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Profile Overview

Theodora Walker-Halsey

Human-Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Halsey


Head of Civilian Science Operations
USS Olympic (Archive)


Theodora Satak Walker-Halsey


Austin, Texas


A logical scientist who finds all aspects of the universe fascinating and interesting.  An innate instinct to question, examine, test, and theorize about the entirety of existence.  She is half Human and Half Vulcan.  She is 35 in 2400 and is married (2389) to Captain Leopold Halsey.



She was born on Earth and raised within a Human/Vulcan household.  She is more Vulcan in her emotional control, but her human side can be quite quirky and eccentric at times.  She is a fastidious scientist who asks why and how more than most.


Early Life (2365-2383)

Born to Patrick and Sawas Walker, she becomes a child of exploration early in life.  During her several Pon Farr experiences, she travels to Vulcan with her parents but does not find a bond mate.  It was a point of contention for Theodora and her family.  Her Vulcan name is Satak, but she does not accept the name or use it.  Throughout her secondary education, she becomes withdrawn and introspective while focusing on her first love – science and exploration.  In her junior year, she takes concurrent enrollment classes at the local University.  She graduates with an Associate in Sciences and Technology degree.  Her withdrawal from social life continues as she is approached by Starfleet Academy as a possible recruit for a science career during a job fair in the summer months of 2383.  Finding purpose in the materials, she applies and is accepted.  Her parents are shocked but encouraging.

Starfleet Academy(2383-2387)

Theodora finds her social butterfly status a struggle in her first three years at the academy.  She is an incredible student and a hard worker who climbs to the top of her classes academically but continues to struggle socially.  A chance meeting her senior year with a fellow Human-Vulcan shocks her system in that she discovers she is not alone in her experience.  A strong friendship developed with Suaya as they both begin to explore their experience and identity.  Theodora graduates at the top of her class.


She is assigned to Starbase 1 as a science officer in 2387.  In 2388 she meets Leopold Halsey, and they begin a relationship.  They marry in 2389.  She continues to serve on Starbase 1 with her husband.  In 2390 she follows her husband to the Olympic Class USS Polson as a science officer.  In 2393 she is promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer as well as Lieutenant.  In 2395, she returned to science officer on the USS Littleton with her husband.  She followed him to his command in 2400 aboard the USS Mercy.

USS Mercy(8.10.2400-11.2400)

She was assigned as a science officer on the USS Mercy on August 10, 2400.  She serves as interim science chief.  On October 13th, she resigned from Starfleet to become a civilian scientist onboard the USS Mercy. She followed her husband in November 2400 to assist in his professorship at Starfleet Academy.

USS Olympic (5.25.2401-Present)

She steps into the role of Head of Civilian Science Operations on 5.25.2401.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2387 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2387 - 2390 Science Officer Starbase 1
2390 - 2393 Science Officer USS Polson
2393 - 2395 Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Polson
2395 - 2400 Science Officer USS Littleton
2400 Science Officer USS Mercy
2400 - Present Civilian Scientist USS Mercy