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Very First Assignment

Starbase Bravo
January 2400
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Nilah Virahl had just graduated from the Academy, she thought she would be assigned to a small starship for her first assignment. She was in for a surprise when she was being assigned to Starbase Bravo as an engineer. “Wow,” is all she said after she materialized on the transporter room padd of the station. Looking around she grabbed her belongings which were quite a bit for a newly promoted Ensign, but most of it was her books that she brought with her. She also had her small nicknacks as well as of course clothes and a few other small things, stepping off she saw an Ensign in red.

“Excuse me, sir could you point me to where my quarters are?” She replied as she pointed to where they were located on her handheld, “I have a roommate by the name of Ensign Murphy.” Nilah added looking at him.

First time he was assigned to a transporter room to assist new arrivals. Usually, he has a line from airlocks of docking ports at one of the arrival sections or whatever. But now he was enjoying the transporter room arrivals. Smaller lines, and much more chances to talk to people than being rushed to move to the next person. Though he was a little caught off guard when another Ensign came up to him and called him ‘sir’. Steven chuckled, “For one thing, my fellow Ensign, don’t call me ‘sir’. You’re not at the Academy anymore, and we’re the same rank. Unless you run into these guys,” He pointed with his thumb at one of the Lieutenants operating the transporter terminal.

Steven then cleared his throat as he lifted his PADD, brought up the holo display. “Do you have your orders on hand?” He asked her. “Your orders have a code to it that I need to enter.”

She chuckled, “sorry force of habit.” Nilah said with a sly smile as she activated her orders on the padd to show him.

Steven smiled back and then looked at her orders before he entered the information then his display populated. “All right,” He then created the nav points and then drew a route from here to her quarters then her quarters to where she needed to report in to. Well, technically the computer made the route, the most ‘sufficient’ and quickest route it could come up with. “There we go,” He said before swiping the map to her PADD. “That should take you where you need to go.” He told her before he started to search up for an Ensign Murphy. He then pursed his lips before shaking his head. “Sorry, I don’t think an Ensign Murphy has arrived yet. At least not your roommate. Looks like they have yet to check-in.”

She smiled as she took the padd with the route uploaded on it, “Thank you.” Nilah replied with a smile, “oh name is Ensign Nilah Virahl by the way. Though I am sure you were able to figure that out by looking at my orders.” She said with a chuckle, when she was nervous she seemed to talk a little too much. “Never thought that my first assignment was going to be onboard a starbase, I figured I get assigned to a starship or something.” She added looking at him as she went on talking.

Steven nodded his head, “Oh yeah, your orders gave it away but nice to meet you Ensign Nilah Virahl. Hopefully, I said that right. Lots of practice of weird names at the Academy, just insane. I am Ensign Steven Watson.” He introduced himself to her before he laughed a little. “Yeah, this station is huge. And you’re assigned to Engineering? Boy, I do not envy you, I mean if you get lost in a place like this, could take you a month to find your way back.” He joked.

“Yes you did,” Nilah replied with a smile. “Nice to meet you too, I am sure that once I study the station’s layouts I think we will be alright.” She chuckled as it was huge and could easily see how someone would get turned around. “I am up for the challenge of working on a station such as this,” Nilah commented as she was sure she was taking up his time doing his duty. She hoped she would make friends while on this assignment so getting out of her comfort zone and being more social would be beneficial for her.

There was no one really behind her yet so he wasn’t worried. “It’s a pretty big layout. I mean, this place houses a hundred thousand people, give or take. But specifications say it can hold a maximum of two hundred thousand. I don’t know what kind of emergency we would need to be in to double the station’s compliment but hey, that’s how huge this place is.” He told her. “Oh yeah, I’m totally up for a challenge. I can’t wait to start flying shuttles or runabouts and so some laps around this thing.”

“That sounds like fun,” she said as she never did fly a shuttle though she had worked on her fair share while in the Academy. “How long have you been on the station?” She asked looking at him with a soft smile.

Steven looked up at the ceiling for a second before he looked back at her. “About a week before New Year. Was here for the party and boy was it a party. Uh, the Promenade Security Chief guy…yeah, um, if you cross him, watch out. If looks could kill, his would melt you from the inside out. I vaguely remember what it was and that was only because I was drunk at the time. So yeah.” He chuckled.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Nilah replied with a chuckle realizing more people were starting to beam in. “Well, I’ll let you get back to your duties. Thanks for the directions and hope to see you around,” she said with a smile looking at him.

Steven saw the new arrivals materializing on the pad and he let out a sigh of disappointment. “Yeah, I better before the Lieutenant behind me gets cranky.” He smirked before nodding his head with a big smile. “You’re welcome and hope to see you soon.”

She headed out of the transporter room taking a glance at the directions, she headed towards the promenade. People were rushing about either to get something to eat, buy something from one of the shops, or heading towards an assignment. This place was huge, she was admiring things as she walked towards her destination.