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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q2 2400

The Case of the Operative

Infirmary 4 / Operations
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Infirmary 4 – 1200

Longfellow sat roughly down in his chair, a brown cane in his right hand.  He was recovering as well as expected but had been put on light duty for the day.  Roughly translated it meant desk work.  He wasn’t opposed to it this time around.  Henry had nearly been murdered by a Vulcan mind-meld.  It had been enough for him to accept his desk-bound fate for a few days.

Roger entered the infirmary, seeing Longfellow sitting in a chair. “Hey, Doc.”

The physician looked up and allowed a small smile, “Mr. Allen.  I had a feeling I was going to see you again.”

“A good one, I hope,” said Roger. “After discussing my report with my section leader, I was reassigned. Until this situation is resolved, I’m your official body guard.” He chuckled. “We’ll be seeing a lot of each other.”

Henry raised his eyebrows, “I wondered how security was going to respond to it.”  He took a drink from his steaming cup of coffee, “I’m still unclear as to what hornet nest I poked with my actions, but I’ve been able to understand a little more about it.”  He gestured to the chair in front to of his desk and handed over a PADD.

Longfellow leaned forward, “The Vulcan command, operative, and expeditionary forces are all separate but also connected.  It’s a massive pile of spaghetti that won’t get sorted out any sooner or later.”  He pointed to the PADD, “The only real lead is Major Tulak and he is a real Major in the Vulcan government.”

Roger shared Longfellow’s concerns. It seemed things could be more serious than a green ensign should handle. On the other hand, Roger was confident he could get the job done. “Wherever this goes, Doc, I’ve got you covered.”

Operations – 1210

Cynndle sat at his station reviewing the sensor and coms data as it came in. Nothing so far for the day seemed out of the ordinary so he leaned back and grab his Raktajino from the desk. Taking a sip he thought about how this operations posting seemed a bit more chilled out than his previous bridge officer posting aboard a starship.

His console chimed and a message from the chief popped up, copying in station security as well; ‘That is odd…

Cynndle, I need you to run a full review on the internal sensors around Holodeck 4 from 9:30-10:30 today. One of our officers was assulted and we need to see what inforamtion we can pull from records. Once complete work with security and speak to Lieutenant Longfellow to see if you can help any further.

“Well, today just got a bit more interesting.” He says to himself as he starts pulling up the sensor records. ‘I guess with a station this big, you are bound to have assaults happen, wonder what it was about…

The records come up within moments of the request but the files themselves are patchy, almost as if the sensors were cutting in and out. Having seen these sorts of issues before Cynndle taps his combadge.

“Ensign Lihran, this is Lieutenant Oin’sun in Ops.”

Lihran was passed out at his desk, PADD dangling precariously from his fingers. He was going through another stint of avoiding sleep in favour of work, and was burning out. Hearing Cynddle’s voice jerked him awake with a most undignified snort. He dragged a hand over his face, coming to his senses, before he taps his combadge.

“Ensign Lihran here. What can I help you with, Lieutenant?”

He sets his PADD down and pushes himself up to get a cup of coffee from the replicator.

“Great, hope I am not distrubing you?”

Lihran shook his head, despite knowing Cynndle can’t see it, “No, not disturbing at all.” He lifts the mug of coffee to his lips and takes a sip, letting out a small sigh.

“I know you work with the reactors and engines but I am having issues accessing some sensor records from earlier today. The issues are similar to the what we encountered last time with the power fluctuations. Are you aware of any such issues today around 9:30 to 10:30? Around holodeck 4? It is about an assault. Maybe we could meet to discuss? Perhaps the auxiliary operations station on deck 105?”

Lihran furrows a brow, “An assault? That is incredibly serious. I’ll compile the errors and scurry around and see if they’ve been cut again. I’ll meet you there, then?”

