Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega


Kepara Colony / USS Vesta
September 2399
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Once back on the ship Makayla took the long way to the bridge as she needed time to process everything. She knew her crew would fight back once they learned what they will be asked to do. After a while she finally arrived on the bridge, she noticed that all her senior officers were there which was going to make things a lot easier giving orders.

“Commander Dilucca, I need you to make adjustments to the transporters for large transports that can be directed to our cargo bays.” She ordered as Jheria looked at her with confusion. “Sir, why would we need to do that?” Jheria asked, “just do what I asked Commander.” Adams said in a stern voice while Jheria nodded, “Aye sir.” She replied as she got to her console and began to work.

“Commander Odan, I need you to assemble a team to clear out both cargo bays move anything we have in there to our shuttle bays temporarily,” Adams replied Odan looked at her for a moment then looked at Tajir who just shrugged as he was also getting more confused and concerned as to what was going on.

Odan was about to protest but thought better of it and obeyed, though he was concerned at the sudden changes within the Captain. “Aye sir,” he replied as he walked off the bridge to begin the task.

She then looked at Commander Kriia the ship’s chief medical officer. “I need you to make large quantities of this drug.” She replied handing her a pad with the information on it. Taking it Commander Kriia looked at it then back at her, “are you crazy? What in the world would we need this?” she asked challenging the Captain as everyone looked at them.

She looked at everyone, “we will be conducting a rescue mission, we will be beaming everyone from the planet’s surface into our carbo bays.” She began but before she could continue Rar boldly spoke up. “Sir, they are a pre-warp civilization that is against the Prime Directive.” She said growing more concerned as was everyone else.

“Lieutenant, there is a threat endangering the lives of these people and the planet.” She replied back looking back at Rar, “what kind of threat? I don’t detect any kind of threat to the planet.” Rar replied looking at her, “I can’t discuss that is classified. We will begin beaming them up as soon as everything is in place.” She replied looking at the Lieutenant. “This is still a clear violation of the Prime Directive we can’t interfere with civilizations that have not discovered warp travel,” Rar replied looking like the Captain has lost her mind.

“Lieutenant! That is enough, I have my orders and you will follow your’s or you will be relieved of duty. Do I make myself clear?” Adams sternly said looking at her, while Rar huffed at the Captain, while Tajir interjected. “Orders from who? Starfleet? Do you really expect us to believe that Starfleet has condoned us to breaking a rule that has been followed by many Starfleet Officers throughout the years? That has ended up with people being court-martialed for breaking it?” Tajir asked finding it hard to believe.

She looked at him with eyes of please trust me, which he picked up on. “Commander, I have my orders, we are here to save lives,” Adams replied as Tajir was going to say something else but didn’t. “Yes, Captain!” He replied with a more forceful tone than before.

“Now, once everyone is on board we will move safely away while the threat is being neutralized. Once that is done we will return them to their planet and that’s where that drug comes into play. We will feed sleeping gas into the cargo bays so they will go temporarily sleep and your medical team will administer that drug before we beam everyone down.” Adams replied, “they will have no memory of what happened.” She replied as the others just remained quiet for the moment.

“Aye sir, I will have this duplicated in mass quantity,” Kriia said as she walked off the bridge. Adams then looked at Loian, “I need security guards in place of the cargo bay entrance, though the doors will be locked it will just be for precaution.” Adams replied as Dazra just nodded “Aye sir,” she replied as she dispatched a security team, two officers per cargo bay.

Chon’al just stood there quietly, there wasn’t much for him to do. “I think I’ll go help clear the cargo bays.” He replied as Adams looked at him and nodded before turning her attention to Airje. “Once we have them onboard set a course for these coordinates,” she replied as she relayed them to her. “Aye sir,” Airje replied.

“Sir transporter buffers have been extended for the massive job ahead, we will begin once we get word that the carbo bays are clear.” Jheria replied from her console, “excellent,” Adams replied as she knew it would be a while before they could clear out the cargo bays.

Meanwhile, Chon’al met up with Odan, “I’ll be helping move things to the shuttle bays.” He replied giving him a slap on the back. Odan looked at him and nodded, “what is up with the Captain and these weird orders.” Odan asked as he didn’t stick around for the briefing, Chon’al explained what he could and Odan just stood there flabbergasted but shrugged a few seconds later. 

“This has been a strange mission,” Odan replied as they began to move what was in the cargo bays to the shuttle bays. Though this wouldn’t take very long as a lot of what was in them was sent down to one of the colonies in the Meronia system. 

“You can say that again,” Chon’al replied as they worked. It took them about thirty minutes to clear out boy cargo bays. They made sure that everything was secure that no one could get out of the cargo bay as well as they could not access any of the computer systems from inside the cargo bays as well.

“Odan to Captain Adams, the cargo bays have been emptied and everything is secured,” Odan said over the comm channel as they both headed back up to the bridge. “Very good Commander,” Adams replied as the comm channel ended. She sent a message to the USS Lune letting them know they were beginning the mission at hand.