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Profile Overview


Ferengi male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Hok


USS Eagle






Hok is a Ferengi male, 5′ 8″ and 160 pounds. He is age 30.

Father: Esh (deceased)
Mother: Jexa (comatose)
Brother: Shor (deceased)


Hok has orange-brown skin, long blue toenails and blue fingernails, an enlarged skull, a wrinkled nose, and sharp teeth. He is taller and heavier than the typical Ferengi.


Hok has a friendly and inquisitive personality. He works hard, studies frequently, but he makes time to be with people. Though in security, he’s always on the lookout for business opportunities.

Strengths: Enhanced hearing, observant, adept at reading people, clever, a math genius.

Weaknesses: Can be paranoid in new or unfamiliar situations or around people he doesn’t know. Does not easily trust people. He sometimes falls into a light form of depression because of his past.


Hok was born in 2370 on Ferenginar. Growing up, he studied and memorized the Rules of Acquisition, earning profit when he could. Being taller and heavier than average, at age 20, he got a job working private security. His goal was to one day open his own security company. During a business meeting with his family, his father said a lucrative opportunity was offered to them, but it meant working with the Orion Syndicate. Hok didn’t like the idea and after a heated argument, Hok stormed out, leaving his father and brother to their plan.

Six months later, Hok noticed his father and brother had become abnormally agitated. They had been earning profit, but something wasn’t right. Not long afterwards, on their way to meet with a Syndicate contact, the shuttle they were on crashed. Both father and brother were killed.

Hok and his mother were devastated. He knew working with the Syndicate was a bad idea.

A week after the funerals, Hok was on his way to visit his mother, when a large man dragged him into a dark alley, demanding he return the ‘item’. Hok protested, swearing he didn’t know what that was. After a few punches, he was warned to return it or things would get worse. Clearly his father and brother had crossed the Syndicate. A weak after that, Hok’s mother became ill, lapsing into a coma. Doctors couldn’t explain why. Adding more pain to an already terrible situation, Hok’s business license was revoked under trumped up charges. He was being followed by two men he didn’t know. With no other options, he used money he had hidden away to set up care for his mother. He fled his home, going to the only place he felt he might be safe. Earth.

Living on the Hewmon home world was an adjustment, but once Hok felt safe, he was able to find investors to help with an idea he had. Living in Louisiana, he opened a speakeasy in New Orleans. The nostalgic atmosphere and music made it so popular, Hok was able to repay his loans and begin earning a profit. When his life was turning to the good, he received a visitor one night after closing. An even larger man demanded the ‘item’. The Syndicate had found him. Two days later, the speakeasy caught fire and was heavily damaged, the fire suppression system mysteriously failing. Panicked and desperate, Hok did the only thing he could think of to try. He enlisted in Starfleet.

It was a difficult road, but after applying and testing, Hok was offered a place in Starfleet Academy. In the year 2396, at age 26, Hok started a path in life he would never have imagined taking.

Ambitions: Hok is a true Ferengi, always on the lookout for profit. He does want to do well in Starfleet, but over the long term, once his Orion Syndicate problem is resolved, he wants to go home again and be Ferengi.

Hobbies & Interests: Hok enjoys many kinds of recreation and socializing, but he’s always careful to be observant and vigilant. Holo adventure novels are a particular favorite.