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Profile Overview

Egrel Choi

Betazoid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Choi


Chief Counseling Officer
USS Mercy


Egrel Choi

2340, June 21



A remarkably quiet and stern Betazoid counselor. He is a workaholic of a man and has a past extending to the Dominion War.


Egrel is a tall Betazoid of average build. He has unusually blonde hair for a Betazoid that curls a bit and he wears down past his shoulders when off duty. When he is on duty, he wears it in a bun or ponytail. He has a neatly trimmed beard. He is a rather stern looking man, very seldom smiling or showing any emotion. He often looks rather spaced out and not entirely present until spoken to.


Egrel can come across as rather apathetic at first, more often than not he is blocking his ability to read others. He is incredibly stern and professional when on duty, seeming to know the needs of his crewmates and putting them as priority. Off duty, he seems rather distant and quiet. He goes out of his way to tend to peoples needs and makes sure they are comfortable. He is very seldom seen off duty and seems to be a severe workaholic.


Egrel was born and raised the single child of two grain farmers on Betazed. He was quite content working with the earth outdoors. He met and fell in love with an artist and the two were destined to be married. The Dominion war swept in and hit Betazed. Egrel at first joined a small resistance fighting group in an attempt to take back Betazed with his betrothed. They quickly found themselves either getting killed off or all captured by the Dominion.

Experiments were performed on the young Betazoids due to their telepathy. It was there that Egrel’s betrothed perished. Overcome by grief and anger, Egrel telepathically lashed out and started to kill off their captors with his mind, inspiring some others to do the same. Those that survived were found by Starfleet and quickly went into rehabilitation.

Egrel was inspired by his rescue by Starfleet to join them in the medical department when he was released from rehabilitation. At first, he wanted to be a neurosurgeon. After his first year at teh Academy, he relaised it was not what he wanted to do and quickly switched to counselling, finding he has a natural knack for helping people psychologically.

During the course of his Starfleet career, he has gained and lost a total of five partners in five years. That paired with the PTSD of the Dominion war has left deep scars in the Betazoid’s mental health. He throws himself deep and almost recklessly into his work to avoid from being tempted by his age old vice of alcohol.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2380 - 2384 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2384 - 2389 Counselor USS Cavalier
2389 - 2394 Counselor USS Cavalier
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2394 - 2400 Counselor USS Cavalier
2400 - Present Chief Counselor USS Mercy