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Part of USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Chapter 2 – Particulars and Promotions

Starbase 93
Jan 2401
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The Corax drew closer to Starbase 93 before they caught the attention of the base. “This is Starbase 93 Flight Control to USS Corax, we have you on sensors.”

Starbase 93, this is Captain Suin requesting permission to dock under priority orders.” Aris replied once the commlink was established.

“Acknowledged, Captain. You have been cleared to dock at Docking Bay 6. Regulations dictate thruster power only in the vicinity of Starbase. Welcome home.” Flight Control replied, closing the channel.

Settling back in his chair, Aris opened a ship wide channel. “All hands, this is the captain. Once we have completed docking, please report to my ready room. That includes you as well Mr. Andrews. Repeat, all hands please report to my ready room once docking procedures have been completed.”

Closing the channel, Aris got to his feet and nodded to his two bridge crew. “I’ll be in my ready room, please report as soon as we have docked.”

Reading over the reports provided by the Commodore, Aris felt the ship around him come to a halt and power down. A few short moments later he heard his door chime.

“Enter.” Aris called as Emma, T’Keterk and Damien filed in. Emma and Damien taking the two chairs and T’Keterk standing near the wall.

“Thank you everyone.” Aris spoke once everyone was situated. “Can I get any refreshments?”

Hearing no affirmatives Aris pressed on. “I have just received priority orders from Command.” Activating the holographic projector, he continued. “There has been an outbreak of Terrellian Plague among the Independent Romulan Factions since the dissolution of the Romulan Star Empire. Many of these worlds do not yet have sufficient infrastructure and medical equipment to deal with this outbreak, thus a formal request for assistance has been received by the Federation”

Around the room, Aris could see everyone nodding along as they took in the information.

“Captain, if I may?” T’Keterk spoke up from his position. Aris nodded, allowing the Vulcan time to finish his query.

“What of the local population in the area? Do we anticipate any resistance to our presence?”

“Negative, Lieutenant.” Aris replied. All major powers in the region have been made aware of the aid request.”

“However.” Aris continued. “The Federation was not the only organization that has responded. We have been made aware the Fenris Rangers are also actively responding to this crisis.”

Satisfied with the response, T’Keterk relaxed somewhat for the briefing to continue.

“How widespread are these outbreaks occurring?” Damien asked.

“Reports are coming in regularly of more world’s registering infections. Indications show it is developing to epidemic proportions but without immediate intervention this could turn into a fully fledged pandemic.”

“What are our immediate goals, Captain?” Emma questioned. “Considering we don’t have any permanent medical staff or science crew.”

Nodding to the junior Ensign, Aris got to his feet. “Emma’s question actually segues nicely into the next item on the agenda. Grabbing the padd in front of him, Aris turned to face his crew. “As we are heading into a disease outbreak Starfleet Command has put in a transfer order. We will be taking a new Chief Medical Officer on board as part of this resupply to supplement the EMH already installed.”

Taking a breath, Aris carried on. “In that vein, I do have some announcements to make. Firstly, Mr Andrew’s your trip home has been delayed for a while. I have been authorized to inform that you have been granted a provisional commission for the duration of this deployment. You will remain unranked at this stage but will have your clearances elevated to that of a junior officer. Congratulations Officer Andrews.”

There was a smattering of polite applause before Aris turned to his engineer. “Lieutenant T’Keterk it is also my honor to advise from this point on you have been granted a field promotion to Chief Engineer with all rights and privileges afforded to the position.”

T’Keterk simply bowed his head slightly in acknowledgment.

“And Emma, although only a fresh graduate out of the Academy, I am sorry to say I am unable to offer the same, although if its any consolation, I have made special mention of your acknowledgments in the Delta Quadrant in my reports to Command. Your skill at navigating the completely unfamiliar Delta Quadrant, calculating the safest routes and that amazing bit of flying when were under the influence of the Pitcher Plant has a few people rather interested back home.” Emma blushed slightly at Aris’ words, but it was soon clear he wasn’t done. “The theories postulated around our modified Picard Maneuver may have some practical effects, although purely theoretical at this point. It is with this in mind, I’m happy to report your training cruise has been completed.”

Although Emma was excited about the news, she couldn’t help but feel slightly put out that her time with the Corax might be coming to an end. She had grown accustomed to her space family and wasn’t quite ready to leave them just yet, no matter how selfish it may have sounded. “Does this mean I am up for reassignment, Sir?” Emma asked.

“Well that depends on you.” Aris replied. “I have submitted a formal request to have your assignment on the Corax be made permanent.”

“I would be honoured to accept.” Emma replied adding her authorization to the transfer orders.

“Wonderful.” Aris replied clapping his hands together. “With all that out of the way, we do still have a job to do. ”T’Keterk and Emma, can you please oversee the cargo transfer and keep an eye out for our new Chief Medical Officer. Notify me once she is on board and direct her to my ready room.”

“Yes, Sir.” both officers replied.

“Damien, we have two well equipped labs on board. They are free for you to utilise in the manner you see fit. Please make any preparations you feel are needed. I want us ready to depart as soon as the cargo transfer is completed.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Captain.” Damien was quick to respond.

Looking around the room, Aris was quite pleased to have his crew with him for this mission and knew whole-heartedly they would rise to the occasion admirably.

“Did anyone have anything further to add, or any questions?” Aris asked.

With no one breaking the silence, Aris drew attention back to himself. “I want to thank you all for your time today. You are all dismissed.”

As the crew filed out of the ready room to attend to their respective orders, Aris reached for another padd. This one detailing his soon to be Chief Medical Officer.


  • Well, the adventure is just about to begin for the crew of the Corax, it's nice to see some new crew joining the mix even if one is just temporary. Though I do hope he becomes more permanent down the road. I wonder if the Corax will run into the Fenris Rangers? Great work on your second story can't wait for whats going to come next!

    January 12, 2023