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Part of USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Chapter 5 – To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga - Rhijun
June 2400
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The next day had come quicker than anyone might have hoped, after staying up way too late Azras stifled a yawn as she walked onto the bridge with a cup of coffee snug in her hand. Looking around the bridge, shift change was happening as the night shift gave their reports before they headed off the bridge.

T’Prel looked up just as the Captain entered, “good morning Captain.” T’Prel said before standing up from the center seat.

“Good morning Commander,” she replied with a smile before she took her seat. “Status report?” She asked before taking a sip of her coffee.

T’Prel picked up the padd she had in her hand, handing it over to the Captain to review. “All departments are reporting all clear, nothing eventful happened on the overnight shift.” She began before pausing for a moment as the Captain began to read the report.

“We are due to arrive at Rhijun soon and so far no sightings of any Romulan ships or any other ships for that matter since we crossed over into Romulan space,” T’Prel reported looking at her.

“Wonderful,” she said as the ship continued to travel towards its destination.

“Have you slept well, Captain?” T’Prel asked as she noticed that she looked a bit more tired than she normally was.

Noticing the concern on the commander’s face she smiled, “I stayed up a bit too late last night as my family decided to surprise me with dinner and a game night.” Azras replied as she adjusted in her chair, “they figured I needed to relax before things started to get crazy.” She said with a soft chuckle and a smile.

“That seems agreeable,” T’Prel said as Azras couldn’t help but chuckle at the Vulcan’s lack of emotion or understanding of such, though she did try and she could see it, especially with Ritru.

“The last few days have been hectic so it was nice to just sit down and enjoy my family’s company and not worry about work for a while,” Azras admitted as she looked at her coffee for a moment before taking a drink.

“I think that is a lovely way to spend an evening,” Ritru piped up looking at the two who looked back. “We don’t know how things will go here, so having that time to relax is always a nice thing.” She added with a smile even though she didn’t want to be there.

“Indeed,” T’Prel agreed with Ritru’s statement.

The doors to the turbolift opened as Dazra had walked out onto the bridge. She looked like she had gotten hit by a train which caused both Azras and T’Prel to raise an eyebrow at her current state. “You alright Commander?” Azras asked as Dazra paused for a moment looking at the two before turning back to walk to her station.

“I am good,” Dazra replied, though that wasn’t the whole truth.

Ritru looked at Dazra from her station and happened to notice that she might have drank way too much last night as the anti-intoxicant medicine wasn’t quite working. “You look like you got run over by a freight train,” Ritru said as Dazra just shrugged it off walking behind her console.

“Someone can’t handle their liquor,” Chon’al said with a hearty chuckle.

Dazra sighed, “I can handle them just fine!” She exclaimed as she was still annoyed with them from last night.

“Geez Dazra it was just a joke,” Chon’al replied looking at her.

“Alright, that is enough” Azras ordered.

Airje had looked back from her console looking at the two bickerings, after finding the time to interject. “Sir, we have arrived and are dropping out of warp,” she replied as the ship came to a complete stop in orbit of the planet.

“Dazra, run a sensor sweep of the area,” Azras ordered.

“Aye sir,” Dazra replied as she began to tap her console. Time seemed to have slowed down as they waited for the sweep to be completed. “I am not detecting anything out there,” Dazra replied, looking back up at the Captain.

Nodding in response, “go to yellow alert.” Azras ordered, “I would like regular sensor sweeps of the area.” She added as Dazra nodded as the ship went to yellow alert, she turned towards Ritru. “Open a channel to the planet,” she ordered as she adjusted in her seat.

“Aye sir,” Ritru responded as she tapped a few buttons on her console.

A short time later the view screen switched to show a face of an aging Reman, who one could tell had worked in the mines for the majority of their life. “Welcome to Rhijun Captain, I am Javik and we have been expecting you,” Javik smiled as he looked at the Captain.

Azras and T’Prell glanced at each other for a brief moment before turning back to the view screen, “greetings Javik, I am Captain Azras Dex and this is my first officer Commander T’Prel.” Azras said introducing themselves.

“A pleasure,” Javik replied.

There was a brief moment of silence before Javik spoke up, “I request to come on board to discuss the current situation on Rhijun in person.” Javik said, looking at them.