“Great, thanks Lihran.” Cynndle paused briefly with a thought, “Actually instead of auxiliary operations call when you are done and I will meet you and we can go straight to Infirmary 4 to see Lieutenant Longfellow.”

Lihran pauses mid sip of coffee, lowering his mug, “Infirmirary 4? Alright sounds good to me.” He set his mug down, half finished. He grabs his PADD and a toolkit and starts off to check the sensors and wires.

Infirmary 4 – 1400

Cynndle exited the turbolift near Infirmary 4. ‘I really do need to get that medical check-in sorted…’ As he approaches the entrance he sees Lihran turn the corner and walks toward him down the corridor. Giving Lihran a quick wave he stops at the entrance and waits.

“Find anything useful?” He says before they enter to speak to Longfellow.

Lihran sighed sharply, “Unfortunately. Part of me wishes I did not find anything. More cut wires. like the last time.” He pulled out his PADD and forwarded his report on it to Cynndle, “There are the specifics: what was cut, where and how much. I replaced them all.” he jerks his head towards the door of the infirmary, “Shall we?”

“Yeah, lets.” Cynndle turns and walks into Infirmary 4, Lihran on his heels.

Two people in uniform entered the infirmary and moved towards Longfellow. Roger stepped in front of them and spoke in a firm voice. “Who are you and why are you here?” He considered that he might be going too far, but it was better to be safe.

Lihran nods, “Ensign Lihran, Engineering. Was brought by Lieutenant Oin’sun about some investigations on an assault. I’ve got a report on cut wires and tampered sensors. Not sure if it is related, but it is something.”

Cynndle steps forward and holds his hand out. “The Chief of Operations asked me to look into any possible recordings from the internal sensors but they were corrupted around holodeck 4 at the time of the assault. Was asked to pass on anything I, we found” gesturing to Lihran, “to security and to see if Longfellow had any other information if he had seen the attacker before sort of thing.”

Roger entered their information into a PADD, confirming their IDs. “Okay, you’re good to go.” He looked at Longfellow. “Doc?”

Longfellow looked up from his desk and the open door. “Why don’t you all step into my office?”  He took a sip from his coffee, enjoying the homemade brew.  “That way we can all find out what we’re doing here.”  He gestured to the chairs around the room, “Should be enough chairs for everyone.”

Roger let the others sit while he remained standing by the door.

Lihran strode into the office, side eyeing Roger warily before he moved to take a seat.

Following quickly behind Lihran Cynndle gives Roger a quick nod and takes a seat. “Longfellow I presume? I am glad to see you are ok.”

As soon as they all were seated Henry leaned forward, “So, a gathering of security, operations, engineering, and medical.  Sounds like the start of an old Earth joke.”  He smiled quietly, “So, let’s begin.  What do you need to know?”

Lihran snorted, “I wish it was a joke, honestly. If it is, it is a rather morbid one.” His expression turned serious once more, “An officer getting assaulted on the base is a serious thing. Do you know who did it and why?”

Longfellow sighed, “It is a long story.  The short version is that in the process of saving a 200-year-old Vulcan operative in hospice from having her brain taken captive by a fellow operative for varying trumped-up reasons and charges…I took her Katra in, she died, and we transferred her Katra to a Katraic Ark and gifted it to her half Vulcan half-human daughter who fled it with it.”  He glanced from officer to officer, “The delegation seeking her mind had been in my office several times over the days this occurred.  When I took part in the transfer process in the holodeck, they tracked me down.  Thankfully the daughter escaped and is home by now.  However…”, he took a sip of his apple cider, “one of the operatives tried to mind-meld to get answers about who and what and whatever else.” He gestured to Allen, “Thankfully a security officer was on patrol in the area and was able to prevent my impending death.”  Another sip, “Major Tulak and  his delegation have left the station, but I do not expect whoever he is serving is finished with me or any of this yet.”

