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Part of USS Saratoga: To Stand Alone and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

Chapter 2 – To Stand Alone

USS Saratoga
May 2400
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Ever since they departed Starbase Bravo a day prior the crew have been busy preparing for what was ahead of them. Usually, the bridge was pretty quiet though lately officers would be talking amongst themselves or giving status reports. Things were no different for Dazra who was currently at her station.

She was busy reviewing all the tactical systems onboard the ship, she wanted to make sure they were prepared for anything that would come their way. Though the only way to be prepared was to do tactical simulations which were hard to do when they had nothing to test them out on. She suddenly got the idea of running different types of simulations on the holodeck. She would be recreating the Saratoga and some possible ships they might come across while in Romulan space.

She looked around the bridge to see Odan and Jheria at their stations, which happen to be right next to each other. Walking up to them, “I have a question for both of you.” She said as she looked at them.

“What’s the question?” Odan asked.

“I am wanting to make sure we are prepared, it’s kind of hard to test systems live without any kind of target.” Dazra began as she paused for a moment, “would you mind accompanying me to the holodeck to run some simulations on different scenarios that we might come across?” She asked looking at both of them who looked at each other for a brief moment before responding.

“That would be a great idea,” Odan replied as Jheria just nodded in agreement.

“Great, I’ll meet you down in holodeck two,” she added as the two walked off the bridge into the turbolift. Dazra stood there for a moment before she tapped her combadge. “Loian to Lieutenant Holman,” Dazra said of the comm channel.

“Holman here,” Brian replied after he tapped his commbadge in reply.

“I need you and a group of security officers to meet me at holodeck two,” Dazra replied as she also headed for the turbolift.

“Sure thing boss,” Holman replied as he ended the comm channel.

Dazra entered the turbolift, “holodeck two.” Dazra replied as the doors closed shut behind her. After a few minutes, the lift came to a complete stop with the doors opening up to reveal the corridor in front of her.

As she walked down the corridor she met up with Odan and Jheria who weren’t that far ahead of her. They headed down to where the holodecks were, at least a couple of them as there were more stationed throughout the ship. When they arrived they noticed that Holman and his group were already waiting.

“About time you showed up,” Brian said as he stood there leaning against the wall with his arms and his legs crossed.

Dazra ignored his comment before getting down to the point, “Since you and your security team will be a part of the away team, I need you to run as many simulations as you can in holodeck three. As we don’t know what we will face while we are there I would like you to prepare for anything that might happen.” Dazra said as she looked at him.

This would be the first time hearing that he and some security officers were a part of an away team. Though he was sure Dazra sent him a message that he failed to read, “understood, is there anything in particular that we should prepare for?” Brian asked as he stood up from the wall he was leaning against.

“Anything that we might come in contact with, pirates or officers from the Star Navy.” She began as she looked at him, “I don’t want to be unprepared and running with our tails between our legs.” Dazra said as she looked at him.

“Understood,” Brian replied as he took his team and headed for the other holodeck next door.

Now turning back to Jheria and Odan who stood patiently waiting, “we are essentially going to be doing the same, but a little different.” Dazra said as the two looked at her signifying they were paying attention.

“With us going into Romulan space, specifically the Star Empire, we might be faced with a situation where there is a firefight.” Dazra began, “whether it be from pirates looking to get a claim or even ships from the Star Navy looking to bring the sector back into their control.” Dazra explained as they nodded, “I want to be prepared for that what-if scenario,” she finished.

They walked inside the holodeck where she stopped right at the arch, “it will take me a few minutes to get the parameters set up before we can begin.” Dazra explained before she began to input everything as the others waited. After a while, she finished inputting everything she needed.

“Alright we are now ready to begin,” she responded after being silent for a good ten minutes while she worked.

“Ready whenever you are,” Odan replied.

“Computer begins program Dazra-Alpha-One,” Dazra said as the computer beeped and they found themselves on the bridge of the Saratoga. Everything looked realistic as the bridge officers were there including the Captain. She wanted this to be as realistic as possible so she could get the readings she needed after they were finished.

They would run through different scenarios of combat situations over the next hour, from pirate ships to Star Navy ships and anything in between. While next door in the holodeck three was working on planetside combat scenarios.

