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Damien Andrews

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address



Provisional Science Officer
USS Echelon (Archive)


Damien Lee Andrews


Earth, Sol System


Damien started his career as an enlisted officer serving within the Sciences and Research division of Starfleet. More at home on planetary surfaces or in a lab surrounded by equipment, Damien was not ready for the events that would unfold as he began his career. The proliferation of a phenomena known as Blood Dilithium had him sent to the Delta Quadrant to learn as much as he could about this peculiar kind of crystal. When the planet he was surveying was forcibly overrun by mercenaries, Damien found himself isolated on a planet now home to refugees as a direct result of the mercenary insurgence. Not knowing if he would ever see Federation space again, the arrival of the USS Corax and it’s captain Aris Suin provided him a much needed lifeline. As a direct result of his first-hand knowledge and background in Sciences, Damien was offered a provisional posting to the USS Corax on request of Captain Suin to further his career and experiences


Damien stands at 5’11” and is of average build. He keeps his brown hair relatively short with little styling. He can normally be found in uniform, but is partial to a comfortable shirt and pants when off the clock. He has slightly angular facial features and likes to keep himself clean-shaven and tidy.


Damien can appear to be withdrawn to those who don’t know him, but this persona hides the fact he is able to integrate himself into many different situations and social circles and act like he belongs. He’s not one to talk too much, but will offer his thoughts and observations when he feels the timing is right. Damien is one to do his utmost to prove peoples faith in him is deserved. Damien also identifies with the LGBTQ+ community but has had trouble finding that certain someone due to the nature of his job. That has never disheartened him from seeking out Mr. Right but the tide may soon be turning in his favor.


USS Corax (2400 – 2401)

Blood Dilithium Campaign

In the later months of 2400, Damien found himself on board the USS Corax on a supply mission to aid some refugees who had been annexed from their homeworld. In the resulting exodus from the planet, he got separated from the rest of his research team with no way of knowing if anyone got out. It was a dark time for him not knowing if someone knew where he was or if rescue was an option at all. They had all received the same briefing regarding the approximate timing of the Barzan Wormhole. He knew it was entirely chance and luck that the Corax arrived when it did.

Upon his rescue and return to Federation space, Damien thought he would be debriefed and able to return to his superiors, but that was not the case. Upon arrival to Starbase 93, Damien was offered a field commission to serve as Science Officer with a view to enlist upon evaluation of his abilities and performance as they battle a disease outbreak in the tattered remains of the Romulan Star Empire.

USS Auckland (2401 – Present)

The Terrellian Plague

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - 2401 Civilian Passenger USS Corax
2401 Provisional Science Officer USS Corax
2401 - Present Provisional Science Officer USS Auckland