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USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

The Corax has been recalled to Starbase 93 for for a priority mission order to help quell a disease outbreak

Mission Description

The Corax has been recalled to Starbase 93 for for a priority mission order. Some independent worlds following the fall of the Romulan Star Empire have started reporting outbreaks of Terrellian Plague, many of these worlds potentially lacking adequate medical equipment, medications or reliable food and water. Starfleet has formally responded to requests for assistance assigning Task Force 93 to spearhead the operation.

After a brief resupply at Starbase 93 to take on additional equipment and supplies before turning in the direction of the Federation border, the USS Corax has been dispatched to a recently established colony to offer any assistance possible in helping the inhabitants make it through this outbreak.

About the Mission

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24 March 2023

Chapter 13 - There Has Been A Change

USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Aris found himself once again ensconced in his ready room after a quick meal with Damien. He found the encounter pleasant enough, the conversation coming easily, but altogether too brief. Quietly hoping it wouldn’t be the last time, Aris returned his focus to his paperwork. He was overall pleased [...]

24 March 2023

Chapter 12 - Science Officers Log

USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Slightly breathless from hurrying back to the Lab after his encounter with the Captain, Damien made directly for the attached office. Taking a seat behind the desk, he inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled. He couldn’t help but smile as he did so. Today was certainly going in his favour. “Computer, [...]

11 March 2023

Chapter 11 - Engineering Efficiently

USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

The turbolift doors slid open with a faint hiss, depositing T’Keterk near Engineering. They were a few short days from their arrival at the border of the old Romulan Neutral Zone. While Emma got them to their destination was the perfect time to run some additional diagnostics while the ships [...]

6 March 2023

Chapter 10 - Medical Matters

USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Nora could be found seated in her office demolishing a snack awaiting the latest reports from Proto II. Nora hated going into a situation without having the most current information available. After a short wait, her terminal beeped, notifying her the updated information from the Captain had been [...]