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Part of USS Daradax: Mission 2 – Wings of Salvation (Sundered Wings Fleet Action) and Bravo Fleet: Sundered Wings

SW – Chapter 1: An Unexpected Wake-up

USS Daradax
May 2400
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4:30 – Commander’s Quarters

The lights in the quarters turned on with an audible click causing Kirin to pull the sheet up over her head. 

“Damnit! Computers dim lights” she groans as she reaches out from under the sheets for her PADD to check the time.  As she looks at the PADD she cannot help but mutter, “Why?” under her breath as it reads 4:30, a full 90 minutes before her alarm was meant to wake her.

Laying there for a few minutes she tries to drift back to sleep, thinking of pleasant and relaxing things, but after little success, she sighs, ‘This is far too early but mine as well get up now…make the most of it I guess…’

Sitting up and tossing the sheet to the side she stretches before standing and walking to the window looking out at the starscape sails past her window; the streaks of the stars at warp are always amazing to see. “Not long now…” she says stifling a yawn before turning and walking over to her desk.

Quickly looking to see if there are any new messages and seeing only a couple of personal ones to deal with later she gets up and heads to her bedroom.

She quickly gets dressed into a pair of black pants and a burgundy hoody with the Starfleet logo on its breast, ‘No point getting into m uniform yet,” and begins heading towards the bridge of the USS Daradax, lost in thought.

‘Cannot believe this is MY ship, there must have been some mistake, not that I will complain I do like her, small enough to get to know her very well and still be able to do a variety of missions…’ Passing by the mess hall she wanders in to get a coffee before continuing on. ‘I think this crew can make this work, two weeks of shakedown around Bravo and no, well overtly destructive, issues between the crew members. So that is good…though I need to get Thanan to look into the lights in my quarters…they shouldn’t be turning on at random times.’

Stepping onto the bridge she finds Ensign Kerry Dawson still at the science station listening to, what Kirin has realized, is her usual late-night music choice, a compilation of Vulcan lute instrumentals overlaid.  Engrossed in her work Kerry doesn’t look up or even realize that Kirin has entered the bridge. Smiling to herself Kirin takes a sip of her coffee and walks over to the ensign.

“What are you working on there Kerry?” she says causing the ensign to jump slightly. 

“Oh, Captain! Sorry…um…I meant commander, ma’am.” She says taken aback, “I was just reviewing the files from the USS Centaur on Sector Fero Psi. There are a lot of possible points of interest once we arrive in the sector” pausing briefly, “What are you doing up?”

“I didn’t mean to startle you, Kerry. I couldn’t sleep, the light in my quarters is on acting up. I need to get Thanen to take a look at them when he wakes up.” Looking around the bridge and she wanders over to con and quickly taps out a command bringing up the flight information. “So tell me what you found of interest in Sector Feel Psi.”

With that Kerry visible smiles, one on one she tends to open up a bit more, “Oh well, as you know there is the singularity Jck 6-9748 which doesn’t appear to be anything special but without a detailed analysis we cannot really be sure. As we discussed previously there are several planetary bodies that need more detailed analysis, some with the potential of life such as the one in the Gydis System. There is also the station that the Centaur found in the Oro system, we will be there to drop off the team so could run some further scans. I am most interested in the Rey system as there is what appears to be a trading station, suggesting a warp-capable species.”

 “Sounds like we may have our hands full. I am familiar with most of that but keep looking through the data and see if anything else jumps out. Anything to report overnight?”

“Yes Ma’am, the USS Liverpool has updated their ETA for 13:00 today; they are a couple of hours delayed. Other than that, nothing to report”, Kerry said without looking up come the console.

Shrugging Kirin nodes, “Nothing to be done about that. Glad nothing else came up, it will not be the case for long. I suspect once we start the survey you especially will always have something interesting to study. I will leave you to it. I will be in the holodeck if you need me; I am awake, mine as well get some exercise in.”

6:30 – Holodeck

An hour and a half later the computer chimed causing Kirin to slowly open her eyes, “Enter” she says as she slowly lowers her legs from the current pose, Fallen Angel, into Flying Crow.

The arch appears, the door opening; slightly taking away from the quiet mountain meadow that surrounded her. In steps her XO, Lieutenant Thanen Th’zalnar, “Sorry to interrupt Kirin…” He starts before pausing and watching her move between poses before she finishes in cobra. 

“Is there something I can do for you Thanen or are you just going to stand there and watch?”

“Sorry…. I just, well I understand the theory behind this yoga as the humans call it but struggle to see the appeal myself.”

Laughing a little in her head Kirin smirks and thinks ‘I think you see the appeal…’ 

“Well, you are more than welcome to join whenever you like Thanen; it might warm up that blue blood of yours,” Kirin says, knowing full well he would not likely join unless it was to just watch a bit more.

“I might do that Ma’am. I wanted to let you know that Kerry mentioned that the lights in your quarters were acting up. I took a look at them and fixed the issue; faulty sensor.”

Standing up and wiping the sweat off her face and neck with a towel she nodes. “Thanks, though couldn’t a message have worked?”

“Yes, that’s true but I wanted to speak to you in private, if possible, I thought you were almost finished here given your usual routine.” 

“Walk with me then Thanen. Computer end programme” Kirin says as he walks out of the holodeck and the mountain meadow fades away. “What is this about?”

“As you know Kirin for a ship this size, we are at just under a third of the regular crew complement. I was reviewing the systems again last night and though we have a high degree of automation and emergency holograms which can help with repairs I am concerned that if something does happen why on the survey, we lack the redundancies within personnel that are needed. Space can be a dangerous place as we all know,  we are not exactly in an Inquiry or Vesta.”

