’ruxin property now.  I could shoot you where you stand.”

“There’s no need for that, friend.  I can put everything back.”  Hok flipped the backpack, spilling its meager contents onto a table.  “No harm done.”  He smiled.

The B’Qali whispered among themselves, though Hok could hear every word.

“Go with him.”  The leader pointed to the B’Qali in the corridor.  “You’ll be escorted to the spaceport and sent off world on the next available transport.  Count yourself lucky, Ferengi.”

“That’s generous of you, sir, but before I leave your beautiful planet, I need to return to my residence.  I have belongings.”

“You’re trying my patience.  Fine, you’ll be escorted out.  Go get your possessions.  Don’t take too long to leave safely.  That window won’t be open for long.”

Hok bowed.  “Thank you, sir.”

The two B’Qali in the office stepped aside, with Hok joining the third in the hallway.  Things didn’t go as planned, but at least he brought the B’Qali down to two instead of three.  He hoped he helped.  With one leading and two behind, Hok tried to think of something, anything.

After two, quick phaser shots and the loud thumping of two bodies hitting the hard floor, Hok’s security training kicked in.  Several well-placed punches and the three B’Qali were unconscious.

Hok nodded a thank you to Iziraa.

“I knew you couldn’t take all three.”  Iziraa chuckled.

“What happens now?” said Hok.

“We drag their bodies into an office and hope they aren’t missed for a long time,” said Iziraa.  “Or wake up.”

“I’ll keep an eye on them,” said Hok.  “I can also get back to searching for things to acquire.”

“Well, this is a Federation facility, so you’d be securing Federation property,” said Iziraa.  “I’ll update Allen.”

Hok watched Iziraa leave, wondering if she understood who he truly was and what he wanted.