“I am sorry to hear that you had to endure that. A forced mind meld is meant to be very unpleasant I have been told. Though it is good to have a bit more context to the events.” Cynndle responds. “All I was told when the Chief messages me was that there had been an assault and the powers that be wanted to know if the internal sensors. Sadly the files were patchy, to say the least and we couldn’t pull anything. I asked Lihran to look into this as it isn’t the first time we have had this issue and turns out it was deliberate again.” Shaking his head he continues, “I have a couple ideas I want to follow-up but no leads yet on who has been doing it.” 

After a long pause, Cynndle adds as an afterthought. “Do you know the time the Vulcan delegation left? We should contact the ship and have it returned.”

Henry chuckled, “They’ll refuse you on diplomatic grounds and galactic security grounds.  Chances of getting them back here or even their ship are small.”

Lihran visibly grimaced, grumbling under his breath about Vulcans always being trouble. He spoke out loud, “That behavior sounds almost Romulan in nature. I’d question if you were dealing with Romulans, but mind-melding is something we typically don’t do. A forceful mind meld is a very serious offense, I will say that. Especially on a Starfleet doctor on a Starbase.”

Longfellow raised his eyebrows, “Ensign Lihran…you make an excellent point.”  He activated his desk LCARS and quickly brought up the screen in the office, “T’shalaith wasn’t sure who in Vulcan High Command or The Vulcan Expeditionary Force we were dealing with…what if your suspicion is right, Ensign…what if it’s a Romulan operative working within.”  He tapped his console further and a facsimile of a Vulcan and a Romulan appeared on the display, “It wouldn’t be too hard to cover up the Romulan traits and substitute the Vulcan.”  He leaned back in his chair, “Ensign Allen…we may have a bigger problem if this is true.”

Lihran nods, “Some Romulans or half Romulans, you can’t tell them apart from Vulcans at a glance without a medical tricorder. Not all of us have forehead ridges. And as far as I know, medical examinations of non-Starfleet personnel aren’t mandatory so… It would be easy for a Romulan to claim to be Vulcan. It would take a lot of discipline and work for a Romulan to mind-meld. But it is not impossible. Some of us are telepathic to a degree.”

Henry shook his head, “I think we operate this on a need to know.  Vulcan politics is complex enough…Romulan society is rife with political intrigue that’d make a Vulcan operative blush.”  He gave a nod to the Romulan in the room, “No offense Ensign Lihran.”

Lihran snorts, shaking his head, “None taken. I’ve spent over a century deep in the Romulan political schemes, had my thumbs in a few pies, so to speak. I know too well how they operate. I’d be happy to offer my knowledge or ability to acquire intel on this situation. If it is wandering down that path like we think.”

Roger listened without commenting. The more he heard, the more he realized this matter was something above the pay grade of junior officers. It was big, better than keeping order on the promenade, so he was all in until someone with more pips said he wasn’t.

Longfellow leaned forward, “I’m going to say Cynndle and Allen – you two work on investigating the who and the what.  Lihran, you can assist with your knowledge of Romulans and engineering.  I suspect our friends left things behind to monitor whatever happened next.  I know my office is clean – wouldn’t be sitting here if it wasn’t.”  Henry sighed, “In the meantime, I’m going to try and see if I can work my contacts in Vulcan medical sciences carefully.”  He looked at each of them, “Anything further?”

Lihran nods at that, “Would be absolutely delighted to help you. I’ll do a sweep of vital areas and debug them, so to speak. Ask me anything you wish about Romulans. My mind is at your disposal. That goes for all of you.” He nods at each of the other men.

Cynndle looks around at everyone and nods in agreement. “We need to find out who sabatoged the sensors and see if we can get that ship tracked atleast given what you have said Longfellow. I can have a chat with the chief of operations about that.

Longfellow gave a nod, “I think that’s a solid plan.  If you’ll excuse me, I need to finish up my physician shift.  Good luck, all of us.”  He stood and the rest of them headed out of the office and into the station.  The plan was set.  Now the real work began.