Kirin smiles and sighs at this as they continue towards the lift, “I know what you mean. Those thoughts have crossed my mind as well and I did put in a request to command for an additional crew, but they do not feel that a survey mission into an already, somewhat, known area of space with no known hostile species needs more.” Shaking her head she continues, “I can understand where they are coming from to a degree, but I also think that they want to see how we” she waves her hand around her “the crew hold up. Let’s be honest, I think this is a bit of a test for each of us. Mnass have had some issues with her temper and authority but her skills are without question, Dawson is painfully shy at times but truly brilliant and needs this experience, Belania; well she is an amazing pilot but I am not sure she wouldn’t sell the ship out from under us. Did I ever tell you the first thing she said to me in my one-on-one?” Thanen shakes his head, “The aftermarket value of the Daradax and the very large profits we would each make. Anyways” waving her hand as if to push the thought aside, “and then there is us. I have on at least one occasion struck a senior officer, though rightfully deserved, his behaviour and comments warranted much worse and command knows that; not to mention my previous work. You seem to be the most regular officer aboard the Daradax.”

Thanen cracks a smile at that, his antenna both swivelling to point at Kirin. “We are an odd crew; I will give you that. I also doubt Belania would sell the ship, Ferengi or not.  Dawson will get there I am sure, Mnass well those cases, along with your incident were very circumstantial, to say the least.”

“I appreciate that Thanen.”

Getting off the lift they walk to the mess hall to find Mnass and Belania both sitting there eating breakfast, dressed and ready for the day. Looking up Mnass sharply nodes her head in acknowledgement in their direction and Belania cheerfully waves.

“Morning Commander, XO.” Belania says; looking at the commander she smiles, “How was your workout commander?”

“Oh,” Kirin says a bit surprised, she looks down at herself, forgetting that she was not actually in uniform yet or regular clothes for that matter, and only wearing a sports bra and yoga shorts. “It was what I needed this morning. Speaking of which I should go get ready.” She nodes at Thanen, “If there is anything else we can pick it up once I am on the bridge.” With that, she turns and heads to her quarters.

11:45 – Bridge

Sitting on the bridge Kirin looks around, thinking back to the conversation with Thanen. The bridge was empty except for Belania, at the con and herself at the operations and tactical console running queries and routine scans.

“How is the Daradax doing Belania? Does she handle as you expected? Kirin asks.

“She is a good ship, Commander. Better than the older Aerie class ships she is based on, similar but better for sure. Well worth her weight in latinum.  Quicker to respond and such but something is nagging at me about her handling, just not sure what. It is a better ship but as Rule of Acquisition 134 states ‘There is always a catch’…not sure what it is yet.”

“I am glad to hear that – run a full diagnostic on the manoeuvring thrusters and systems if you think it is needed. She did check out in the spacedock but that is different than when we are out here in the black. I am going to grab a coffee and lunch. Would you like one?” getting up and turning to leave Kirin pauses  “I have started to run a diagnostic on tactical, it will take about 30 minutes. Send me a message if it ends early.”

“Thanks for the offer, Commander, I am fine thank you and I will let you know.”Nodding Kirin gets up and leaves the bridge and enters the mess hall finding Ril finishing up her lunch and looking down at a PADD. “Ril, how are you today? Did your training activities go well last night?”Ril, lost in thought, looks up from the PADD surprised. “Commander…I am well, the training was exhausting, exactly what I needed. Things have been quiet here and I don’t do well with quiet.””If you want to talk about it Ril, please let me know. I know you have come from a busy posting on Bravo but this might be good for you.”Dismissing the gesture with an aggressive way of her hand, she shakes her head visibly annoyed “I am fine Commander” she says a bit sharply. “I need to get back to my review of the phaser banks. May I go?””Of course. Please keep me updated.”‘What am I going to do about her’ Kirin thinks to herself as she grabs a coffee and sits down. ‘One moment she is a model officer and others…well…not. Maybe it is me?’

Quickly finishing her lunch Kirin gets up to return to the bridge just as her combadge beeps.

“Bridge to Commander Tarken, we have an incoming priority communication from the command.”

“Thank you, Ensign, sent it to the briefing room, I will take it there.”



  • This is such a promising cast of characters gathered to begin this mission. Kirin's eagerness and optimism at taking command of Daradax makes for such an earnest read. It's refreshing how much faith she puts in her new crew, especially in such stark contrast to Thanen's concerns that the ship is understaffed. (And rule of acquisition 134, oh no!) I worry that could prove to be Chekhov's gun as they get drawn into the fleet action and all the pitfalls that may lay ahead. I enjoy the rapport building between Kirin and Thanen; they're certainly not afraid to challenge one another, which is also very promising for future storytelling too!

    May 31, 2022
  • Love this already! I particularly enjoyed seeing a bit of 'slice of life' of the crew and how they interact with each other on a more mundane, day to day basis with each other before we go out deeper into the fleet action. Slice of ship life reading always has a soft spot with me, not sure why, but I adore it! I love the widely varied relationship dynamics between all the characters.

    June 4, 2022
  • This was not a bad way to start the “Fleet Action”. I loved how you used a chronological approach to this day with Kirin and her interactions with the crew of the Daradax. It gave it a special kind of feel and flow to the story; almost like a memory from the ship itself. Keep this energy and I am sure that this mission will be most enjoyable to read. Thank you for this start.

    June 9, 2022