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Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

Not Again!

Devron Fleet Yards, Devron System
October 2399
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Just another day onboard the station as there was traffic going in and out of the system, officers running about doing their normal work, and civilians enjoying the promenade with the many shops that were available. Azras Dex was rarely seen walking the halls as her days were always busy with either meeting, daily paperwork, or contacting those within her task force. She barely had time to relax, though she did find time to see her family in the afternoons.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy, having to deal with the Omega even within the Devron system they had to deal with destroying them here in the system as well. So far they have not reappeared, though things are about to get more interesting as she has gotten word from Command about the Tkon. She had called up Lieutenant Commander Damir Jahraus an Archaeologist, he would be temporarily assigned to the USS Vesta for the upcoming mission that she was about to send them on.

They were talking when Commander Mirel piped in, “Captain Adams is here to see you, sir.” Sari replied as Azras nodded to have her sent in, few moments later Adams walked in not realizing she wasn’t alone. “Sir if this is a bad time I can come back,” Adams said as it looked as though she was disturbing their conversation.

“We were just finishing up,” Azras replied as Jahraus stood up and slightly nodded to Adams before he walked out of the office. Adams took a seat, “care for something to drink?” Azras asked as she made her way over to the replicator, “I am good thank you,” Adams replied as Dex got a cup of coffee and returned to her chair.

“Before we begin, is there something bothering you Captain?” Azras asked looking at her which threw Adams off at that question, Azras had a keen sense for when something is bothering another person.

“To be blunt, the whole situation has taken a toll on the crew. I understood that Lieutenant Rar would request reassignment, but now I have lost my Chief Medical Officer and I have no replacement.” Adams said in frustration looking at Azras who nodded as she brought up a file of a possible replacement that happened to come across her desk this morning.

After a few moments she looked up, “I just had a file sent to me this morning actually that I believe will be a good replacement for Commander Kriia.” Azras replied as she finished downloading the file on a padd and handing it to her.

“Commander Teila Zoran, she is a very good Doctor that I believe would work out great for the Vesta.” Azras added as Adams read over her file and was impressed, “indeed.” Adam said as she looked up, “I’ll have her assigned to your crew and have her report there immediately.” Azras said as Makayla nodded in agreement, after a few taps of her screen the assignment was sent to Commander Zoran. 

“So with that taken care of we can move onto more pressing matters,” Azras said as she looking at her for a brief moment before turning on the screen on the wall so Adams could see the information.


“What do you think our next mission will be?” Dazra Loian spoke up breaking the silence of the bridge. After the last mission, she wondered what crazy mission would they go on next. Deza was walking around the bridge as she wasn’t needed at flight control since they were docked at the Starbase.

“I hope it’s not something more strange than the last,” Airje replied stopping at Dazra just as Tajir looked back from the chair he was sitting at.

“I am still wondering why all the secrecy? That was not like Makayla…er Adams to be so secretive.” Tajir replied the other two didn’t know the Captain all that well, not like Tajir but they could all agree that it was out of the norm for her.

“Your guess is as good as mine, though I doubt we will ever find out.” Airje replied with a sigh, “ya but makes one wonder, what’s next, and will it be even crazier than the last.” Loian said as she adjusted her stance looking at Airje who moved away from her station.

“Guess will find out when the Captain returns,” Tajir replied as he turned around just staring at a blank screen as the bridge went quiet again. 

Looking around Dazra sighed at the silence which almost could have been heard if Airje didn’t speak up first. “Is it true that Commander Kriia is leaving too?” looking at Tajir who nodded, “it is,” Tajir said in a tone of disappointment.

The whole bridge looked at Tajir in shock, “I had expected Lieutenant Rar to leave after the incident but not Kriia to. Do you know why?” Loian asked as Tajir shook his head and shrugged, “she wouldn’t give a reason why.” Tajir replied looking back at her who was in utter shock. “Lieutenant Atur will be replacing Lieutenant Rar but not sure who is going to replace Kriia, though I am sure we will find out soon enough,” Tajir commented as Odan came over the comm channel.

“Bridge, the supplies have been delivered and accounted for.” Odan replied as Tajir tapped the commbadge, “understood Commander.” He replied before ending the comm channel. “Now we wait for new orders,” Tajir replied before turning back to his work which was really nothing much other than duty rosters, and crew rotations.


After Azras finished explaining their new mission, Adams was taken back by what was being asked or more so told. “So you’re saying that we are to go back to Kepara on a wild treasure hunt for Tkon technology and information that might not even be there?” Adams said almost in protest.

“From the scans from the USS Lune during the mission to destroy the Omega, we have reason to believe they are deep in the mountain cave over here,” Azras replied pointing at a spot on the map.

“What about the Prime Directive, we were very close last time but this time your asking us to beam down to the planet possibly getting seen? How can Starfleet justify that? How can I justify that to my crew?” Adams replied as she stood up beginning to pace trying to comprehend what was said.

“The Omega Directive still stands, do what must be done but retrieve anything you find on the Tkon.” Azras replied looking at Adams as she paced but all but stopped, “I know you will come up with something to minimize your interference.” Azras added as Makayla nodded in return “very well Captain.” She replied before she continued “I am assigning Lieutenant Commander Damir Jahraus who is an Archaeologist to the Vesta for this mission.”

“Understood, am I allowed to share this with my crew, or is this another secret?” Adams asked as Azras shook her head, “you may share with the crew but remember you can not share the reason why we are wanting Tkon technology or archives.” Azras warned as the Omega situation is still ongoing.

She nodded, “understood is there anything else I need to know about?” Adams asked as Azras handed her the padd with the needed briefing information on it. “Not at this time, you are free to go and prepare to depart for Kepara,” Azras replied, Adams, nodded and headed out of the Captain’s ready room heading back to the Vesta.