Azras looked at T’Prel for a moment who just nodded in agreement to his request, as it would be a show of hospitality. “Granted,” Azras replied.

Javik smiled a toothy smile, “just wonderful will see you shortly Javik out.” He replied before the communications channel was closed and the screen went back to that of space.

Ritru looked over from her console, “they were expecting us?” She replied with a raised eyebrow in a bit of confusion at the statement that Javik made.

“News travels fast of our arrival,” T’Prel added.

“It must seem so,” Azras replied before standing up from her chair. “You’re with me,” she said as she looked at T’Prel. Azras then turned her focus on Deza, “you have the bridge.” She replied before they started to head towards the turbolift.

“Aye sir,” Deza replied as she stood up from her chair and moved over to where the Captain was sitting, Rass had then moved over to the helm station.

“Transporter room one,” Azras said as the doors closed behind them and began to move towards their destination.

“He seemed rather enthused that we are here,” T’Prel noted an observation

“Indeed, though I am sure anything is better than seeing a Star Navy ship,” Azras said with a shrug before the lift had come to a stop with the doors opening. The two of them exited the lift as they made their way down the corridor that would lead them to the transporter room.

“Agreed,” T’Prel said as they walked.

Once they arrived they were greeted by two security officers which were regulations, especially when they had diplomatic guests on board. Commander Mezril Zelar was also in attendance as they felt that they might need his expertise as a diplomatic officer. Azras had nodded to the three of them before they had entered the transporter room while security stood outside.

Azras turned to the transporter room chief and gave him a nod, a few seconds later their guest appeared on the transporter room padd. “Welcome to the USS Saratoga,” Azras said with a warm smile.

She turned towards those that were accompanying her, “you have already met my first officer.” She began before turning towards the other individual that was with them, “this here is Commander Mezril Zelar our Chief Diplomatic Officer.” She said as she introduced him.

“A pleasure Commander,” Javik replied as he stepped off the padd.

“If you will follow me,” Azras said as they walked out and began to walk down the corridor towards where the diplomatic conference room was located.

Javik had noticed that there were two additional officers behind them. “Why are they following us?” Javik asked, looking at the Captain almost in confusion.

T’Prel looked over at Javik, “it is standard procedure to have security escorts when we have diplomatic guests on board.” T’Prel replied as they continued to walk.

“Understandable,” Javik replied.

Once they reached the diplomatic suite where the conference room was located Azras turned towards Javik. “After you,” she replied as she gestured for Javik to enter and take a seat. The others walked in shortly behind him as the security detail stopped right outside of the doors.

“I won’t beat around the bush so I’ll get straight to the point,” Javik said as he took his seat looking at the officers. “We desperately need your help,” Javik replied as he looked a bit tired and worn out over the events that had taken place.

“Understandable, would you mind going into detail about what exactly you need?” Azras asked, looking at him. They had only received a brief review of their request for protection and humanitarian aid but nothing more than that.

Javik nodded as he handed Azras a padd that contained everything on it, “we have had recent pirate raids which we suspect are at the hands of the Star Navy.” Javik began to explain, “they had damaged ten of our refineries which was putting a strain on the remaining twenty. This caused our production to slow to not put so much strain on those that are remaining and cause them to break.” Javik said as he looked at the three of them.

“Outside of the major city, many need medical care, food as well as better living conditions overall. The only hospital we have is in the city which is miles away,” he replied as he finished talking.

Azras nodded as she finished reviewing the padd, “we will be able to assist with medical, food, as well as getting the living conditions improved.” She said as she paused for a brief moment, “as far as the refineries go, we can have our engineering team look at them to see what is wrong. Though, our technology is not compatible with your’s so not sure if we will be able to replace any parts.” Azras said as she looked at Javik who frowned.

Just as Javik was about to speak, T’Prel spoke up. “Sir, I took the liberty to scan their two moons.” T’Prel said looking at Azras, “It seems that their second moon has refinery equipment that hasn’t been used in at least a decade.” T’Prel finished which caused Javik to tilt his head in confusion at the news.

“I have never heard of anything on the moons, must have stopped production shortly before I arrived here.” Javik sounded just as surprised as the others did at the discovery. “Though, I would say that is great news. Hopefully, they are still functional and we will be able to use their parts to fix ours.” Javik added with hope in his eyes that something was looking up for once. 

