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Part of USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

Breaking the ice

USS Jaxartes - Conference Room
October 2400
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Walking into the conference room, she slowed down a bit as Sazra saw her crew sitting there with enjoyment and having fun. She looked a bit around, realizing that this might be the last time she would be in this room, and that her next meeting would be in Damascus. She shrugged a bit and walked to the chair, and sat down. “Alright, alright shimmer down”

“What you got today for us, longer staying in the dry-docks? New mission? Or is cranky Silina finally getting a transfer” Adrián laughs a bit, looking at Silina.

“Oh shut it you” Silina snaps back “The only one that is going to get a transfer is you, and trust me I have that power” 

Adrián shook his head. “Try it. You can’t do without me. I was the star of the last mission” He winks at her with a cocky smile on his face.

“Are you two done?” Sazra looking not so impressed by their interaction as they both snapped into attention seeing how serious the look was on Sazra’s face “Good, yes it is one of the things that you mentioned Adrián” Sazra looked at him and then back at rest. “Starfleet Command is impressed by the work that this ship has done, and to quote their words; we have outgrown this ship” 

“Wait what? What is that supposed to mean?” Rami leans forward, looking at his Captain.

“It means that they find it not fitting that a Captain is still in command of the Raven-class and I will be transferring to a new command” Sazra shrugs a bit again. “This is the last time there will be a meeting on this ship by me. I will be transferring to the USS Damascus that is nearby, actually” 

Silina narrowed her eyes a bit, “Congratulations, Captain. I am proud of you for stepping up the game or that they allowed you to do so even after you refused other offers” 

“Wait, wait, you refused other commands?” Adrián laughs a bit awkwardly.

“Yes, USS Tribulation, USS Fairhair, and USS Osiris” Sazra confirmed “The reason for that is that Jaxartes was always my home and you….my family” She had to pause for a second seeing that she had problems with this whole announcement.

The room went quiet for a moment as everyone realized that this was the end of their adventure together. “So, where will we go, Captain” T’Path broke the silence. 

Taking a deep breath as Sazra saw the worried faces of her crew, she let off a small smile and looked at Silina. “Commander Ruslanovna you are hereby to report to the USS Damascus as its new Executive Officer” Her eyes looked to T’Path “Lieutenant T’path, you are to report to the USS Damascus as its new Chief Science Officer” Sazra continued without giving them a chance to respond. Looking at Rami “Lieutenant Shew, you are to report to the USS Damascus as its new Chief Security Officer” Finally her eyes fell upon Adrián “As for you, Lieutenant…”

“Oh, you got to be joking. You’re going to send your best engineer to a different ship?” Adrián said, annoyed and disappointed.

Sazra smiled. “No, but I just realized I said the wrong rank. Lieutenant Commander Valerio, you must report to the USS Damascus as its new Chief Engineering Officer. Plus,” Sazra raised her hand, “You are to work more closely with both Command Ruslanovna and me as you get the job of Second Officer as well” 

“I must protest, Captain, him?! As a Second Officer?!” Silina said, confused about what just happened. “He can’t even take care of himself, let alone of a ship’s crew” 

Adrián placed his hand on his heart, “That hurts, Commander. I mean so well for you all and cared every day for you and this ship” He blinks and looks at the Captain “Wait what will happen to the USS Jaxartes?”

Looking around for a second as she took a deep breath, “She has done us great service over the years that we have been here. But she will be given back to the raven program so that the next generation of potential commanding officers can use her. Deep Space 17 will take hold of her, and we will be transferred to Damascus as soon as possible. So grab you gear and report to your new assignment. Dismissed” 

The crew nodded and stood up to prepare for their new voyage. Sazra sat there alone when everyone left as she finally stood up and walked to the exit and looked one more time back. “Thank you girl, for everything as without you I wouldn’t be here” She smiled softly and left the room. 


  • This was a fun read! I really enjoyed the affection that Sazra has for her little Raven, and the touch of her taking a moment to be the last one off and to say goodbye was very endearing. You could also tell that the crew was very comfortable around each other and had become a bit of a found family over the years. I look forward to reading more of their stories! Grissoms are fun little ships, I’m excited to see what kind of adventures the Damascus finds itself in.

    October 24, 2022