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Part of USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

3 – Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Saratoga
January 2401
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It had been a few hours since the Saratoga began its journey towards Starbase 93, a few hours since Azras left the ship onboard the Oneida towards Trill. Things were pretty quiet throughout the ship as officers continued their duties. Shift change had just occurred, and most of the senior officers had left the bridge going their own way. T’Prel had decided to take the second shift while Deza had taken the morning shift as acting first officer while the captain was away.

Deza had made her way to her quarters to change out of her uniform, she probably was going to head to the Hillside Country Bar & Grill. Where she and a few of the senior staff members would hang out together. She needed to unwind, get things off her mind, and not have to worry about duty.

As Deza walked down the corridor that was filled with officers walking in either direction, “wait up.” Chon’al almost yelled running to catch up to her, she stopped walking and looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from. After catching up to her he stopped looking at her for a moment. “Where you off to?” He asked.

“To my quarters to change,” Deza replied as they began to walk.

He nodded as they continued to walk down the corridor, silence had filled the air between them for a moment. Chon’al wasn’t sure how to ask her out on a date, after the breakup between him and Captain Adams he wasn’t sure how to ask. Usually, he was blunter, flat-out asking instead of stumbling on asking. 

“Something on your mind?” Deza asked as she could tell something was on his mind.

Clearing his through, “I was wondering if you…um…wanted to go on a date?” Chon’al finally asked looking at her briefly before looking ahead, if it was possible he felt like his heart was about to rip right out of his chest.

Deza stopped and looked at him, silence had once again filled the air between them. She wasn’t sure how to answer that question, they had become closer over the past few months compared to when they first arrived on the Vesta together. She knew that he just went through a breakup when Makayla Adams had left the ship a little over a year ago, so she kept her distance. After a while longer she finally spoke up, “sure.” Deza replied, “what did you have in mind?” Deza asked as they continued their journey until she finally reached the door of her quarters.

“I was thinking the Hillside at first, though I am sure we will be bothered by others as I am sure that is where they are planning on hanging out.” Chon’al began, “so was thinking the holodeck where it be private and we won’t be bothered.” He replied looking at her as they stood at her door.

“Sounds good to me,” Deza said with a soft smile.

“Say in an hour or so in holodeck two?” Chon’al asked as it would give them plenty of time to get ready and for him to set up the holodeck.

“Sure,” Deza replied.

“Great, see you then,” Chon’al replied as he walked down the corridor towards his quarters while Deza stood there for a few moments looking after him. After a few moments, she entered her quarters and stood there as the doors closed for a few seconds. Thinking about what had just transpired, wondering if she was dreaming. Shaking her head she proceeded further into her quarters and began to get ready for her date.

Standing in her room looking through her clothes trying to find something to wear, she wasn’t sure what to wear for these kinds of events. She had never been on a date before, she was one to stick to herself for the most part. After spending what seemed like hours in reality, it was only a few moments before she finally settled on an outfit.

After getting ready she stood there in front of the mirror just looking at herself, she began to wonder if this was even a good idea. Maybe it was just nerves getting to her, anxiety started to set in a bit. She kept asking herself if she should just tell Chon’al she couldn’t make it, but another part of her kept fighting back saying go and enjoy the night.

She turned away from the mirror and began to just walk out of her quarters, so she wouldn’t talk herself out of going. The corridor was filled with officers walking in both directions going to their destinations, some would give her compliments as they passed. Deza smiled a bit before she reached the turbolift. “Holodeck 2,” she ordered as the lift doors closed shut behind her and began to move towards its destination.

A few minutes later she was standing at the entrance of the holodeck, standing there for a few moments noticing that it was in use. Which only meant that Chon’al was here, she wondered what he had in store for them. Taking a deep breath she opened the archway and walked threw the doors and was surprised by what she saw. It was as if she was transported back home on Bajor, looking around she saw he had picked Jalanda City. Deza was from Rakantha Province which was more of an agricultural area and was more farmland. It was a beautiful summer’s day, birds chirping in the distance, looking around it caused her to miss home as it had been so long since she has been on Bajor.

Walking down the path where she saw Chon’al standing just outside one of the local restaurants. Walking up to she gave him a soft smile, “seems someone has done their research.” Deza said looking at him, he was dressed in a nice outfit though nothing too formal.

“I did,” Chon’al replied with a smile. “I hope you like it?” He asked as they stood there.

“I do thank you,” Deza replied as they headed into the restaurant. Chon’al made it seem real with other Bajorans and tourists dining to not make things overly awkward with just being the two of them. It gave it a real taste of home, and even though it was only a holodeck he made it feel like they were there. They spent the rest of the evening chatting and eating, enjoying each other’s company.

“Where are Deza and Chon’al?” Ritru asked looking at the other two, “I thought they were going to join us tonight.” She added.

