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Part of USS Odyssey: Shattered Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

Let’s Stay Together

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Paulson Nebula, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 77021
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Stifling a yawn, Samris walked down the corridor towards his quarters. Smiling at a few passerbys, he had noticed that since his transfer back to assistant chief counsellor, some of the crew either looked at him with pity or showed some sort of support in disagreeing with the action that had taken. Frustration had entered him after he had found out the news from the captain. Feeling completely undermined by the admiral’s orders, he had initially felt useless as to what to do or say. It hadn’t helped that Counsellor Horin had spoken to him and shared with her that she was not keen with her reassignment and being replacing him for the time being. He hadn’t been quite sure how to take her, so for now he decided he would give her some room before he worked out if he could trust her sincerity. 

The door sensors automatically registered his approach and opened up for him. Walking into his quarters, he was surprised to find some low volume music playing and what appeared to be dinner setup for two. His quarters were of a reasonable large size, allowing him to have guests over for meals. He just wasn’t expecting to find what he found. 

Standing by the replicator and picking up two dishes and walking over to the beautifully laid table was T’Rani. Placing the two dishes carefully down, he noticed that one was Romulan jumbo mollusk and the other was a vegetarian version of it. One of his favourite dishes. Smiling at her, he walked towards her. “What’s this?” He asked with a smile spread across his face.

“My observations of non-Vulcans is that when they are having a difficult time, especially with their emotions, that sometimes their ‘spirits’ can be lifted by having a favourite meal. Considering what has happened with your position on the ship, I felt it was appropriate to help you lift your spirits.” T’Rani answered as she picked up a glass of kali-fal and handed it over to him. “Along with your favourite beverage. This is not replicated either. I went to Mister Goldman in The Auditorium for his assistance in getting a non-synthehol version.” 

Sniffing the drink, he could really sense the aroma and his smile grew bigger and the gestures. The table was set up with a candle in the middle along with a bouquet of pink favinit flowers sat in a vase. 

T’Rani was a true romantic. 

“This looks delicious and I am so grateful.” Samris approached her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “Thank you, I needed this.”

“Well, I hope everything is to your satisfaction.” T’Rani replied as she gestured for them both to sit down to enjoy what she prepared.

 Around forty-five minutes later they finished their meal and were sipping on their kali-fal. Samris placed his almost empty glass down and looked at her. “There is one thing I want to discuss with you, something we’ve not spoken about since our return to the Odyssey.”

“Please, proceed.” She insisted as she placed her glass down. 

Samris cleared his throat, his discomfort showing that the subject he wanted to share was one he was unsure how to approach with her. “Well it’s about us.”

“Us?” She repeated.

“Yeah, and besides us having to go to these regular counselling sessions due to what happened on the Quirennal, there is one thing that did come out of it all that I felt was good.” Samris stated. “And that was that we make an excellent…team.”

 “I agree.” T’Rani said, unmoved by his comment. 

“So, I was wondering if we wanted to return back to that and perhaps we should consider moving in with one another?” Samris suggested.

“As in share quarters?” T’Rani checked. 

Samris just nodded. 

Considering the idea for a moment, T’Rani’s left eyebrow rose by a few centimetres. “A fascinating proposal.”

“Not to compare us with Max or Tobi, but they’ve moved in and their relationship was still quite young and fresh before the incident on the Quirennal.” Samris added, worried that he needed to justify his proposal. “I enjoyed your company and I would hope to think you feel the same way.”

“Commander Duncan and Senior Chief Court are providing a stable home life for the sons of Captain Jyster, however I must concur that us habitating in the same area was agreeable.” T’Rani stated. “Our relationship has gone through what I believe Counsellor Horin described as ‘a whirlwind of an adventure’, nevertheless I do wish to explore it further to see if it would become a permanent idea.”

Not sure if she was hinting at marriage on the horizon, Samris just smiled as he got up to give her a hug. He knew she would not automatically return the gesture (or even be prepared for it) but once she was in his embrace she held him back. 

“This is great, thank you T’Rani.” Samris said after letting go. 

“Likewise.” T’Rani remarked. “Both of our quarters are sufficiently large enough to accommodate us both, however do you wish to request if we could find some that are more available and perhaps slightly bigger?”

Feeling that was a reasonable compromise, Samris just nodded. “Shall we go for a nice walk in the arboretum?” He offered her his hand.

“That is agreeable as well.” T’Rani said as she took his hand into hers.

Before they reached the door though, the red alert klaxon went off. Instantly they let go of each other as they both knew they had stations to report to. He was no longer needed on the bridge but she would be.

“We will continue this later.” T’Rani promised before placing a kiss on his left cheek and leaving him.

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