“I will send an engineering team to the moon to check the status of those, hopefully, they will be in good condition,” Azras said looking at him.

“That would be great,” Javik said.

Mezril had been quiet the majority of the meeting, “In terms of medical, I would suggest that those that need more in-depth treatment come onboard the Saratoga and have our doctors treat them.” He suggested this before looking at Javik and the others.

“That would be agreeable,” Javik said.

“We will also assist with protecting this system, but I noticed in your report that a Valdore-class will be arriving in a couple of days?” Mezril asked as he looked at Javik.

Javik nodded, “they are on our side and will be assisting.” Javik responded as the others were relieved that it was an ally and not a Star Navy ship.

“Is there anything else?” Azras asked, looking at Javik.

“I think we covered everything,” Javik replied.

“We will be sending the Oneida down with our away team and supplies,” she began to explain. “I will be sending another team to the moon to get the status of those refineries.” Azras finished before looking at the three of them.

“Once our away team has left the ship we will begin our patrol,” T’Prel added before they stood up from their chairs to conclude the meeting.

“Commander Zelar, care to escort our guest back to the transporter room?” Azras asked as Mezril nodded before the two exited the conference room making their way down the corridor with the security detail following right behind them.

Azras stood there for a few moments lost in thought, picking up the padd that Javik had given her, and she turned towards T’Prel. “Well here we go,” she commented as they walked out of the conference room and headed down the corridor. “Get ready for departure,” Azras replied as T’Prel nodded and they both departed.

Azras began to move down the corridor towards the turbolift, “Captain Dex to Commander Dilucca,” she said as she waited for a response.

“Go ahead Captain,” Jheria replied.

Azras began to explain the situation at hand, “so I need you to gather a team and take a shuttle to the second moon,” she ordered as she entered the lift.

“Aye sir,” Jheria replied before the comm channel ended.

Azras entered the lift, “bridge.” She said as the doors closed shut and began to move, she sighed as she stood there with the only noise coming from the humming of the lift as it traveled before it finally came to a stop.

Stepping out onto the bridge, walking towards her chair as Deza stood up and went back to her station. A few moments later Ritru turned to face the Captain, “sir the Oneida is reporting ready for departure.” Ritru spoke up.

“Oneida you are cleared to depart,” Azras said over the comm channel as the Aquarius-class ship began to back out of the docking port. Once it was clear it extended the nacelles and began its descent to the planet below.

“Jheria to the bridge,” Jheria said over the channel.

“Go ahead,” Azras replied.

“We are ready to depart sir,” Jheria said.

“Understood, you’re cleared to depart Commander.” Azras replied as the channel ended she looked at Deza, “once the shuttle is clear and on its way towards the moon begin patrolling the area.” Azras ordered looking at her.

“Aye sir,” came the reply.

Turning towards Dazra at tactical, “status report?” She asked, looking at her.

“We are still not picking up any ships in the area, as well as no cloaked ships,” Dazra responded, looking at her. Azras nodded in response as she turned around in her chair.

“Sir, the shuttle has departed,” Odan replied, which caused Azras to nod towards Deza to begin. The Saratoga broke orbit and began to patrol the area keeping an eye out for anything that might be lurking out there that they can’t see.

“Now the fun begins,” Azras said to no one in particular as she sat back in her chair. She hoped things would go smoothly, though she knew that in itself would be wishful thinking. Especially when you’re in Romulan space, there is no telling what is around the corner.


  • The puzzle pieces are falling into place as the scope of the Saratoga's mission starts to become clear. You've certainly set them a tall order, asking a singular starship crew to act as the Reman's corps of engineers, and supplement their entire health care system, and home renovators, let alone fight off pirates who are secretly part of the military! And it's still only Tuesday. I enjoy the characterization of Azras; she's stepping into this situation very confidently, probably buoyed by the support of her family. All the same, she's entering the situation cautiously; it doesn't seem like she's taking anything for granted. I was thrilled to see the ongoing subplot with my queen, Dazra, continue. Showing up for duty hung over is an unexpected power move in Starfleet. I just hope the rest of the bridge crew will learn to accept her as she is.

    June 9, 2022