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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 3 – “Lost in Space”

More Than Watchers

USS Mercy
10.15.2400 0830
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Halsey stood in the middle of the bridge, his feet covering the United Federation of Planets logo that was inlaid on the floor.  The situation was unravelling slowly but surely – it was becoming clear that Captain Pottinger was up to something. What it was continued to be unclear.  He had ordered the bridge crew to review what they had been sent, what scans they could recover with the unique interference, and analyze the situation.  He turned to the officers, “You’ve looked at the data. You’ve read the reports they’ve sent up.  You listen to the uncut audio recording.  Thoughts?”

His wife had turned in her chair at the science station, “Something has occurred at the facility to require a transporter lockdown.  There’s a short list of the variables that would indicate the need for such precautions.” She turned her gaze to the others.

Sesias turned in his chair. “Captain, there are very few issues that would require a full transporter lockdown. The only one that comes to mind with the information we have would be a quarantine situation. If there is a chance that a contagious disease has been detected than the standard operating procedure would be to initiate a full transporter lock down. We need more information. “ he looked back at the main view screen. “Sir, didn’t that Ensign of hers stay behind? Could he know something? “

Egrel silently stood, hands clasped behind his back, dark eyes darting between everyone present. A small frown etched upon the Betazoid’s face, “I’ve looked and listened several times through. We are missing many pieces to this puzzle, if not a vast majority of them.” He didn’t know much about transporter operations procedures, feeling a bit useless himself on the matter.

Halsey thought for a moment, “What if we were to use the Mercy’s science equipment to…listen in to the various parts of the colony?  I know we’ve got some sensor issues, but I know this ship came equipped with some good monitoring equipment and that had to include some listening gear?”

Sesias started To type on the communications console. “yes sir. I believe I found something that might work with some adaptions. We don’t have a listening device in our systems per sey. Though what I found is a science system that allows one of the labs to listen to the noise that stellar phenomenon produce. I believe I can adapt it into something that may work, the system is already in place we just have to change what it listens for. I believe the communications lab will have what we need. “

Leopold turned to Choi, “Work with Sesias to get the equipment installed, configured, and ready.  I’ll keep S’Atilien on the bridge to monitor communications and coordinate with you once we’re set.”


Egrel lifted his brows slightly, a bit surprised to be tasked with such an endeavor. He nodded firmly, “Of course, sir, we will get right on it.”

”Follow me, sir, it shouldn’t take us that long to adapt the system, maybe an hour.”

“Ok, here’s the plan.” as they entered the communications lab. “We are going to adapt the system that the planetary studies lab uses to listen to solar and celestial winds and sounds. I believe we can turn it into a type of parabolic microphone. It will allow us to listen but it will have some limits.” he pointed Choi toward the central table console. “ can you bring up a link through that table for the comms console on the bridge?”

Choi and Sesias went to work, their hands moving quickly.  Time was of the essence.