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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

The Freak Accident

Holodeck One
June 2400
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Nilah’s shift finally ended after working for what seemed to be non-stop the last few weeks as ships came in for repairs. She made her way towards her quarters to take a nice hot shower, she wanted to do something and thought about rock climbing. She had been an avid rock climber back on Trill while growing up, but her studies at the Academy and work here on the station had kept her pretty busy.

She tapped her commbadge, “Nilah to Cynndle and Lihran.” Nilah said as she briefly waited for a response from both parties.

Lihran looked up from the PADD he was reading from and tapped his commbadge, “Lihran here.”

Cynndle had just walked into his quarters and threw his uniform jacket onto the sofa as his combadge chimed from the now pile of fabric. Stepping up to it and digging out the badge he activated it, “Go for Cynndle.”

“Care to join me on the holodeck for some rock climbing?” She asked as she walked down the corridor almost to where her quarters that she shared with Hannah.

Lihran chuckles and nods, “I’m off soon, that sounds right up my alley! I’m off in half an hour anyway.”

Cynndle couldn’t help but smile, “Are you sure you aren’t a telepath? I had just been thinking about climbing. I am off duty so whenever is good for you.”

“Awesome, meet you at the holodeck within the hour?” She asked to give everyone enough time to get ready.

Lihran nodded, despite knowing no one else can see him, “Great! I’ll meet you guys there!” He was just happy to be brought along with people he considered friends.

An hour, that works’ Cynndle thought to himself. “Works for me. Send us the info for the holodeck and I will be there.” He said through the combadge before deactivating it. “Enough time to relax for a few minutes before I need to head out.”

She arrived at her quarters walking in, she noticed that Hannah wasn’t there. Walking to the shared bathroom she quickly took a sonic shower, having been feeling dirty. Once finished she walked into her bedroom to get dressed, rummaging through her dresser drawer to find the clothes she normally wears for climbing. Once she was dressed she walked back out into the living area to send the information to her friends. The spot that she chose for rock climbing was Kalymnos, Greece which she hears has very beautiful views.

After grabbing a bite to eat, she noticed it was about time to meet up at the holodeck, leaving her quarters she headed down towards the holodeck. Upon arriving she quickly loaded up the program she wanted with a lovely view. Now she waited for Lihran and Cynndle to arrive, looking at the time she knew they would arrive shortly.

Lihran was there first, already wearing his athletic gear consisting of sweatpants and a t-shirt. He smiled as he noticed Nilah approaching, “Just waiting on Cyn now. Looks like you picked a particularly lovely place. Never been there myself in actuality.” He nodded once, folding his arms and looking for Cyn.

After relaxing in his quarters for a bit Cynndle changed into his climbing gear, a loose pair of shorts, and a shirt before heading down to the holodeck. As he walked in he stopped and looked around. “Kalymnos, nice. I have been wanting to climb here for ages but usually default to places I am familiar with,” he said aloud to no one in particular before turning to Nilah and Lihran. “Hey, how are you two doing?”

“It is a lovely place, I have climbed there a couple of times back on Earth and I got to say it is my favorite place by far.” Nilah replied, “I am doing pretty good just glad to have some time to relax things have been hectic lately.” Nilah replied as they began to get ready.

After getting his harness on and checking he had sufficient wedges, cams, and assorted nuts to aid with the climb he grabbed a spool of climbing rope from the ground. “Shall we get started!” he said as he stepped towards the wall and attached his rope to the auto belaying system.

Lihran smiled, replying as he pulled on his climbing gear, “I’m doing pretty good. Passed the physical and got the all-clear back to work.” He paused, looking up from tightening the harness, “Well.” He gave his characteristic smirk as he rolled his shoulders back, checking the rest of his gear, “Think it’s been about…. fifty years maybe since I’ve done climbing. In no way out of shape, though.” I am excited!”

Cynndle let out a low chuckle, “I keep forgetting how long Romulans can live for…. let’s see what you can remember.” With that Cynndle stepped up to the wall and began to climb.

“Wait for me,” Nilah replied with a chuckle and began to climb the same route she always took as she knew that area like the back of her hand. While they were climbing something had gone wrong which caused her to lose her grip, which was unusual as where she was holding on had a grove in the rock. This caused her to fall unable to catch herself, and the rope that she had secured gave way. The next thing she knew she had hit the ground and then went unconscious. 

Lihran started to climb behind Cynndle and Nilah. He quickly found a pathway up the rock face. He was glad to have a physical challenge other than his normal weight-lifting routine. He looked up just in time to see Nilah lose her grip and start to fall. Lihran lunged to try and catch her, swearing as he just narrowly missed. The colour drained from his face as he heard her impact the ground. Lihran looked below and swore rather loudly. He looked up at Cynndle and grabbed his rope, abseiling as fast as he could down towards the ground before unclipping himself and running over towards her, “We need to call medical!”

