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Part of USS Centaur: Episode Two Phase One: Greed and Desperation and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Chapter Two: Sector Fero Psi

USS Centaur
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Both the USS Centaur and the USS Don S. Davis have arrived in the Fero Psi Sector, just several light years from the Devron Fleet Yards. Here is where their sensors were picking up the most Omega Molecules in the region, and here is where the Centaur will go out to double check on those readings. The Sector had a black hole many light years away, and none of the systems in the sector were too close to it to cause any trouble for them, but it is possible that the black hole is causing anomalies and sensor ghosts, thus the Centaur is there to deal with that problem alone while the Don S. Davis has the resources to create a single chamber. Their sensors had detected a large number of these molecules in the sector, thus is why the chamber was needed, but locating those molecules was the problem due to the singularity. Although there could be something else causing the sensor issues that they were having, besides the singularity. Nevertheless, they were there to get the job done and that is what they intend to do. Of course, only Captain Carter, Lieutenant Commander Walker, and the team of specialists on board the Don knew about the molecules. Everyone else has been left in the dark…

Especially Vakai, who Carter had been having take command of the Centaur ever since Vakai came on board. But this time, Carter was in charger and he was giving out all the orders, orders that he is expecting everyone to follow without question. It is times like these that are putting everyone on edge, forcing them to trust their Captain and to believe that whatever they were doing, was the right thing to do. But still…curiosity was in their nature, especially in Vakai’s, and he wanted to know. But every time Vakai asked, Carter shot him down and the last time he did, Carter threatened to relieve Vakai and have him confined to quarters. That moment there, was when everyone knew to refrain from asking questions and just do the job.

Carter stood there in the middle of the bridge looking at everyone. “Look, I know I am putting you all in a tough spot. But I wouldn’t do so if the situation wasn’t so dire. It is classified to only Starship Captains and above, and that is all I am allowed to say. Any more than that, and I risk Court Martial, or worse, as well as anyone here who finds out about the mission. Understood?” Everyone nodded their heads and added ‘Aye, Captain’ to it. “Good. I trust you all, and I know every single one of you will do the job that I ask. So please understand the situation I am in when I am not allowed to tell any of you of what’s going on. Just do the job, and it’ll be over soon.” Carter then took a deep breath and exhaled heavily before turning to Gomez and Gomo. “I need you two to go and retrofit photon torpedoes with gravimetric charges, at least five of our current payload and if we need more, I will let you know.”

“Aye, sir.” Both Gomo and Gomez replied before leaving the bridge together.

Carter then pulled out a small padd from his right pocket and handed it to Vakai. “These are the readings that we are looking for. Sensors are having a difficult time with the singularity near by, or something else in those star systems is faking it. Either way, we need to go to each star system in this sector, find these readings, locate their exact position and how many there are. If there is a small cluster, we will use the torpedoes. If there is a large cluster, we will call the Don. Understood?” And that was all it was, just very specific sensor readings that was on the padd, nothing more, no details as to what those readings meant or what source they were.

Vakai took the padd and frowned when he looked at them. “Sir-”

Carter placed a hand on his shoulder. “Vakai, please. When you become Captain, and I know you will. You will understand my position. But until then, please…just do what I ask.”

Vakai looked into his eyes and he could read that Carter was being sincere, and he knew he could trust Carter too. Vakai nodded his head, “Understood.” He spoke softly before going over to the main science station and worked with the Science Officer on locating those readings.

Ryker turned in his seat towards the Captain. “Where to, sir?”

“Display the sector map on the main viewer.” Carter ordered, and Ryker did just that, the five star systems coming up along with the black hole off to the far left corner, as well as the names to them all. Black Hole, or as designated, Jck 6-9748. Then there was the Oro System, Ioleuth System, Rey System, Rubieta System and lastly the Gydis system. Closest one from their position was the Gydis system, and that was the one they will go to first. “Plot a course to the Gydis system, and inform the Don that we will report to them as soon as we find out where this large cluster is.”

Ryker and the Comms Officer both acknowledged, and Ryker went to plotting the course. “Speed, sir?”

“Maximum warp.” Carter ordered which got people’s attention but they knew from what Carter could say, that the situation was dire.

“Aye, sir. Maximum Warp. We will arrive in the Gydis system in approximately ten minutes.” Ryker replied.



[IKS Shadriq]


Vok stroked his goatee as he sat there in his ready room, going over the data that they had been accumulating ever since his intelligence officer finally figured out how to hack into one of the Federation’s communication buoy’s. Took them a week but after they got it, Vok had been reading over the transcripts for months now, while other data came in that his intelligence officer went over. Any time they could find an opportunity to raid a colony and get out long before Starfleet could even respond, was the kind of opportunity they took every time, but not too often…they didn’t want to give away their secret.

Suddenly his door opened and in came his intelligence officer. “My lord.”

Vok growled, “Better be good to disturb my reading, Lieutenant.”

“Word from our base of operations. The shipyard has finished building another B’Rel. We now have six in our forces.” He reported.

Vok growled even more, “Tell them to stop production.”

He frowned, “But why?”

Vok looked up from his reading, looking directly at his officer. “Because we don’t have the man power to fill all those ships right now. Don’t you remember? We are biding our time, we are to be patient, more patient than the filthy Mokai could be. We will not fail to Starfleet, not like they did. But we need more time. And more soldiers to man our ships. So tell them to stop production.”

He nodded his head but still, he stood there.

“What?!” Vok demanded.

“Something else, my lord. Starfleet. There is unusual movement going on.”

Vok frowned, “So what. Starfleet have always been unusual.”

“But more unusual than normal, my lord. I swear…they are up to something.”

Vok sighed, “Unless it is important to our cause, I really do not care.”

“But what if it is.”

Vok growled, “You are trying my patience, Lieutenant!!”

“Yes, my lord.” He saluted and backed up but stopped. “I just need your permission, sir, to monitor Starfleet more closely. I guarantee, whatever it is that is going on, it could benefit us greatly.”

Vok glared at him. “And if you waste valuable time and resources, Lieutenant…you will find yourself out of an airlock. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, my lord!”

“Get out of my sight.” Vok ordered and finally, his intel officer was gone. Vok didn’t understand the man’s interests in this, but it did make Vok curious. He scrolled through the transcripts, going all the way down to the latest ones and began to read. It was vague but something odd was there. “What are you up to…Starfleet?”

-The Centaur and the Don S Davis have arrived in the Fero Psi sector, where their sensors are having a hard time pinpointing the Molecules. But once the Centaur finds them, how ever many there are, the Centaur or the Don will destroy them, depending on their size.

-Problem now is, a certain Klingon who had helped Starfleet some time ago during the whole Hunters of D’Ghor situation, is now hiding under cloak and tapped in, who has now become rather curious as to the strange movement. Worse, they’re not far away from the Fero Psi sector and the IKS Shadriq is a Vorcha Class vessel, a little more than a match for both the Centaur and the Ambassador Class of the Don S Davis can handle. If the Shadriq gets involved…they may have to use the systems in the sector as cover, least until the destruction of the Molecules is finished.

-Stay tuned for another Chapter of the Centaur!