Part of USS Mackenzie: Mission 3 – Island of the Damned (IOTD)

IOTD 014 – The Unsettling

12.27.2400 @ 2000
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Hasara worked on the final list of reports that had come while keeping an eye on the Starfleet officer assigned to him.  She was called ‘Fowler,’ and her rank was lieutenant.  She was a quiet officer and had been silent since they'd started working an hour ago.  Her eyes told more than her lips ever did, he thought.  The growing list of what had been found on the remaining levels and areas was starting to clarify the picture from the Gul's perspective.  He wondered if Lieutenant Fowler was starting to understand what The Island was.

Sadie scrolled through the various reports and added them to the larger report she would file with the captain.  A curious pattern was forming with the recent explorations.  The teams found science labs of all types and storage units that suggested testing or growing operations.  The reports each confirmed they had asked Sokassia and he had either ignored them or told them they were mistaken in what they had found.  She leaned back in the chair, “Gul, I think Sokassia's lying to us.”

He replied, “Vulcans don't lie, Lieutenant.”

She observed dryly, “He's not Vulcan.  He's Vulcansah…and a hologram of one.  I think we have to  start assuming this isn't just a prison.”  She scrolled through her PADD and remarked on the laboratories.  “I think this place was used for experiments of some kind.  The equipment our teams cataloged and examined… isn't normal medical diagnostic stuff…this is higher level systems designed for bigger jobs than just a scan or two.”

Hasara gave her a nod, “I wondered when you would begin to see it.  There's something else you've missed.”  He scrolled through his own device until he found it, “Specimen 320.  Found behind several secured doors on the bottom level.”

She scrolled through the reports until she found what he was referencing.  She frowned as she read through the details several times.  “I don't know…wait.”  She looked at the images that had been captured during the search.  “That's…that's an El Aurian.”

Hasara gave a quiet nod, “…and if you think this place has been around for as long as it has…you have to wonder how long he's been around.”  He leaned forward, “I know you'll have to ask your captain…but I think we need to wake him up.  He may have an idea on how to deal with our hologram.”

Fowler countered, “He may also be a genocidal madman who would just as soon kill both of us in order to get out of this prison.”

The Gul grinned, “He sounds like a Cardassian.  I like him already.”  Fowler groaned as she tapped her badge.


“You have a name?”  Captain Harris stood on the bridge of the Mackenzie, the Gul, and Fowler on the screen.

Hasara tapped at his device, “We do, Captain. Henry Wyatt.”  Harris motioned to Atega at communications to start the search.  “We've completed a few more scans, albeit with Lieutenant Fowler's protests.”  The CO glanced up and caught the eye of the Chief Science Officer on the screen.

She sighed and glared at Hasara who impishly grinned.  “Sir, we don't know who this man is.  I'm sure we'll turn up some records in our systems, but there is no guarantee that any of it is truthful.  Given the nature of this place, I'm not sure this is a good choice.”

Ambrose considered her protest, “I can understand your concerns, Fowler…but generally, El Aurians have been peaceful watchers and listeners.”

She admitted, “Yes, sir.  But there have been examples of some of them going rogue and causing trouble enough to warrant some concern.  We've already nearly gotten ambushed by a mirror universe crew.”

Harris replied, “If we do this, we'll ensure a full security detail is assigned to the process.”  He turned as Atega spoke up from her station that she had some records.  “Go ahead.”

She scrolled as she read, “Henry Wyatt.  Alleged to have been born in 1800.  He's been in and out of historical events.  He was a Master Chief officer, but records are spotty.”  She tapped at her console, “He's still wanted for the theft of a Starfleet shuttle in 2290.  That's where his file ends.”

Harris mused, “600 years old.  Plenty of stories to be had in that time.  The problem is…what brought him to The Island in the first place?  I don't think a 2290's era shuttle would have survived the trip through the Badlands.”

Hasara appeared to contemplate that question as he posited, “There are two mirror universe shipwrecks here.  He could have become involved with them.”  He turned to an unamused Fowler, “You wanted a theory, Lieutenant.  As for why he was separate from the crews themselves, I haven't the faintest clue why.”

Fowler was ready to rebuke the Cardassian with some colorful language, but she paused and snapped her fingers, “The clue is the labs.  The Vulcansah are starting to look more and more like mad scientists than actual prison guards.  Wyatt would have represented a significant resource to them for all kinds of testing. They'd want to keep him separate and secured for future work.”

Ambrose paced the bridge as they spoke, and suddenly he realized what had been bothering him.  “Why aren't they testing now?  What stopped them?  Why do they keep this place online?”

Hasara raised his eyebrows and scoffed, “I…that is an excellent question, Captain.  The labs were reported to have not seen recent use.”  He turned to Fowler as if to ask a question and then turned back to the screen, “I have my suspicions about Sokassia, Captain.  I'd like your permission to enlist Lieutenant Fowler's help as well as Chief Kondo's.”

Harris glanced at Sadie on the screen, and she pursed her lips in thought before she sighed heavily, “I'm at a loss, sir.  As much as I hate saying it, Gul Hasara has a point.”  He beamed with a broad smile at her words, and she scowled at him as she continued, “We need to understand this place better, and we're only getting so far bumping around in the dark with our tricorders.”  She continued to scowl at the Cardassian, “I won't agree to this without Chief Kondo and a full team.”

Hasara put his hands up in mock surrender, “I am agreeable to the Lieutenant's requirements.  I simply wish to get to the truth.”

Ambrose let out a dry chuckle, “Well, we're going to find out what is going on - one way or another.  Fowler - get Chief Kondo and a team assigned to you.  Bring engineering and science with you.  Keep us updated.”  The two on the screen nodded as the channel cut.  Harris turned to the bridge, “Let's make sure we're ready for whatever Sokassia does if things get sticky.  Transporter locks, rescue shuttles…full possible responses at the ready. Trust is at a premium right now."  The bridge crew went to work.



  • The plot thickens! Who is Wyatt? What’s he doing there? I’m really liking the way you’re weaving all these threads together and not yet answering anything, just adding another mystery as we see more of the crew. Very nice!

    January 30, 2023