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Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead

A Little Bit Of Theta Radiation Here And There

Risan Pleasure Craft Furanda
Friday 8th April 2157
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Jarandis had led Campbell’s team through several sections of her ship. “Most of the damage we sustained was to our propulsion. The Romulans didn’t seem bothered about anything else.” She eventually showed them into the large long room that was designated their version of main engineering. “Some of my engineers were harmed.”

Walking past a group of Risans, all of whom were sprayed across broken controls, Campbell had taken out his scanner and checked to see what their lifesigns were like. Sighing quietly he pushed the scanner back in on itself as he turned to his first officer. “They’re all dead.” He said solemnly.

“I’m surprised the Romulans didn’t push the issue to finish the job, if they gave them this bad a beating,” Leonov mused, expression as stoic as ever. “But more pressingly, I don’t know how this ship gets back on its feet with this staff loss.”

“Is one of them your chief engineer?” Campbell asked Jarandis.

The Risan woman just shrugged in a sad tone. “We’ve not been able to identify everyone yet, so we’re not sure. I’m without enough engineers.”

Campbell understood as they approached what he believed to be their warp core. “The structural integrity of the core appears to be intact. The injectors appear to be slightly damaged.”

As he was about to take his communicator out to talk to Endeavour when someone from the other end of the engineering room screamed at them and opened fire at them with what looked like a plasma torch set to a high setting. The green flames were huge. Instantly everyone ducked or hide behind whatever they could find. Their attacker appeared to be a Risan engineer who had gone crazy. She was pushing the flames out in all directions.

“Hold your fire! We’re here to help you!” Campbell shouted down the outstretched engineering room.

Screaming an insult back, most likely in Risan, their attacker continued with their assault.

Looking over to his team, Campbell asked for ideas.

Having already been on high alert mentally ever since their run in with the Orions, Scott had been continuously surveying the scene, making mental notes of all the places where not only he, but anyone looking for a place to seek cover could do so if the need arose. If he could stick to the shadows and then get to higher ground he could jump down and take the engineer by surprise.

Being the only suggestion he had in that moment, he explained his plan to Campbell, and with a nod of approval, unholstered his phase pistol, confirmed a setting of stun just in case things went south, and set out.

As the plan started to get underway, Campbell noticed that Jarandis was starting to faint before she collapsed into his arm. Carefully he kept her in his arms as he laid her down to scan her. He was certain she hadn’t been caught by their attacker, so he took his scanner out and checked her. “Theta radiation poisoning.” He recognised the scans instantly. “We need to get out of here, now!” He called out to his team.

With every opportunity that presented itself between bursts of flames being flung at him and his crewmates, Scott silently inched his way closer, ducking behind a console, a conduit or anything that could shield him from the flames and the engineer’s line of sight until he found himself before a narrow ladder that led to an upper catwalk. The catwalk was connected wall to wall perpendicular to the warp core with two branching catwalks running parallel on either side.

Scott knew he had to make it quick, hearing the call from his captain to get out. The engineer was almost directly below him with his back to the core, continuing to shoot flames at irregular intervals of no more than a few seconds at a time. Scott was starting to heat up with each successive burst, or from the increased temperature of the damaged core. He wiped his forehead with the right sleeve of his jumpsuit and then lined up his angle of attack. As soon as the engineer paused between bursts, he leapt over the edge of the catwalk landing squarely onto the engineer, causing him to hit his head and knock him out.

With the threat now under control, it was time to follow his captain’s orders and get out of there. With as much strength as he could muster, he lifted the man off the ground and threw him over his shoulder, and in a slow weighted waddle, made his way down the length of the room and out of engineering.

As soon as they were outside, Campbell had carried Jarandis in his arms and carefully lowered her onto the deck. “Theta radiation must be leaking from the damaged injectors.” He looked at everyone else. “We’ll need to be inoculated,” He looked to his first officer. “Number One go find Captain Jarandis’ first officer and tell him we’ll need to evacuate everyone off their ship and onto Endeavour.”

“It’s going to be a tight fit; we’ll likely have to clear space in one of the cargo bays for an emergency shelter,” Leonov pointed out, but gave a terse nod. “I’ll get everyone organised.” She headed off.