Hearing Nilah shout Cynndle looked down in time to see her hit the ground and saw Lihran begin to rapidly descend towards her. He quickly loosened his grip on his rope allowing him to rapidly abseil towards the ground. As he went he tapped his combadge “Lieutenant Oin’sun to Medical, we have a medical emergency on Holodeck one.” Touching down he unclipped and moved towards Nilah and Lihran. “What happened? Why the hell didn’t the safeties catch this?” He over to Lihran as he knelt beside Nilah, “She ok?”

Lihran frowned, “They should have. I tried to catch her– Computer, end program.” I… can’t tell you if she is ok, I have next to no knowledge in medical.” He hurried over to the control panel, “Let me find out why…”

Petty Officer Neri Givola sprinted towards the holodeck as fast as her diminutive frame would carry her.

“Medic here!” she shouted as she leaped through the door to the one she’d been called, flipping out her tricorder and running over to inspect the injured officer.

“How far did she fall?” Neri asked her two stunned-looking compatriots. She was highly curious as to how the holodeck had allowed such an injury to take place, but there were more important things to consider first.

Cynndle looked over at Lihran, “I was above her but I would say 10, maybe 12 meters? She was out the moment she hit the ground. Should we beam her to Sickbay?”

Lihran nodded, “Yeah, that sounds about right. What..? Why the heck are the safeties offline?! They should never have been offline!” Lihran groaned and smacked the control panel with the palm of his hand, “There was a power flicker. Are you kidding me?!” He looked like he wanted to throw the entire holodeck out an airlock.

Cynndle’s head snapped up at that. “Seriously? There should be backups and backups to prevent that he said in shock before looking back to Neri. “How is she doing? Do we need emergency transport to medical?”

“She’s got multiple bone fractures and a nasty concussion,” Neri said as she kept scanning the unconscious officer. “Yes, we will very much need emergency transport.”

Neri tapped her combadge. “Med Tech Givola, we need emergency transport to sickbay ASAP, we have an officer with numerous injuries from a 10-12 meter fall. The patient has been marked by tricorder, transport when ready.”

A voice came over Neri’s combadge, “Confirmed, transporting to the central hospital in 15 seconds. Teams will be on standby.” Cynndle looked over at Neri after hearing the response. “We will meet you there. Look after her.”

Neri gave Cynndle a nod as she and Nilah were incased in an orange glow before vanishing from sight.

Cynndle looked over at Lihran, “Nilah will be fine.” He said willing himself to believe it himself. “Any idea how a power disruption causes the safeties to fail? We should notify Ops to lock down all holodecks until the systems can be checked in depth.” 

Lihran ran a hand through his hair, looking rather frazzled, “I haven’t a clue, to be quite honest. It must’ve been severe to make the backup blip out enough to knock out the safeties. Yeah, that will be the safest course of action. We do not need a repeat. I’ll scrounge through the circuits and code.” He sounded tired already.

He said as he stood and headed for the door. “We should get to medical right away to make sure Nilah is ok.”

Lihran nodded as he turned to walk after Cynndle, “I’m right behind you.” He grabbed his bag which contained his PADD. He could at least look through error logs and code while they were in medical.

“Send me a copy of those logs, will you? I will pass them to Ops and suggest we lock down the holodecks for the time being.” Cynndle said as they rushed out of the holodeck and towards the turbolift which would get them to medical.

Lihran nodded as they hurried along, “Sure thing, will do. I’ll fix it… after I know she is okay.” His priority lay in making sure she was alright, worry etched onto his face.

Neri Givola stood at the side of Nilah’s biobed in sickbay, monitoring scans of the woman’s body as she lay motionless.

“Oh, hello,” she said with a slight smile as she saw Nilah’s friends approaching. “Ensign Virahl is in rough shape, but she’ll make a full recovery. She’s undergoing treatment for multiple bone fractures, a nasty concussion, and some minor spinal cord repairs. She’s going to need to stay off her feet for a while.”

Cynndle, let out a shy of relief before he even said a word. “Glad she will be ok. When can we see her?” Turning to look at Lihran, “Guess we should look into that power issue, eh?”

Lihran nodded, giving a laboured sigh, “The sooner the better, I agree.”

“We’re going to keep her under for a bit while she goes through the rougher parts of the treatment. If all goes smoothly, she should be awake in around 6 hours.” Neri responded. “And I’m not an engineer or anything, but looking into that power issue sure seems like a good idea.”