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Antione Ricci

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ricci


Chief Communications Officer
Endeavour (Archive)


Antione is a lover of many things but his strict demeanor makes others question how nice he is. A lover of older Aerospace research Antione can be found reading old books and research regarding the hobby.


Antione Ricci grew up in the mountains of Sicily. An avid adventurer and hiker Antione spent his younger years exploring the mountains of Sicily. At an extremely young age Antione had an injury that would follow him the rest of his life. As he was hiking he fell down an embankment and landed down below unfortunately a tree branch punctured his right eye and it had to be removed. From the age of seven Antione had to wear an eyepatch. The ordeal changed Antione and he found out who his true friends were. He learned just what friendship meant and how easily it could be broken. His outlook on friends and life from that point on helped to harden him to the hardships of life. As a kid with one eye he was constantly having issues with the disorienting factor. After many years of training himself Antione was able to do all the tasks as he had before the accident during this time he had finished school and was trying to decide on what to do next. 

He had heard about starships that were being researched and wanted to get away from his normal life. Antione had always loved electronics and from this love he found out about communications. At a young age he had worked hard to build some communication equipment for his family and friends. Antione enjoyed his solitude and his attitude was not something that made him popular. He didn’t put up with people and their complaining. His outlook was you can always find the solution without complaining and the less you complain the more you can get done. 

He began learning the many facets of the newly formed Starfleet and enlisted in Starfleet Training command. After many test to see if he qualified he was accepted and began training to be a comms officer. His fascination for communications seemed to grow as his training started and his natural talent was apparent even to his instructors. He was talented at multitasking and in the job of communications he learned just how important it was. 

Antione was provisionally ranked as an Ensign and stationed on the first comm station that Starfleet had established. His job was to help connect the new systems for the station and make sure things were running smoothly. Antoine was well regarded after his training and his time on the station went better than expected. Antione had a stern demeanor and did not put up with the nonsense some would especially when he was doing his job. 

After a year of getting the station up and running Antione was promoted to Lieutenant and asked to join the Endeavour as the Chief Comms Officer. He accepted and was excited to began his new position.