Once they finished and were satisfied that they would be prepared, she downloaded all the data that came in from each scenario to review it later on. They each made their way back to the bridge to continue to prepare for problems that might arise once they arrived at their destination.


Teila was sitting in her office down the hallway from the main infirmary going over reports. She had sent a message to a few people that were a part of the away team to come to her office so they can discuss the upcoming mission.

After arriving on board the Saratoga a few weeks ago after being transferred from the USS Aquarius, Sato, White, and McCarthy walked into the office, “reporting as ordered.” Emily replied with a smile as they all took a seat.

Looking up from her report to see the three of them, “wonderful, we are still waiting for a few other people then we can get started,” Teila replied as she looked at the three of them.

A short time later Nehi and Piyu Jaiett arrived, “sorry for the delay.” Piyu replied as they both took their seats next to the other three. “Had to make sure systems were prepared in the event we had to separate the ship,” Piyu added.

“That’s understandable,” Teila replied with a warm smile.

“With us being a part of the away team that will be going down planetside I would like to get things ready before we arrive,” Teila said as the others listened intently to what was being said.

Turning to Piyu Jaiett and Nehi, “I would like you two to go down to the Oneida and begin to make sure that the cargo bay is wide open for the supplies that will be transported onboard,” Teila replied looking at the three of them.

Jaiett remembered that the Oneida was being primarily used for scientific missions and had the cargo bay converted into a science lab. “It shouldn’t take me very long to convert it back into a cargo bay, maybe thirty minutes max,” Piyu replied, looking at Teila and then at Nehi.

“Wonderful,” she replied before she looked at Sato, “I would like you to do your pre-flight checks to make sure she is ready.” She said as she looked at the young Ensign sitting in front of her.

“Aye sir,” Sato replied.

She then looked at Toran, “I would like you to make sure all the ship systems are good to go.” Teila said looking at Toran, “I want to make sure nothing happens or we end up in a firefight on the way down.” She finished speaking looking at him.

“Understood sir,” came his reply.

Finally, Teila turned to Natasha, “we will head down to the cargo bay to make sure things are ready to be transported over to the Oneida.” Teila said as Natasha just nodded in agreement.

“Any questions?” Teila asked, looking at each of them.

“No sir,” they said in unison.

“Very well, you’re all dismissed,” Teila replied as they all got up and headed off in different directions to get their tasks finished. Teila looked at Natasha as they began to walk down the corridor towards the turbolift.

“So how are you adjusting to the Saratoga?” She asked, trying to make conversation as they walked.

“Going pretty good, it’s larger compared to the Aquarius for sure,” Natasha replied with a smile.

“That’s good, glad to have you on our team,” Teila added as they arrived entering the turbolift. “Cargo bay one,” she said as the doors closed behind them and began to move. “Ensign Sato and Lieutenant Toran were also on the Aquarius with you?” she asked, looking at her.

“Yes,” Natasha replied, standing there waiting for the lift to stop at their destination.

“It is unusual for three officers that came from the same ship to be reassigned together again, though it isn’t unheard of but at the same time unusual,” Teila commented as the lift came to a stop as the doors opened. The two of them walked out and headed down the corridor towards the cargo bay.

“Guess Starfleet felt that we were all needed here,” Natasha replied with a shrug as she never really questioned orders.

“Don’t get me wrong I’m glad you are all here, just trying to make small talk as we walk,” Teila said as she felt that things were going sideways and it was unintended.

Natasha couldn’t help but chuckle, “no, no you’re fine, I am just not the best at small talk.” Natasha admitted as her cheeks turned red.

“I understand that I used to be that way years ago, though I am getting better at it and I am sure you will too.” Teila said as they reached their destination, “ah we have arrived.” She added as they both entered, walking to one of the officers she got a cargo manifest of the supplies that were earmarked for Rhijun.

“Well we better get started,” Zoran replied as they both got to work double checking each crate and tagging it for transport. They would spend the next thirty minutes checking and tagging the crates.

Just as they finished she heard her commbadge go off, “Commander Piyu to Commander Zoran.” Piyu’s voice over the channel.

“Go ahead Commander,” Teila replied.

“We have finished in the cargo bay and are ready for the cargo, also the Oneida has been cleared and is ready for when we arrive,” Piyu replied waiting on a response.

“Acknowledged, Commander,” Teila replied before ending the communications channel. Walking up to the officer she ran into before, “can you make sure these get sent over to the Oneida as soon as possible?” Teila asked, looking at the Chief Petty Officer standing there.

