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Profile Overview


Edosian male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Sesias


Chief Operations Officer/Tactical
USS Mercy



2373 December




roughly 253 pounds

rust colored skin that has a tendency to go more brown in tone depending on his mood.


Do not let his size and physicality fool you into perceiving him in the wrong way, though he has been known to use this to his advantage if and when it’s needed.

Friendly, open, loyal, honest, harsh/demanding but this in truth is his way of mentoring and pushing others to grow and challenge themselves, learns by reading and conducting research followed by actually getting his hands dirty, leads by example wouldn’t ask someone under him to do something that he himself is not willing to do or hasn’t already done, will ask for help or assistance from others if he does not know the answer understands that others have their strong points where his might be weak and is not afraid to admit it, believes in teamwork,


another hobby that he was introduced to during his time on earth at the academy is ball roller coaster machines. Has one in his quarters that he is constantly tinkering with.

due to him being an only child and the governmental policies on Edos concerning family size he has come to realize that children should be treasured and protected at all costs. will often on his off time volunteer in some capacity with children of various ages either on ship or when he could at the academy, often as a big brother type figure or as an aide to teachers.


degree in Systems Science working on a masters through star fleet academy

was trained in holographic operations on his first ship  and developed it into an ongoing hobby of sorts has been working on an idea for holographic pets or holographic support animals.