“Maybe they are on a date,” Dazra commented as she slammed down the shot she had in her hand. This suggestion had caused Odan to bust out laughing which in turn caused the other three to look at him wondering what was so funny. “What is so funny about that?” Dazra asked looking at Odan with a puzzled look.

“Seriously, you think that they would be going on a date? Last I knew he was seeing Captain Adams,” Odan replied not knowing that they had parted ways shortly after she had left the ship without much explanation.

Ritru didn’t say anything as she didn’t know this particular person that Odan had mentioned, Dazra and Jheria looked at each other for a brief second before looking back at Odan. “Apparently you hadn’t heard,” Jheria said which caused Odan to tilt his head in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Odan asked.

“Makayla ended their relationship shortly after she left the ship,” Dazra replied looking at him.

“Oh…” is all that Odan said almost looking embarrassed that he seemed to be the last to know. “Why do you think that they are on a date and just deciding not to join us tonight?” Odan then countered looking at Dazra.

Dazra shrugged, “oh no reason and it could be a possibility.” Dazra said looking briefly at Odan with a grin, though she knew that they were on a date as she happened to overhear them talking as she passed down the corridor where they were standing. Though she wouldn’t tell anyone their secret, if they wanted to share that be on them.

“They could have decided to stay in their quarters, things have been kind of hectic lately,” Dazra added as she swiveled her glass around, the ice hitting the sides of the glass as she did so.

“Is anyone going to the station once we reach Starbase 93?” Ritru asked changing the subject.

“I might visit to check out the different shops,” Odan replied.

“I have a friend who’s stationed there I am going to pay a visit,” Jheria replied with a smile.

“Probably not,” Dazra replied. “I haven’t decided,” she added with a shrug. “What about you?” She asked looking at Ritru.

“I think myself and T’Prel plan on visiting the station for a bit,” she responded.

They spent a few hours chatting and enjoying each other’s company before they would turn in for the night. They were scheduled to arrive at the Starbase in a few hours, though they would probably be fast asleep when the ship would dock at one of the drydocks. They would be within transporter range so they wouldn’t have to take shuttles if they wanted to visit the station.

The bridge was usually more lively than it was at that moment, silence had once again filled the room as there wasn’t much happening. It had been like that for the last couple of days as they slowly traveled, Nehi sat at her station though not finding much to do as nothing was coming in on sensors. Though they were in no condition to respond if there even was with the damage they sustained, they were already vulnerable enough.

C’Riia was sitting on the bridge to monitor the ship’s systems while they traveled though under normal circumstances they would have already arrived at the starbase. But due to the damage, they were only going warp five to not put unneeded pressure on the warp core. So far they haven’t had to drop out of warp or reduce speed, though she wasn’t going to let her guard down because things can change in a split second.

Damir Jahraus had been sitting at the science station, though not doing much of anything at the moment. He had nothing better to do in the science lab, so figured he might get some excitement from the bridge. Realizing that wasn’t the case he looked around the bridge as others just sat there either looking at their consoles or just staring at the empty viewscreen.

This seemed to go on for hours until the ship suddenly dropped out of warp just on the edge of the Devron system. “Sir, we have reached Devron Fleet Yards.” Came the voice of Lieutenant Rass to break the silence that had filled the room not that long ago.

“We are being instructed to head to drydock three,” Nehi replied as she was covering for Ritru’s position along with her own.

“Understood Rass bring us in,” T’Prel replied.

Rass tapped his controls and the ship slowly began to move towards drydock three, once in position the ship began to move slowly into the drydock. “We have finished docking procedures and mornings are in place,” Rass said.

“Power down all nonessential systems,” T’Prel replied as the ship began to power down. Looking over at Nehi, “send a message to all personnel that we have arrived at Starbase 93 and they are free to go to the station if they so please.” T’Prel said as Nehi nodded.

“You are all dismissed to enjoy some leave,” T’Prel ordered as the others nodded getting up from their chairs and heading off the bridge. Some of them would go get some rest before they would even think about going to the station. An engineering crew would be sent over in a few hours to begin repairs. T’Prel got up from her chair and headed into the observation lounge directly off the bridge to do some work before turning in for the night.


  • It's so unfamiliar to read the adventures of Saratoga without Azras. A promising opportunity, ultimately, to dive deeper into the rest of the ensemble. These inklings of a new romance between Choral and Deza make for a welcome surprise. I like the way you characterised Deza's uncertainty, second-guessing and, in the end, her openness to the new relationship. I'm so curious to read more about what their dynamic is like one-on-one.

    April 10, 2023
  • Echoing Andreus' thoughts, it truly is a different world and perspective with Azras being planetside. But the right people are in the right places to keep things trucking along nicely. I must say I did like and appreciate the effort Chon'al put into his holodeck program to ensure Deza was somewhere familiar and comfortable. Im glad she decided to follow through and not pull out last minute and it will be interesting to see how this develops over future chapters. Now lets hope everyone takes some well deserved R&R and enjoy the downtime while they have it. Once again you have smashed this one out of the park!!

    April 10, 2023