Part of USS Saratoga: Treasure Hunt and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

One Piece of the Puzzle

Kepara Colony
October 2399
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Jheria rubbed her eyes as she continued to work on getting all the consoles working, though she has had some setbacks along the way on some of the consoles. The morning had come faster than she hoped as the others were already up, “how are things coming along?” Adams asked as she walked in looking at the Commander. Looking up at the Captain where she could clearly see her bloodshot tired eyes. 

“I am just about done, though I could have gotten done sooner if it wasn’t for these minor setbacks that came up along the way.” Jheria began as she stood up to stretch her tired body and from laying on the hard cave floor, she noticed that the Captain was holding a cup of coffee that she handed her.

“Thanks,” Jheria said as Makayla just nodded while smiling in return as Jheria took a sip of the much-needed coffee. “I should be done within the hour,” Jheria said as she took another drink before she set it down on the console where she was working. 

Makayla was concerned about her engineer, but she knew Jheria pretty well since she arrived aboard the Vesta a few months prior. She knew that she wouldn’t stop until she was finished even if she were to order her to, she just nodded. 

“Very well,  though after that, I need you to get some sleep.” Adams ordered looking at her before she continued, “I am sure we can handle the rest.” Adams finished as she look at her, Jheria was about to open her mouth and protest but paused and thought better of it, “very well Captain.” Jheria replied back in almost defeat, though she knew the Captain was right, she did need to get to sleep.

Jheria was about to get back under the console again to finish up her work when Adams spoke up, “I promise if something drastic were to happen we will come and get you.” Makayla responded as Jheria nodded and finally got back to work as Adams stood there for a moment more watching her before she to walked off to join the others.

Jheria continued to work on the last console for an hour before she had finally finished it, after testing and making sure this one held she began to put all her tools away. Once she was satisfied she walked out of the room and walked to where the others were located, looking at both Jeesa and Damir. “It’s all yours,” Jheria replied as they both looked up and nodded.

Adams looked at her as Jheria had gotten her sleeping bag from where the supplies were delivered and laid it out on the ground. Jheria could have easily gone to the ship to sleep in her own bed, in her own quarters she thought it would be better if she stayed here just in case she was needed quickly. Shortly after laying down, she closed her eyes and was soon fast asleep not realizing how exhausted she truly was. 

Adams smiled as she walked off leaving her to sleep in peace, she went and joined the others in the room where the beacon was located, “now this is better.” Jeesa said as she began to study the consoles as Damir continued to study the beacon symbols which he almost got. Adams was correct when she said that he would probably understand them better with a clear mind.

Damir walked around to each console, he noticed a similar symbol on each console that lined up with what was on the beacon and things started to click. “I got it,” Damir almost yelled in excitement which caused both Adams and Atur to look at him before looking at each other. “What is it, Commander?” Adams asked as she knew he had found something of importance.

He smiled as he began to talk, “it seems that each of these consoles does play a part in the operation of the beacon,” he began as he looked at them almost in sheer excitement, which they had never even seen him smile before. “If you look at this symbol here,” he continued pointing to a symbol on the console and then matching it up to the symbol on the pictures he took of the beacon. 

“They each have a different symbol which matches up with the corresponding one on the beacon,” Damir said as he couldn’t stop smiling as he just finally understood what the symbols stood for. “I believe things are going to be tricky now, now we need to figure out which order it goes to activate the beacon again.” Damir finished looking at the two.

“Though, we might want to be careful before attempting, because we do the wrong one at any point in the process it could reset everything. Then we would have to start all over again. So, I suggest we study this more before we attempt to start the process.” Damir suggested as he wasn’t sure what would happen.

Jeesa nodded, “probably for the best would hate to have to wake Jheria up because we messed something up.” Jeesa chuckled as Makayla just shook her head, “how long do you think this would take?” She asked looking at the two who thought for a moment, “hopefully be the end of the day, we should be able to start activation by tomorrow morning.” Damir replied looking at the Captain, he knew they needed things done as soon as possible but he wanted to play it safe as one wrong move could cause them to start all over from scratch. Which would then cause them to take even longer than necessary.

She nodded, “I’ll leave you to it then. Let me know if you need any assistance,” Adams replied as she felt there wasn’t much she could do at the moment and would just be in their way. They then started to work together to figure out which order they went to get the bacon activated and connected to the network.