He looked over to Ricci, “Antoine, go find Havol and see if she can help you start to move people off as well.”

Antoine had already been shaken up by the crazy events that had been unfolding, but he composed himself and nodded “Will do, Sir! I will report when I know more.” Antione rearranged his pack and sprinted down the corridor heading for the living area of the ship trying to find Havol. He ran into a few Risians and motioned for them to follow him. He was about to move to another area of the ship when he saw Havol pinned down he motioned for the Risians to wait and went to save her or try to. He slid under cover beside her “Did you call for assistance M’lady?” He said with a small smirk.

Havol looked over at the officer and shook her head “I did not, but I am glad you’re here. Not sure what’s going on, but I could use a quick escape.”

Antione nodded “Allow me.” He said as he fell back to her side and offered a her hand.“Glad to see your safe Havol. I am not sure if we have had the pleasure but I am Lieutenant Antione Ricci.”

Havol smiled “I have noticed you, Lieutenant.” She winked and turned looking at the Risians who had waited in cover “Did you find them?”

Antione nodded and motioned for them to follow him with Havol beside him “Let’s get them off the ship shall we?” He smiled again he knew Risians were beautiful, but Havol was something else.

She had to admit Antione was easy on the eyes, but right now the job was to evacuate and he was her help in that matter. After a small amount of time they have evacuated quite a few of the Risians and crew on the ship.

Antione decided to report to the Captain, “Ricci to Campbell, I found Havol and we proceeded to evacuate the majority of the Risians and crew on the ship.”

“Well done lieutenant, we’ll see you back on Endeavour.” Campbell said after he pulled out  communicator out, he then called for his chief engineer. “Campbell to Meihu.”

“Xiang here, what’s going on?” She asked as she could tell something was wrong by the sound of his voice.

Endeavour NX-06

On Endeavour the chief engineer was climbing down the stairs from the upper level to the main area as the captain spoke to her.

“Xiang, the Furanda was heavily damaged. Get over here with an engineering detail. We have work to do.” Campbell ordered.

“We’re on our way Captain,” she replied before ending the channel she looked over to Khadijah and a few other engineers. “We have a situation over on the Furanda I need you and a few others to grab your gear. We will be heading over to assist with repairs,” Xiang ordered.

Khadijah nodded grabbing a few of the engineers, “understood sir.” Khadijah replied as they all went and got their gear and then together headed over to the Furanda.


Back on the Furanda, Campbell turned to Mitchell, he called for his armoury chief to take Captain Jarandis to Endeavour at once. “Get her to sickbay at once.”

“Understood.” Scott replied, and proceeded to pick up the female captain, cradling her in his arms and make his way back to the docking port.

Calling back to the Endeavour he raised for Lieutenant Randall, “Josh, tell Doctor Wishmore to prepare for mass casualties, all with theta radiation poisoning. Then start work on preparing one of our cargo bays to hold some new guests we have coming over.”

“Understood, captain.” Josh replied.

Endeavour NX-06

While on the bridge of Endeavour, Randall tapped the intercom. “Bridge to sickbay. Dr Wishmore, prepare for casualties with theta poisoning from the Risan ship. Recommend you initiate radiation protocols.

Josh tapped the intercom a second time. “Bridge to security. Start prepping one of the cargo bays for individuals from the Risan ship.”

After hearing acknowledgement from his pilot, Campbell then looked over to his MACO leader, “Major, is there enough alien modifications left in that body of yours to hold out a bit longer to theta radiation? I wondered if we could find a way to vent it.”

”Theta? Not sure…I’ll probably bounce back quicker though, assuming I don’t hit ‘walking ghost’ levels of saturation…” The Major pondered as she surveyed the area, mapping out the most efficient path and movements to take. “…in theory, I can probably shave off a few seconds of how long I have to be exposed though, reflexes and all. Definitely going to need a sick bucket and an iodine martini after this…what exactly do you have mind?

Studying the levels of theta radiation, Campbell changed his mind. “No levels are increasing. We’d need to send a team over in EVA suits to do the work. Ignore that idea.” Campbell then signalled for those left with him to make their quick departure at once. The Furanda would need more delicate hands to fix it before they towed it back to Risa.