Part of USS Saratoga: Treasure Hunt and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

Can We Fix It?

Kepara Colony
October 2399
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Damir was standing near the beacon, paying close attention to the details as well as the symbols that he noticed. The structure stood about three meters and was about 1 meter in diameter. The top of the beacon was in the shape of a triangle while looking down the sides pilar around liked almost like a hexagon that sat on a concrete base on the floor of the cave. There didn’t seem to be any console of any kind on it, he began to wonder if one of these consoles if not all were intertwined with the beacon.

“Dammnit,” Jeesa said in frustration out loud which had caused the other two to look at her. Damir just raised an eyebrow and went back to what he was doing. Jheria looked up from the panel that she had open under one of the many consoles to see what the inter-workings of it looked like, “what is wrong?” Jheria asked while she paused what she was doing.

“Just frustrated, it is kind of hard to figure what any of this means to even begin to understand how this beacon works or get it operational again without the power going out constantly,” Jeesa said with frustration filling her voice. Jheria nodded in acknowledgment “I am sorry that is happening, though it doesn’t surprise me as who knows who long this has been in disrepair.” Jheria replied looking at her, “I am trying to see if any of our technology would be compatible or if I can replicate something and modify it to work.” Jheria replied as Jeesa nodded in understanding, she was just excited enough to start work not really thinking about the engineering part of it.

“I think the studying part will have to wait until I can at least get these consoles operational and that could take a while,” Jheria said as Jeesa sighed nodding in understanding she then looked over at Damir who was intently staring at the beacon. “How’s it going over there, Commander?” Jeesa asked as she walked over to where he was, “fine” he replied not even looking at her.

“Have you been able to understand any of those symbols yet?” She asked out of curiosity as he has been standing there for the past thirty minutes. “Almost, and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of console so my guess is that it is connected to those consoles somehow,” Damir replied while looking at each of the symbols going down each side there were four per side going down in a straight row with a good space in between them.

Jeesa began to explore the area, while Jheria was scanning the different consoles and taking in the whole picture. Things were not going to be easy, though she didn’t expect to be otherwise, this could take a day or more to get operational, so they can figure out how to get the beacon connected to the vanishing point. The two engineers came walking back in and handed their report to Jheria, taking it and looking it over which caused her to let out a huge sigh as she nodded to them. They walked off into another room to explore the area see if they could find anything else they might have missed on their way down. They also knew to give her space when she was working.

“Lovely,” Jheria said with a sigh Jeesa was about to speak up when Adams walked back in. “What is lovely Commander?” Makayla asked as Jheria looked up at her, “it looks like those consoles we saw as we were coming down here, seem to be short-circuited and they also do seem to connect to that beacon as do all these consoles in some way.” Jheria began which caused Adams to have a very concerned look on her face. “I am pretty sure we can replicate some parts and calibrate it to work with Tkon technology,” she continued as Adams could tell there was a but in there. 

“It’s going to take a while and I mean could be a day, maybe longer to just get these consoles operational so we can figure out how to get the beacon connected and working again. I am hoping we can get it done quicker, Tkon technology seems to be very tricky and we don’t really know much about it.” Jheria replied as Adams stood there in thought.

“Understood, return to the ship to get what you need. I am sure we will be staying here overnight.” She said as she looked at them, Jheria nodded and left with the two engineers to head back to the ship. “Do you think we can re-activate the entrance forcefield so we don’t get any surprises while we’re sleeping?” Adams asked Jeesa and Damir. “That should be easy enough there seems to be a console on the inside of the main entrance so I should be able to reactivate that one.” Jeesa replied, “wonderful,” she said as she started to look at the beacon with Damir.


Jheria had made it back on board and made a beeline for engineering and headed for the area where she could work on creating the parts she needed. “I do not want to be disturbed, if there is a problem bring that up with the Assistant,” she said walking past her assistant and the engineers.

They looked at each other noticing she was on a mission and shrugged and got back to work. Jheria stood at the large replicator that was made for replicating larger items, she put in the parameters she needed and began to replicate what she needed. Though after that she would need to adjust and modify them to work with the technology which was going to be the trickiest part of it all.

Teila walked into engineering after she had seen Jheria basically run past her in the corridor, “where can I find the Chief?” Teila asked one of the engineers who looked at her apologetically, “she doesn’t want to be disturbed, she’s really busy.” The Ensign replied looking up from the console that he was working on. “Oh I see,” Telia said while she was looking around and thought she spotted her.

She began to walk in that direction, “Commander, she asked to not be disturbed, she is extremely busy.” The Ensign said again, this time moving to block her which caused the Lieutenant that is currently in charge to look up from the console to see the Doctor trying to get by the Ensign to see the Chief. “She really is busy, she needs to get things replicated to be able to repair the Tkon tech down there.” The Lieutenant replied walking up to her dismissing the Ensign who looked relieved that he took over. “She needs concentration to get things alined correctly so our technology can work with theirs.” He finished before she sighed and nodded, “alright.” Teila replied as she turned back around and headed out of engineering.

Looking at the Ensign and nodded at the effort before getting back to her work, Jheria would spend the next few hours replicating and adjusting the parts, the final adjustments would need to happen down on the cave once installation takes place. She hoped that this would work, if not then they had a much bigger problem on their hands if that were to come to pass.