Part of USS Mercy: Mission 1 – “Life as a House”

New Posting, First Check In

USS Mercy - Chief Counsellor's Office
August 11th 2400 - 08:45
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Chief Counsellor’s Office – 08:45

Egrel strode into his new office. He quickly replicates himself a cup of coffee and sinks down in the chair to do some PADDwork. He occasionally sips his coffee as he sorts through forms and files. He was so absaorbed in his work, that he nearly jumped out of his skin when the chime sounds. He rubbed his eyes and leaned back, “Enter.” He quickly checked his appointment schedule, furrowing a brow. His own fault for not checking. He had someone booked for him labelled as mandatory.

James O’Shea exhales with a sigh just before he entered the counselors office. He knew that this was all but a formality after months of physical and mental rehabilitation back on Earth following the lose of his right leg. He had been cleared for duty and knew he was ready but he had to admit the thought of getting back out into the black was exciting but there was a sense of uneasy associated with it and a new wieght on his shoulders. 

Entering the office he nodded to the counselor, a Lieutenant Egrel Choi. “Lieutent Choi, I’m Lieutenant James O’Shea, I have an appointment, a check in or touch base really I think.”

Egrel stood up and offered a gentle smile towards James, “Apologies things are in a bit of a disarray…” He gestured towards the replicator, “Did you wish for anything?” He refreshed his own mug of coffee and grabbed his PADD before moving to sit in one of the armchairs in the room. He did not want James to feel like they were being interogated, “Feel free to have a seat.”

“Thanks, I could use a drink right now. You know how it is, new ship, new crew, new mission; seems like the tasks are never ending.” O’Shea said as he stepped up to the replicator and ordered a black coffee before taking a seat. “How are you settling in? Didn’t get a chance to speak to all the senior crew yesterday following the briefing.”

Egrel paused, “Let me get this out of the way first; Yes I am a Betazoid, no I will not read your mind unless you give me explicit permission to do so. Your privacy matters to me.”

O’Shea let out a laugh. “Honestly, hadn’t even thought of that. Worked with Betazoids before and I always take that as the norm but I appreciate your candor.”

Egrel smiled and nodded, “Back to your questions at hand; It’s a bit hectic and crazy, I can’t deny that. Keep getting lost myself. I am sure we will all settle into our new routines relatively soon. How about you? How are you settling in? Any concerns or anxieties?”

O’Shea thought for a moment. “Settling in will take time, current very busy but that’s expected. As for concerns and such, I guess that’s why I’m here. I have been on medical leave after the lose of my right leg…” he said absently rubbing at the limb, “…in a boarding action and had to have it regrown and all the associated rehab and such. I have been cleared for duty, obviously…” as he guestered at his uniform, “…but was told to check in with you, well the counselor, to ensure they were up to speed.”

He frowned for a moment. “Returning to duty has been great but definitely feel an increased weight on my shoulders, possible the new role or lingering thoughts from before…”

Egrel nodded, sipping his coffee as he listened, “That’s what I am here for, to help you with this weight on your shoulders or possible lingering thoughts. What kind of support network do you have? I know a transfer can get messy when it comes to relations with others.”

“Here on the Mercy? In short, none. Back home, on Earth, there is my family and such and they were helpful for the past year.” O’Shea said with an shrug. “That is expected though and not worried about that really. Went through the rough part already…just want to get back into it, get my sea legs back so to say” 

Egrel nodded, offering a small smile, “I can’t say much about not having any support on the Mercy here. Would be hipocritical. Over time as we work as a crew, we will learn to support each other and such. You’re jumping right into the thick of things after a year of medical leave. You mentioned lingering thoughts from before?” Only now does he turn on his PADD to look at James’s file briefly.

O’Shea smiled, “That’s very true. Though I had meant in terms of existing friends. I have no doubt that the medical support systems here will be top notch. As for lingering thoughts. Just the normal ones I guess, wounded in combat, lost some of my team, then come back and have a senior position.” He said with a frown near the end. “been through it all before. Though getting back into the thick of things the last two days has been good.”

Egrel nodded, glancing down briefly before looking back up, nodding, “Admittedly I have no friends in this crew as of yet.” He left out the part where he has been too busy with work to maintain any really. He nods once, “Grief and PTSD are on helluva a drug to the mind. The loss of a team hits you hard…” He left a moment of silence, nodding, “You do have people who understand and are willing to listen. Have you been to counselling during your leave to help?”

“Yeah, weekly sessions for 6 months once I was discharged from the hospital to work through everything. Was cleared and discharged about a month back. It was my counselor who recommended, well told, me I should get in touch and establish the relation with the counselor once here just so I had someone to speak to if needed,” O’Shea said. “At the moment I think it really comes down to nerves with a new post.”

Egrel smiled and nodded, “Oh good. I’d still like you to check in every once in a while as you get settled, see how things are going. At your convenience.”

O’Shea nodded in agreement. “Thanks.” He said standing and offeeing a hand to Egrel. “One thing that losing my leg taught me was the benefit of these sessions. So I will definitely be back when needed. That said, we are almost all new hear, once we get this mystery signal sorted it would be nice to met more of the crew and build those support networks.”

Egrel was relieved that James was open and willing to come for regular counseling. He stood and shook the man’s hand with a smile, “I’m glad to hear that. I look forward to hearing from you more. We all need to work on those support networks.”

O’Shea smiled, “That we do and thanks for the talk and understanding. See you around.” With that he turned and left the office. “Back to work and time to prep for this unknown signal.”