“Of course ma’am,” came the reply.

“Well let’s get down to the Oneida so we can be ready to help,” Teila replied as they walked out and headed down to where the Aquarius-class ship was docked.

Meanwhile, in the secondary infirmary Sh’esirr was sitting in his office waiting for both Riahya and Linha to arrive. He had been tasked with getting both infirmaries ready for anything that might happen while they were in Romulan space.

Linha had arrived a short time later and walked into Sh’esirr’s office, “reporting as ordered.” She said as she stood in front of his desk, looking up from his reports and gesturing to the open seat.

 “Please have a seat, we’re just waiting on Lieutenant Ernol.” He replied as Linha took the open seat in front of his desk. Looking at the time he sighed as she always seemed to show up late, “so how are you adjusting here on the Saratoga?” He asked, trying to make some small talk while they waited.

“Things are going good, I am enjoying the hands-on experience on top of my school work,” Linha said with a smile.

Just as Sh’esirr was about to speak, Ernol walked in “I am sure you do, I still believe that you should be back at the Academy, there is no place for Cadets on this type of ship.” Ernol said with annoyance in her voice, “I don’t care if you’re the Captain’s daughter or not.” She stated as she took a seat farther away from Linha.

“That is uncalled for,” Sh’esirr hissed at the Lieutenant. “This is the perfect place for hands-on experience, and it has been done on many other ships, not just Odyssey-class.” He added looking sternly at the Bolian women.

“I call it how it is,” Ernol replied with a shrug.

Sh’esirr would have to deal with Ernol at a later time, they had more important things to take care of at this time. “Alright, as you well know we are on our way to the Velorum Sector within Romulan space.” He began as he looked at both of them, though it looked like Ernol wasn’t paying attention or very interested in what he had to say.

“Ya get to the point already,” Ernol said in annoyance he wasn’t getting directly to the point.

He gave her a look, “I have had enough of your attitude Lieutenant!” He replied, looking at her. “As I was saying before being interrupted, we are to be ready for anything that might come our way. Ernol I need you to get everything prepared up here while myself and Linha head down to the main infirmary.” Sh’esirr replied with a firm look to the Bolian woman who was getting on his last nerve.

“Ya whatever,” Ernol replied before standing up. “Can we go now?” She asked as she just wanted to be out of the room.

“Dismissed,” he replied as Ernol left the office and went on her way.

“I am sorry about her attitude,” he said as they both got up and headed out of the office.

“Is she always like this?” Linha asked as they walked.

“Unfortunately,” he replied with a sigh.

“Maybe she’ll come around someday,” Linha said as she always seemed to remain optimistic about things.

Sh’esirr shrugged, “hope so for everyone’s sake.” He replied as they made their way down the corridor towards the turbolift that would lead them down to the main infirmary, once they arrived they began to get to work on making sure everything was ready.


  • That's it - I've decided I don't like Ernol. Smug, arrogant. The kind of person you would see in a film and would love to loathe them. Glad to see that Linha has a support network in the rest of the team. I like how you are dragging the supporting cast along for the ride, getting everything ship shape for when the time comes. A good read!

    May 31, 2022
  • I’m loving the buzz of activity. Odyssey is a massive starship with many layers and complexities, and you put all of them on display as the crew prepares security drills and humanitarian cargo for this daunting mission to Velorum. I appreciate the tour of the crew, especially the lower decks among them. It’s so satisfying as a reader to catch up with them all and to get a refresher on where they’re at as characters before the red alerts begin. I think my favourite interaction was between Tella and Natasha. They’re so hard on themselves! Their small talk went down ONE blind alley, and suddenly they were each blaming themselves for not being better at conversation. Really adorable. I deeply enjoyed that moment of bonding, over shared neuroses, between them.

    June 1, 2022
  • Good to see the crew thinking about what preparations they all need to take, using the 'free' time before getting there to work through problems, make those preparations, and have those discussions about what to do. Ernol is definitely getting set up for a fall I feel and I'm looking forward to reading a humbling experience for her. Of course, it's even sweeter if it takes even longer! It's nice to see the crew taking some initiative as well, like Dazra setting up simulations like a good department head should do. This is an awesome feed into the story to come!

    June 1, 2022